Double Ancient Egyptians fact sheet
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Double Ancient Egyptians fact sheet



short facts about Egyptian Civilization

short facts about Egyptian Civilization



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Double Ancient Egyptians fact sheet Double Ancient Egyptians fact sheet Presentation Transcript

  • 2650 BC 1670 BC 1539-1070 BC 332 BC The first pyramid, The Hyksos people This was the time Alexander the Great a step pyramid, is invade and introduce of the ‘New conquered Egypt and built the chariot Kingdom’ founded Alexandria 3100 BC 2250 BC 1648 BC 1070 BC 330 BC King Narmer unites Egyptians introduce Nilometers were Egyptians joined Ra Queen Cleopatra Egypt and records it Gods for all areas invented to track and Amun to make kills herself. on the Narmer of their lives the height of the Amun-Ra; King of Romans Palette (above) Nile the Gods conquer Egypt Some Gods of Ancient Egypt Anubis Thoth Bastet Horus Hathor Pictures used available from Miles Kelly Clip Art, Dorling Kindersley, and
  • Rulers of Ancient Egypt Ramses II were called pharaohs. ruled Egypt Ancient Egyptians The word ‘pharaoh’ for over 60 used a system of means great house. The years. In that picture writing called pharaoh was the most time he fathered 156 hieroglyphics. Each hieroglyph powerful person in children! He was a brave represented an object or letter. Egypt and some people soldier and a great There were considered him a god. builder. about 700 different hieroglyphs. Egyptian The Pyramids were people in built using huge society were Pharaoh The River Nile stones. Each stone structured a was very weighed as much as little like important to the two and a half Is shown Priests elephants! The finished pyramids Egyptians. It in this provided water had a white coating to protect the picture. Scribes stones underneath. for drinking and Craftworkers for crops The Great Sphinx at Giza guards the Great Pyramids. It has the body of a lion and the Peasants and Slaves face of a human.