Susana Das Neves. Empowering the Undocumented. Guest speaker in. Dr. Rey Ty's doctoral class.
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Susana Das Neves. Empowering the Undocumented. Guest speaker in. Dr. Rey Ty's doctoral class.



Susana Das Neves. Empowering the Undocumented. Guest speaker in. Dr. Rey Ty's doctoral class.

Susana Das Neves. Empowering the Undocumented. Guest speaker in. Dr. Rey Ty's doctoral class.



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  • 11.2 million Undocumented immigrants of all ages living in the United States2.1 million Undocumented students in the United States potentially eligible for most recently proposed federal DREAM Act (S. 729 in the 111th Congress)1.1 million Undocumented children under the age of 18 living in the United States65,000 Undocumented students who have lived in the United States for five or more years graduating from high school each year7,000 – 13,000 Undocumented students enrolled in college throughout the United StatesIllinois: An immigrant friendly stateTop five states with largest numbers (90,000) of DREAM Act eligible immigrantsIL Dream ActDACA
  • What is a Temporary Visitor Driver’s Licenses (TVDL)?The TVDL is an existing document that is now available to many foreign-born individuals living in Illinois. Since 2005, Illinois has issued TVDLs to individuals who do not have SSNs but who have lawful immigration status. Such individuals include foreign students, spouses and children of temporary workers, long-term visitors, and others who are not authorized to work under our immigration laws. Many of these individuals still need to drive on a regular basis to get to classes, shop, take their children to school, or attend to other family and personal business. SB 957 makes TVDLs available to undocumented motorists who also need to drive for these purposes.The DREAM (Development, Relief, and Education for AlienMinors) Act is a federal legislation that was introduced in2004, but it has not been passed into law. DACA is only a Presidential Executive Order
  • What It does: Creates a DREAM Commission to raise private, charitable funds Allows immigrant students and their families to participate in ILLINOIS College savings plans with their own money Requires training for high school counselors on higher education options for DREAM students.
  • Deferred Action for Early Arrivals Application process started August 15, 2012What it DoesProtection from deportationValid for two yearsCan be renewed, but need to reapplyEnables students to live and work legally in the U.S.What it Does Not DoDoes not allow travel outside the U.S.It is not a path towards green card or U.S. citizenshipFor eligible students this opportunity puts them in a whole new ball game - in terms of opportunities in higher education because they will eventually get a valid SSN and then a Driver’s License, as well as a temporary work permit.However for those who do not qualify – will continue to wait for the federal DREAM Act to pass- In either scenario, as academic advisors we advise students equally, however we need to be aware of how students immigration status influence the major decision-making process.

Susana Das Neves. Empowering the Undocumented. Guest speaker in. Dr. Rey Ty's doctoral class. Susana Das Neves. Empowering the Undocumented. Guest speaker in. Dr. Rey Ty's doctoral class. Presentation Transcript

