Assignment 6


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Assignment 6

  1. 1. Assignment 6Research of double page spreads
  2. 2. Stage OneResearch of magazines
  3. 3. WiredWhat kind of things are inside the magazine?• Movie posters• Car posters• Information on the latest pc tablets• Designer items• Information/pictures on new technology• Images of other magazines
  4. 4. Who is the audience/target audience?Technology nerds because of the..• Lengthy paragraphs about the latest technology• Futuristic fonts and background• The adverts are mainly smart phone and tablet related• smartly dressed professionals on cover
  5. 5. Niche or Mass?Niche audience because..• Technology nerds are a small, specific group• Mass audience wouldn’t be interested
  6. 6. How is the magazine organised/structured?• Posters of cars and jewellery• Articles on technology focused topics• Retailer adverts• Articles on international brands
  7. 7. Where could your double-page spread, which is an article features your documentary, fit in?My double-page spread could be included in the technology focused topics section.This is because my documentary topic is about celebrity and audience participation.
  8. 8. What are most of the pages about in the magazine?• Technology• Adverts• Articles
  9. 9. How could your documentary fit into this?• My documentary would be in the technology section as it is in relation to celebrity and audience participation.
  10. 10. By looking at the adverts, what do they advertise?• Latest gadgets• Cars• Jewellery
  11. 11. How does this connect to target audience?The target audience are very technology aware and can adapt to using the latest technical inventions.
  12. 12. Where is the magazine available?• Bookshops• Online
  13. 13. Stage TwoResearch into double-page spreads
  14. 14. Subheading and Phototext underneath – Dark colours to manipulation ofwell organised emphasise Victorian era frame and tabletinformation
  15. 15. Font is in the style of a Interesting Eye catching layoutscience investigation accompanying as images are in thereport – title then findings images centre
  16. 16. Eye catching birds eye view of Text is underneatha new home design – very and quite minimal soeffective the main focus can be on the images
  17. 17. Interesting modernTraditional side images of 3Dmarginalised article technical elements to capture reader’s attention
  18. 18. Good colour coordination – Picture of anthe dark colours compliment Sophisticated expert on theeach other and connote style of second pageseriousness writing
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