Kalyani Personal and Bussiness Plan


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Kalyani Personal and Bussiness Plan

  1. 1. Personal Vision Statement To become a most trusted, efficient and energetic leader who can drive the employees of Central Bank to achieve its strategic objectives while reaching the next highest management position within next three years.
  2. 2. Personal Leadership Plan(PLP) - Environmental Scan Internal Strengths Internal Weaknesses • Knowledge and 28 years of work experience in deferent disciplines • Craving for continuous learning • Ability to communicate effectively • Ready to listen and easily accessible • Empathetic towards stakeholders • Goals and deadline driven • Ability to become a team player or a team leader, as the case may be • Physically fit, mentally sound and emotionally intelligent • Stamina to work long hours Knowledge & Skills •Limited knowledge on law relating to employee relations •Not IT savvy Other •Strictly follow rules and regulations •Priority given to work sometimes sacrificing the family’s leisure hours
  3. 3. PLP - Environmental Scan contd. External Benefits External Dangers • Recognition and credibility • Job security • Public confidence • Monopolistic nature of the function of the CBSL • Existence of a competent staff • Relatively higher perks in the banking sector • Connection to large network of professionals • Training opportunities local & abroad • Authority to make decisions • Existence of equally competent officers for the next higher position • Lack of competency-based proper training system to equip staff to face new challenges • Decisions are challengeable • No performance based incentive scheme to retain high performing employees • Employee and Trade Union resistance
  4. 4. Obstacles and Solutions Obstacles Solutions • Limited knowledge in the areas of Law relating to employee relations and IT • Lack of competency-based training plan to enhance knowledge and skills of staff to handle future challenges • No performance based incentive scheme • Retention of experienced well trained employees due to non availability of pension benefits to employees who joined the CBSL after 1998 • A very limited # of vacancies arise in the next level • Follow a short course on law relating to employee relations and learn required IT applications • Identify competency gaps of employees and prepare training plan and provide training accordingly • Introduce performance based incentive scheme • Introduce pension scheme for the employees joined after 1998 (half way completed) • Prove the top management that I am suitable to hold the next higher level position based on facing any challenge
  5. 5. Action Plan for ImplementingAction Plan for Implementing Competency Based Training PlanCompetency Based Training Plan Action Time Target • Send the Circular with Guidelines to all Heads of Department for starting the Annual Competency Mapping Process • Start collecting data related to departmental competencies and gaps of officers • Analyze departmental competency gaps and segregating them to identified generic categories • Identify delivery modes and relevant training programmes - foreign/local using training catalogs, broachers, invitations received • Discuss with the Centre for Banking Studies for arranging customized local trainings • Submit the training plan for approval • 1st week of July • 3rd to 4th week of July (after two weeks of issuing the circular) • 1st week of August (two weeks) • 3rd week of August (two weeks) • 1st week of September (one week) • 2nd week of September
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