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Wimax Bis Presentation    01 10 09
Wimax Bis Presentation    01 10 09
Wimax Bis Presentation    01 10 09
Wimax Bis Presentation    01 10 09
Wimax Bis Presentation    01 10 09
Wimax Bis Presentation    01 10 09
Wimax Bis Presentation    01 10 09
Wimax Bis Presentation    01 10 09
Wimax Bis Presentation    01 10 09
Wimax Bis Presentation    01 10 09
Wimax Bis Presentation    01 10 09
Wimax Bis Presentation    01 10 09
Wimax Bis Presentation    01 10 09
Wimax Bis Presentation    01 10 09
Wimax Bis Presentation    01 10 09
Wimax Bis Presentation    01 10 09
Wimax Bis Presentation    01 10 09
Wimax Bis Presentation    01 10 09
Wimax Bis Presentation    01 10 09
Wimax Bis Presentation    01 10 09
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Wimax Bis Presentation 01 10 09


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  • WiMax (Worldwide Interoperability for microwave access) Also well known as WiFi’s Big Brother… the 802.11 A technology based on an evolving standard for point-to-multipoint wireless networking Solution for Wireless Metropolitan Area Network True –Broadband speed – delivers 1Mbps per user The commercialization of IEEE 802.16 standard IP Quality of service- Providers will have full Class, Service, Protocol and Application based differentiation Large channel bandwidth - Systems offer between 1.5 and 20 Mhz channel plans matching worldwide regulations The main point of all this hype and noise is that it is going to be the last-mile technology. Last-mile technology , meaning that it connects businesses and homes to the high-speed Internet.. Such as on-demand television, fast Internet access, and Web pages full of multimedia effects. Who wouldn’t want this right?? It is what everyone is looking for…
  • What are our project deliverables? As the goal of this course was to infuse the concept of hybrid management into our project, we have specifically chosen to produce the following reports. What is hybrid management? The word hybrid means the same thing no matter the field of study. It is the fusion of good /desirable qualities of different species, types or fields to achieve the creation of something of greater quality and sustainability. In livestock farming the hybrid cattle/sheep or chicken is a product of crossbreeding between different species of the same animal, in the hope that the new specie will pick up the good qualities found in the mated animals that produced it. In the same vein- hybrid management is about combining different knowledge areas and fields of study to achieve the set goal. This is also what inspired us to name our group, hybrid insight, a perfect combination of both business and technology point of view. And we assure you that once we have a company logo, it will not be a picture of a sheep and a chicken. - First would be the Marketing Strategy Report, which will cover the business aspect of the project. Looking at the whole product from a commercial point of view, and developing strategies to market the product effectively within the UK. In this report we would look at areas like… Identifying the stakeholders involved in the deployment of the product (mgt) . Identifying how to differentiate the product (mgt) . Recognising the publics needs and how the technology can meet it (sociology) - Our second deliverable is the technical report. In this report we look at Understanding of how the technology works (engineering) and Identifying the capabilities of the technology (engineering). - And last but not least…. It is considered vital or even critical for any business to survive without a website.. So for our last deliverable, as you might have already guessed is our website, which we will show you at the end of our presentation.
  • Why should You have our marketing report? Think of us as one of the consultants trying to pitch you our marketing report… Call upon the audience… ask them.. What would motivate them to read our report… You would want it to be different won’t you, for example, if a farmer wanted people to come see his animals, he has got to make his farm special doesn’t he? He would have the chickens ride on the sheep and the horses ride on the pigs..and possibly have winnie the pooh come for a visit once in a while? The point I am trying to make here is… our report IS different, IS special and IS exactly the solution that you and your business have been looking for. So how is different… ?? Comprehensive: Increases chances that the report talks about industry aspects you care about and saves you hundreds of hours of research. • Unbiased: Our editorial approach insures an objective and independent analysis of market players and trends • Accurate: We collect data mainly through primary research you can rely on. We strive to provide you with realistic demand forecast scenarios. • Timely: Insures you are up to date on current product & market developments that affect your comprehension of the market and decision process. • Consistent : We are very careful to compare apples with apples • Transparent: We clearly state all our sources and assumptions. • Withstands the Test of Time : Saves you money from having to repurchase new reports within the first year of publication. • Value–added : Our analysis is based on access to confidential information that only renowned third parties have access to.
