Q Double Page Magazine Spread


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Q Double Page Magazine Spread

  1. 1. ColourBlack and white are the predominate ageing effects used to give the overall finish a artistic intellectual beautiful look which is very appealing to the reader and would make them stop at these pages when flicking through a magazine. Also the use of bright red on the black and white pages makes the reader focus on these words so as to show their significance to the article. DesignThe artistic feel continues as the images on the left hand side of the page by using the four images in a square in the style of Andy Warhol. This is effective as Q is aimed at a grown up market and the type of readers (serious music lovers) this magazine targets would appreciate the artistic flair this double page spread has to offer. Overall Impression The overall layout is clean and neat and is presented with a high class finish which suits the theme of the magazine. The layout helps the reader to read it easily as the text and font is clear and there is not too much happening on the page for the reader to digest.ImagesImage based double page spread of music icons as this is what the headline relates to. Detail of the image is enhanced to highlight the icons emotion and connect with the reader, so as to make the reader stop and take time to glance over the page. Also as the article is about icons the images use major music icons such as Elvis Presley to attract attention to the page. -285752476500Words Used On The Cover/ LanguageThe headline uses a vibrant red to contrast with the black and white background, the words in red reveal important meanings such as “VOTE” almost as if the reader is being commanded to do so and “ICON” as if your icon can be selected by your vote which is an exciting opportunity for readers and for their vote to count. Pose, Style Hair, Make upThe poses on the icons faces are all serious connoting that they are serious musicians who have influences on the music industry. Text here is pretty minimal and so the use of pictures is exaggerated in a montage effect, the photos show a varied range from modern rap music, pop and classic rock and roll. This contrast in artist suggest that even though the magazine has a more grown up mainly male audience it can also cater to a varied range of different music tastes. Each artist in seen in a deep concentrated pose the black and white gives them an ages effect suggesting wisdom and prosperity. N a <br />