  • Undocumented Students: A New Student Population Susana DasNeves, M.S., Ed.S
  • Cesar Chavez: An American Hero “YOU CANNOT OPRESS SOMEONE WHO IS NOT AFRAID ANYMORE! ~ Cesar Chavez~ Undocumented, unafraid, and unapologetic “Coming Out of the Shadows” April 8th @ 6 p.m. MLK Commons
  • Overview  Definitions  Demographics & Student Characteristics  Challenges  Immigration 101: Federal & State  Theoretical Framework  Our Commitment  Resources
  • Who is Undocumented?  Source: Oliverez, P.M. (2006). The College and Financial Aid Guide for AB540 Undocumented Immigrant Students. Center for Higher Education Policy Analysis, 5.  A term used to describe foreign nationals who reside in the U.S. without the legal permission of the federal government.  Entered the country legally but chose to remain in the United States without authorization with an expired visa.  Entered the United States without any form of documentation.
  • Undocumented Students: The Numbers  11.2 undocumented immigrants in the U.S.A.  1.8 undocumented children  2.1 eligible under Immigration Bill S.744  1.9 D.A.C.A. eligible  1.1 children under the age of 18 in the U.S.A.  65,000 graduate from high school each year  7-13,000 enrolled in college throughout the U.S.A. Mexico (56%) Europe (6%) Latin America (22%) Africa (3%) Asia (13%)
  • A New Group of Students: Generation 1.5  Born outside the USA  Did not choose to migrate  Identity is formed by their experiences in USA  Elementary and secondary education in USA  Mannerisms, interests, and aspirations to USA born peers  Bilingual/bicultural skills  Fluent in English  Can’t legally work, or drive  Consider themselves “Americans” (Undocu-Americans) (Rumbaut, 2004)
  •  Inherit undocumented status from parents  Can be deported to a country they don’t know  Live in fear - Hard to trust school officials  Hesitate to get involved  Discouraged to continue education  No ID, NO SSN  Self- identity concerns  Sense of belonging is absent  Career interests are determined by immigration status  Financial obstacles  Uncertain life after graduation Undocumented Students: The Reality
  • Education Challenges  Admission Process & Policies  Tuition, Room & Board cost  Financial Aid (FAFSA)  Scholarship Resources  Clinical hours/Student teaching  Background checks policies  Certification or state licensure  Teaching certification process  Required internships on curriculum  Research opportunities
  • Financial Challenges U.S. Citizen Holds a US Passport or US birth certificate Legal Permanent Resident Holds a Green Card Visa Holder Holds a valid visa Undocumented Holds no documentation or has pending application In-State Tuition Yes, if a student is a Resident of Illinois* Yes, if a student is a Resident of Illinois* Depends on visa; not eligible for HB60 (Public Act 93-007) Yes, if eligible for HB60 (Public Act 93-007) Federal Aid Yes Yes No No State Aid Yes Yes No No Government Loans Yes Yes No No Work-Study Yes Yes No No Private Scholarships Depends on eligibility requirements Depends on eligibility requirements Depends on eligibility requirements Depends on eligibility requirements Institutional Aid Yes Yes Depends on visa, and school’s policy Depends on school’s policy MAP, Pell and Other Government Grants Yes Yes No No
  • Student & Counselor Challenges Student  Scholarship Resources  Clinical/student teaching  Background check policies  Certification/licensure  Required internships  Research opportunities Counselor  Lack of literature/research  Students are not tracked  Lack of knowledge of students’ reality  What to do when student reveal status?  How to help them move forward in program of study  How to deal with students’ fear of being “found out”
  • Immigrant Friendly Milestones 1974 Family Education & Privacy Act (FERPA) 1982 Pyler Vs. Doe 1996 Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigration Responsibility Act (IIRRIRA) Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act (PRWORA) 1954 Brown v. Board of Education 2013* Comprehensive Immigration Reform 2001* U.S.A DREAM Act 2012* Deferred Action for Childhood Arrival (DACA) In State Tuition Legislation*
  • Immigration 101 State Level  In-state tuition: HB60 (05/03)  Illinois DREAM Act (08/01/11)  Temporary Visitor Driver’s License: SB 957 (01/13) Federal Level  U.S. DREAM Act (never passed)  Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) (06/15/12)*  Comprehensive Immigration Reform S.744 (pending)
  • Illinois DREAM Act What it Does What it Does Not Do  DREAM Fund Commission  Participation in College savings plans  Training for HS counselors  No legal permanent status  Not a path towards citizenship  Does Not allow the student to legally work
  • DACA: Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals What it Offers  Protects from deportation  Valid SSN & work permit  Valid for two years  Can be renewed/reapply  Able to legally work DREAMRELIEF.ORG What It Does Not Offer  Travel outside the U.S  Legal permanent residency  U.S. citizenship IT IS NOT A LAW!!!! IT IS AN EXECUTIVE ORDER!!! 6/15/2012
  • Our Commitment  Familiarize with state and federal legislation  Explain background checks requirements  Discuss alternatives to career paths and life after graduation  Learn about resources on campus  Be an advocate  Develop an Advocacy Group or Taskforce  National Immigration Law Center  Access to Postsecondary Education  Maps: State Laws & Policies on Access to Higher Education for Immigrants
  • NIU Resources DREAM ACTION NIU  A student-driven organization that works to increase awareness and support of DREAM YOUTH at NIU and the community.  The group motivates youth to pursue higher education and believes that receiving a college education is attainable by everyone. Student Coordinator: Ivonne Uquillas ivonneuquillas@gmail.niu Faculty Advisors: Sandy López Angelica Mendoza
  • Illinois Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights Family Focus (Aurora) World Relief Deferred Action Illinois Latino Council in Higher Education ILACHE National Mexican American Legal Defense and Education Fund Masuda Funai Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights of Los Angeles League of United Latin American Citizens National Immigration Law Center Immigrant Youth Justice League Immigration Resources
  • Susana DasNeves, Academic Advisor Academic Advising Center Fundraiser Tonight at Culvers in Sycamore Until 8 p.m. Benefit- DREAM ACTION NIU Scholarship Fund Thank You!