  • Who is this report for? Or let me rephrase that… Who are the lucky people that are chosen to have the opportunity to read this report? Well let’s look at the obvious shall we…. Operators that need to understand how WiMAX will improve their bottom line and which vendors to consider; • Vendors who want to strengthen their knowledge of their competitors and the overall market trends; • Consultants who want a strategic understanding of Broadband Fixed Wireless Access in general and WiMAX; • Financiers who want to understand the revenue potential of WiMAX and the emerging vendors; Have I forgotten anybody?? Do you know what WiMAX is? Do you know that WiMAX’s own BWA Group has proven itself as the first backhaul choice for WLAN Access Points (AP) using multiple-input / multiple output adaptive antenna techniques. NO??? Then YOU shud definitely read our report.. No doubt about it…
  • Some of you might be thinking… Why are we so interested WiMAX? Well the reasons are obvious… if you only knew the capability of this technology. Maybe today… when we say WiMAX you would be scratching your head.. But if I say 3G… you would definitely know what Im talking about.. Or would you still be scratching your head??? Let’s just make a little comparison here between these 2 technology’s. 1 Wimax masts can cover the same amount of area that 10 3g masts are able to cover. This obviously would be very attractive as the cost of deployment has been cut down by 10?? We have more..!
  • How about the downloading time… This is 3G.. And this is WiMAX.. Its 30 times faster… Among other capabilities include -WiMax systems for portable/nomadic use will have better performance Interference rejection Spectral efficiency Multipath tolerance -High Data QoS support -Lower future equipment cost -WCDMA has advantage for voice communication which is VoIP…
  • -This is the marketing strategy that we would recommend to anybody interested in marketing wimax.. -First analyze broadband trends and demand… Different countries have different broadband trends and demand. Statistics show that there were only 14.5% of net connections via broadband in May 2004 (source: Ofcom); however, this figure has skyrocketed to 50.0% by the end of January 2005 (source: Nielsen/Netratings). Just imagine how fast the figures grew within such a short time frame. Once you know there is a demand, you shud identify your clients and create customer segmentation. In this case… its would be SME’s, SoHO’s and residential clients. Next you have to look into making your product stand out in the market….you have to apply differentiating factors to your product. This would be what you stack on your pipe isnt it? What do your customers want.. Or more precise.. What do your customers need… capability of video streaming maybe, or voip… or even playing high resolution gaming? The next step would be… communicating what you have to your market… some people might agree that the best way of advertising is the old fashion word of mouth… and we agree.. Quality of service = increase quantity of customers… the more people that are happy with the service, the more they will talk about it. Last but not least… is identifying the most effective channels of distribution… this is also a very critical to your marketing strategy, as it will effect the movement of your product within the market. All these strategies will only fall into place and create success if you are able to implement this last strategy… which is.. END TO END CUSTOMER CARE. We believe in a customer value relationship…its all about customer service. quite oftenly you call up a company support line and what do you get ?? You will be talking to a machine longer than you’ve ever talked to your boyfriend or girlfriend. It sometimes takes hours just to talk to another human being… The point is, why do customers call u?? Do they congratulate you on a job well done? Do they thank you for selling your product to them??? NOOOOOOOOO … that will never happen in a million years.. They will obviously call if they have a problem and frustrated with your service. We believe .having professionally trained customer service support would be key to a product’s success.
  • Before deploying any type of broadband service anywhere, u must first determine who your market is. Its all about knowing your market… In a rural area such as Brighton and Hove.. The obvious market would be residential’s and Sohos… while in an area like in the center of bristol… your market would definitely be SME’s. Why is it important to know your market? It is important because you would like to know what your users needs and demands. Knowing your market also means, preparing for the future. In a development such as this, that depends highly on the locations environmental structure. You have to be prepared for the rise of tall buildings, or development of new housing areas, and even federal legislations. All of these small factors may cause huge problems if you have not studied your market and your market area.
  • So.. How will you know where to service??? We have developed a simple table that u may use to make a decision. And the potential applications are….
