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Assignment 5 media



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  • 1. Research ofNewspaper Adverts Assignment 5
  • 2. Some could..
  • 3. Stage One: Research ofnewspaper adverts
  • 4. Daily Mail1. Daily Mail newspaper feature the latest showbiz, current affairs, health, sport and travel information.2. The newspaper is organised in sections3. There is 20% advertising in the newspaper.4. They advertise services.5. Daily Mail’s target audience are 40-50 year old lower-middle class females.6. It is available in newsagents, online and apps on iPad.7. The adverts are very small classified adverts.
  • 5. The Sun1. The Telegraph show glamour models, weather, tv magazine, puzzles etc2. The newspaper is organised in sections: Weather, Celebrity Columns, TV Gossip, TV Guide, Sports3. There is around 40% advertising throughout the newspaper.4. They advertise: promotions on tourist attractions/supermarkets etc, movies, technology, holidays5. Target audience: 25 to 50 they are most interested in buying newspapers. Small price of suggests a lower class target audience.6. The Sun is available in European countries7. Size of adverts: double page, ½ page
  • 6. Stage Two:Research ofchannel adverts
  • 7. Channel 4Paralympics – Meet the SuperhumansO Content: introduction of the paralympians,informing audience that Channel 4 isbroadcasting the Paralympics 2012.O Font: White capitals could suggest theseriousness of paralympics and urgency ofsupport needed.
  • 8. ITV The X Factor 2012 AdvertO Content: use of previous winner talking about X Factor experience and what the show has done for her, this is to encourage audience to watch the new series.O Organisation of information: footage of her from her first audition to winning the show. The audience is informed of the life changing journey that the show offers.