Adolescent issues
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Adolescent issues






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Adolescent issues Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Adolescent Issues: Sexual Feelings Reynel Dan L. Galicinao, BSN, RN
  • 2. I think about him all the time. -Jackie
  • 3. I can’t sleep, eat orpay attention to what Prof. Maniego is talking about. -Budoy
  • 4. Am I in love or Am I in love or is this is this infatuation? infatuation? -Jackie -Budoy
  • 5. Crush• The so called crush strikes teenagers all the time• Crush on a cute movie star, understanding teacher, new kid on the block• Crushes don’t usually last very long• They are usually forgotten before they develop into friendship or even serious relationship
  • 6. Relationships• The best relationships start out as friendship I’ve met this guy. We started going He’s smart, dishy- out, first with looking, good other people, then conversationalist, the 2 of us and best of all, started dating HE LIKES ME. exclusively. -Rosalie -Angelito
  • 7. • It doesn’t really matter who asked first• What’s important is that you like each other and you like being together.• Traditionally, the boy makes the first move.• But a girl shouldn’t have to sit and wait until the boy finds the nerve to ask her out.
  • 8. I felt relief when she took the initiative and asked me out. -Dodong• So don’t be shy, go ahead and ask.
  • 9. Dates• When you go on a date, the boy doesn’t have to pay for everything• In these days of economic crisis, it’s all right to go Dutch – Each paying for his/her own share.
  • 10. “Some relationships are best leftas friendships. This doesn’t mean I feel any less about you. I just don’t want to get any deeper. I don’t want to get involved.” -Inday
  • 11. Good Relationship• You’ll know when a friendship ends• The relationship begins when you can’t seem to spend enough time with each other• A good relationship is when you know, respect and trust each other• You also grow together and as individuals• A good relationship is anything but the above
  • 12. SAYING
  • 13. If you love me, sleep with me. -Man Y. Akis• If you’re a smart girl, you won’t fall for that old line.• But some girls find it difficult to say no because: – They don’t want to hurt the boy’s feelings – They don’t want to be called prude – They don’t want to be the last Filipino virgin
  • 14. • It takes courage to say no, but do so only if you don’t want to sleep with the boy.• REMEMBER: the only reason to have sex is because you want to.• No one should force you to have sex.• If you go on a date, you don’t necessarily have to end up on the sack with the boy.
  • 15. • But if you find yourselves naked in each other’s arms, and you suddenly change your mind – you can still say NO.• If he forces you to have sex with him, this is called DATE RAPE.• If you want to go all the way, practice SAFER SEX.
  • 16. • If your boyfriend refuses to wear a condom, you can refuse to have sex with him.• Rethink your relationship. He is acting irresponsibly. I do love him but does he really love me? -Elisa
  • 17. How to say NONo, I’m not ready.No, I don’t think I know you well enough.No, I want to wait after marriage.No, do you really want to have sex with someone who doesn’t want to?No, not until we discuss contraception.