Sample teacher evaluation for inclusion in teaching portfolio of Rey Ty


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Sample teacher evaluation for inclusion in teaching portfolio of Rey Ty

  1. 1. Teacher Evaluation By: Graduate Student Darrell Tribble Dr. Rey Ty has been a lecturer for many of my graduate classes and offered valuable insight into my particular field of interest concerning critical theory. His knowledge on the subject is vast and comprehensive. Dr. Ty has also offered immeasurable advice concerning writing literature reviews and the important elements that are required to complete Masters and Doctoral-level documents for graduation. He is more than willing to offer his time and expertise to accommodate any student in need. Bringing an international perspective to the forefront of American education has benefited my knowledge base and broadened my perspective on many issues that are often ignored. Bringing critical philosophy to life, while recognizing the necessity for knowledge, reflection, and action are just a few elements that have added to my way of thinking. Dr. Ty has always been graceful, empathetic, and attentive to any issue I have brought to his attention. Dr. Ty has brought to life an overall historical knowledge that helps bind the past and present together, to make sense of events that are taking place throughout the world. The ideas of power, privilege, and marginalization have been themes that have been brought up in the past. Dr. Rey’s idea of hegemony and structural control of the masses have peeked my interests for further investigative research in the areas. The way Dr. Rey brings energy and passion to the classroom help energizes my own curiosities and investigation. Dr. Rey is knowledgeable about computer literacy and emerging technologies, because of his constant research pursuits. There have been few times that I have been to the library or a computer lab and not seen Dr. Rey performing some type of academic task. Dr. Rey has provided me with a host of knowledge about research, writing, and general ways of the world. He is extremely positive and encouraging, with a smile waiting to share. He is not content with his present credentials, but strives to make himself better, although he has accomplished a terminal degree in his field. Dr. Rey is committed to making the world a better place by mentoring and teaching students. I have been the beneficiary of his efforts and would recommend that other students use him as a resource as well. I would love to see Dr. Rey as a permanent professor at Northern Illinois University. I would hate to see such a wealth of knowledge benefit other students at a different institution of learning, when we have the opportunity to secure his presence at our university. With all of the experience Dr. Rey has accumulated at an international level, we all can benefit from him becoming a permanent professor.
  2. 2. Darrell Keith Tribble Graduate Student Counseling Adult and Higher Education Northern Illinois University DeKalb, Illinois 815-501-1086 August 22, 2013