Prayer and healing


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Promotional talk at Taoyuan Seventh Day Adventist International Fellowship on Saturday, June 15 2013. About prayer and healing, taken from Victor Paraching article at Signs of the Times April 2007.

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Prayer and healing

  1. 1. Prayer and HealingPromotional TalkTaoyuan International SDA FellowshipSaturday, June 15th 2013
  2. 2. • Randolph C. Byrd, M.D. “Positive TherapeuticEffects of Intercessory Prayer in a CoronaryCare Unit Population,” Southern Medical Journal(July 1988), pages 826-829.• 393 patients admitted to the coronary care unit atSan Francisco General Hospital– 201 patient control group– 192 patients prayed for daily by five to seven people inhome prayer groupsNeither patients, nurses, nor doctors knew which groupthe patients were in.2
  3. 3. • Results• Those prayed for were five times less to requireantibiotics• They were three times likely to develop pulmonaryedema, a condition in which the lungs fill with fluid• None of those prayed for required the insertion ofan artificial airway in the throat, compared with 12in the control group who required the treatment• Those prayed for experienced fewer cases ofpneumonia and cardiopulmonary arrests• Fewer patients in the prayed for group died3
  4. 4. Prayer for the sick is effective4“As a physician, I have seen men, after allother therapy had failed, lifted out ofdisease and melancholy by the sereneeffort of prayer.”Alexis Carrel, winner of the 1912 Nobel prize for medicine.
  5. 5. Faith Factor for Health and Healing• Focus on God• Focus on Scripture• Focus on Jesus• Focus on the Emotional• Focus on Prayer Partners5
  6. 6. Focus on God• Those who place their completefocus on God and trust Himwholeheartedly learn that God canbe counted on to help.6
  7. 7. Focus on Scripture• Read, recite, and review some ofthe many scriptures affirming thatGod’s intent for us is to be healthyand whole.– Exodus 15:26– Jeremiah 30:17– Psalm 147:37
  8. 8. • Place your focus on Jesus and invite Him to bringyou healing.• “Dear Jesus, I know You ministered to all who came toYou in earlier times. Today I ask You to look withcompassion upon me. Heal me and restore me tocomplete health. Just as those in times past turned toYou for Help and healing, I turn to You asking You tobring me health and wholeness.”8Focus on Jesus
  9. 9. Focus on the Emotional• Before praying directly for aphysical healing, do an internalaudit to determine if there arepast emotional issues thatmanifest themselves in physicalways.9
  10. 10. Focus on Prayer Partners• When you are in need of healing,don’t hesitate to ask others toinclude you in their prayers.• James 5:13 - 1510
  11. 11. Foundations of Biblical Healing• God is love, 1 John 4:16• God loves us• God wants to heal us11
  12. 12. God Bless You12