  • What are the value-added services that u may apply? As you can see… value added services that are secured, guaranteed and is of best effort will defnitely make the perfect profitable contect and application delivery
  • Transcript

    • 1. THE FUTURE IS WiMAX Hybrid Insight
    • 2. Presentation’s Roadmap Hybrid Insight Introduction to WiMAX Project Deliverables Benefits of our Report Who will read this report? Why WiMAX? Marketing Strategy SWOT Analysis Demand for WiMAX Potential Applications Value-Added Services Primary Data Resources Conclusion THE WHY- Harald THE WHAT - Liz THE HOW - Ade
    • 3. THE WHY Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access Wireless Metropolitan Area Network Point-to-Multipoint Wireless Networking IEEE 802.16 standard True Broadband Speeds IP Quality of Service Large Channel Bandwidth Hybrid Insight WiFi’s Big Brother “ Last Mile” Technology What is WiMAX? THE WHY
    • 4. Project Deliverables Marketing Strategy Report Technical Analysis Website Hybrid Management? THE WHY Our definition of Hybrid Management:- The application of management methodologies to the interdisciplinary study of practical real world problems and solutions.
    • 5. Benefits of the Marketing Report Comprehensive Unbiased Accurate Timely Transparent Withstands the Test of Time Value-Added What our Marketing Report is offering you… Differentiating Factors THE WHY
    • 6. Operators Vendors Consultants Financiers Who is this report for? THE WHY
    • 7. WiMAX 3G 1 WiMAX masts WiMAX Capability 10 3G masts! Why WiMAX? : WiMAX Vs. 3G THE WHY (Source: Reuters, 2004)
    • 8. WiMAX Vs. 3G 30 TIMES FASTER! 3G WiMAX Download speed WiMAX Capability Download speed THE WHY (Source: Reuters, 2004)
    • 9. THE WHAT End-to-end customer care Customer Value Relationship (CVR) Identify your clients and create customer segmentation Apply product strategy and coms. plan Identify the most effective channels of distribution Analyze broadband trends and demand Apply differentiating factors that can be employed Marketing Strategy THE WHAT
    • 10. Product Analysis Product Analysis helps create effective marketing… Strength - 60% UK population with access to Broadband (DSL or Cable) Opportunity - Exploit UK’s large addressable market Weaknesses - Low level awareness of WiMAX and its benefits Threats - Investment in 3G THE WHAT
    • 11. Demand for WiMAX Knowing your market 2 Major Markets SME’s Residential/SoHo’s THE WHAT Small Office Home Office
    • 12. Plenty of Applications Exist
      • Telemedicine
      • Teleworking
      • E-Government
      • Agriculture
      • Distance learning
      • Public safety
      • National security
      • E-commerce
      • Entertainment
      • Applications for persons with disabilities
      • Utility applications
      • Small business assistance
      • Information gathering
      • Tourism
      Potential Applications = Potential Opportunities THE WHAT
    • 13. Profitable Content and Application Delivery Value-Added Services THE WHAT Value-Added Network Services Guaranteed Best Effort Secured Universal Access Personalized, Rich Content Subscriber, Audience
    • 14. THE HOW Where we have been the past 6 months… THE HOW
    • 15. Primary Data Resources
      • Attended a WiMAX seminar in East Sussex
      • Met with the CEO of a company deploying WiMAX
      • Visited a deployment site in Bristol
      • Met with the sales team of another already running a WiMAX network
      • Met with the MD of a company charged with site acquisitions for
      • wireless network cellsites
      • Also met with Director of a software company writing software for WiMAX
      Our busy 6 months… THE HOW
    • 16.
      • • Main source of information and education
      • • Important communications tool
      • • On-going updates and maintenance
      • • Intranet and inter group communications
      Website WiMAX THE HOW
    • 17. Marketing Report Summary Marketing Strategy
      • Broadband Trends and Demands
      • Identify customer segments
      • Differentiating factor
      • Product and Communication
      • Channels of Distribution
      THE HOW Value Added Services
      • Secured
      • Guaranteed
      • Best of Effort Service
      Potential Applications
      • PA = PO
        • PA = Potential Applications
        • PO = Potential Opportunities
      Product Analysis
      • Strength
      • Weaknesses
      • Opportunities
      • Threats
      Demand Analysis
      • Know your market
        • 2 Major markets
      1 5 3 2 4
    • 18. Project Summary WHY? WHAT? HOW? THE HOW Why we chose a WiMAX marketing report? What is the marketing strategy for WiMAX success? How we accomplished the task?
    • 19. Telecommunication Corporate Social Responsibility Strategic Planning Creating a substantial wireless broadband business Conclusion Information Technology Sociology Accounting Project Management Marketing HYBRID MANAGEMENT Hybrid Insight THE HOW
    • 20. Questions Thank You