Procedures on Acceptance, Inspection and Recording of Deliveries


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Presentation for the School Property Custodian for the DCP Batch 14 for E-Classroom Packages.

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Procedures on Acceptance, Inspection and Recording of Deliveries

  1. 1. Phase 1 Phase 2 Phase 3
  2. 2. Role of Supply Officer / Property Custodian1. Shall accept all deliveries found in accordance with technical specsAll items to be inspected shall be accepted firstby the Property/Supply Officer, as the case maybe (Section 114, COA Circular 92-386)The above provision pertains only to the receipting/signing on thedelivery receipt (DR) and temporary recording of the deliveries uponarrival of goods or articles. The deliveries are still subject toinspection for conformity with specifications on theorder.
  3. 3. Role of Supply Officer / Property Custodian2. Signs Inspection and Acceptance Report (IAR)3. Records all deliveries/issuances for proper inventory4. Prepares Issuance Document5. Maintains Property Card/Stock Card6. Conducts inventory taking7. Prepare Semi-Annual and Annual Report of inventories as required by COA8. Prepares Delivery Report (per DepED Order No. 45 s. 2006) (DepEd Order No. 19 s. 2007) using Form 1
  4. 4. The delivery of supplies, materials and equipment mustbe made by the supplier/Manufacturer/contractor : In accordance with the specifications, terms and conditions provided in the Contract/Purchase Order Within the stipulated period and at the place/s indicated in the PO or contract
  5. 5. Failure to deliver within theprescribed period, thesupplier / manufacturer /contractor shall be liable forpenalty, usually in the formof :“LIQUIDATED DAMAGES” Once the accumulative amount of Liquidated damages reaches 10% of the contract, the procuring entity can rescind the contract
  6. 6. Extension of time to deliver may begranted for the following reason:1. Force Majeure2. Fortuitous Event3. Beyond the control of the contractor4. Delay is attributable to the purchaser or the like
  7. 7. “All supplies shall be adequately………” Contained Cased Packed RA 7394 Bundled Crated Wrapped Consumer Act of the Philippines
  8. 8. Reject deliveries E Shall be done A C In case of on weekdays calamities orbetween 8am – deliveries can 5pm Delivery be accepted by nearby school for safekeeping only Right quantity B D Stipulated and right period / place quality
  9. 9. Supply Officer/DesignatedProperty Custodianforwards Original DR &Copy 2 of Approved PO toInspection Committee forinspection of deliveries
  10. 10. Inspection and AcceptanceOf the Items INSPECTION - The examination (including testing) of supplies and services (including raw materials and component) to determine whether the supplies and services Conform to contract requirement which include all applicable drawings, specifications and purchase description
  11. 11. INSPECTION INSPECTION BY BY ITEM SAMPLINGIndividual item is Sampling is a processchecked for of obtaining infoconformity of about a group of dataevery requirement having similarstated in the purpose or function,specification usually 10% of it Sampling Techniques : 1. Random Sampling 2. Interval Sampling
  12. 12. The Head of Office shall constitute anInspection Committee to inspect and validate deliveries (DepED Order No. 5, s. 2010)
  13. 13. SCHOOLSRegular Members:a. Team Leader – who is at least a second (2nd) ranking permanent official of the school.b. One (1) school personnel designated by the principal who has knowledge/technical expertise relevant to the goods delivered.Provisional Member:a. One (1) representative from PTA or NGOs (for textbooks and school furniture).
  14. 14. Equipment 3 things to remember INSPECTION Physical Brochure Physical Condition Count
  15. 15. Inspection Procedures onComputer Packages 1. Upon receipt of the Request for Inspection, see to it that all required documents are attached like the original copies of the perfected Purchase Order/Contract, Delivery Receipt/Sales Invoice, and others. 2. Check the documents submitted as to completeness and authenticity prior to inspection 3. Take note of any cases of alterations, erasures or other modifications in the perfected Purchase Order/Contract. These modification must be verified and duly authenticated by the authorized approving officials.
  16. 16. Inspection Procedures onComputer Packages 4. Take note of the receipt of the Property/Supply Unit, the place and date of delivery. 5. If there’s a required sample mentioned in the perfected Purchase Order/Contract, ask for the approved sample for purposes of comparison/verification. In cases of inconsistencies between sample and the Purchase Order/Contract, specification on the perfected Purchase Order/contract shall prevail. 6. After all the documents have been evaluated, proceed to the delivery site specified in the perfected Purchase Order/Contract and conduct inspection and testing procedures if necessary.
  17. 17. Inspection Procedures onComputer Packages 7. Conduct physical inspection of the items delivered. Count the items delivered and check with the required quantity 8. Check the packaging, labeling, markings and other means of identification that meet specifications; or if not specifically called for, conform to the best commercial practices for protecting the items during transportation, storage, handling and distribution. 9. Determine whether it is brand new, reconditioned or rebuilt. 10. Take note of the serial number, product number, point of origin, specifications in accordance with the brochure and accessories that go with the equipment.
  18. 18. Inspection Procedures onComputer Packages11. Take note for obvious damage or defects in the equipment, accessories, connectors, plugs, sockets etc. for any discoloration, rust, stains and decays due to exposure to heat, chemicals or moisture Ensure that flexible cords are effectively anchored to equipment, plugs and sockets.12. Perform trial and operational test on the equipment delivered. Request the supplier to demonstrate the operation of the equipment in the presence of End-User and observe its actual performance.
  19. 19. Inspection Procedures onComputer Packages 13. Hearing is essential in the detection of defects indicated by unusual sounds or noises audible when observing the operation of equipment such as knocking, squeaking, sputtering, cracking, breaking, scratching, etc. 14. Consider the characteristics which may be determined by touch or feel, in the inspection of different equipment, include such common, qualities as heat, cold, flexibility, hardness, softness, thickness, firmness, etc. 15. Check the inclusion of warranty certificate and instructional manual. 16. Prepare the Inspection and Acceptance Report immediately after inspection for submission to the Supply Officer for acceptance.
  20. 20. Inspection and test for compliance to its features shallat all times be done in accordance with the followingprocedure: Compare the brand, model, power 1 rating of the delivered units vis-à-vis the contract If the contract indicates the brand and model, then, request for a copy of the 2 brochure or technical manual that will serve as the basis for inspection Intagible features of a computer may be verified by operating the computer 3 or by looking into its inside component
  21. 21. EquipmentRandom & Interval Sampling is notapplicable for this type of delivery 1 Serial Number The 2 Brand Name accessories or tools that go 3 Model with the equipment have to be 4 Point of Origin checked carefully 5 Patent Number
  22. 22. HARDWARE SOFTWAREThe frame, wires, is everything else,chips, screws and instruction codesall other physical At its most basic and all non-components Level, a computer physical, symbolic System is made up parts of the of 2 elements: electronic system
  23. 23. The Inspectorate Team and the SupplyOfficer / Designated Property Custodianshall prepare and sign the Inspection andAcceptance Report (IAR) Note: Distribution of IAR shall be as follows 1. Original – Supplier (to be attached to the DV) 2. Copy 2 – Property Inspector/Inspection Team 3. Copy 3 - Property & Supply Unit File
  24. 24. The School inspectionCommittee shall signthe Inspection andAcceptance Reportprior to theacceptance by theProperty Custodian.
  25. 25. SupplyOfficer/DesignatedProperty Custodianreturns originalcopy 1 of IAR to thesupplier forpayment purposes
  26. 26. For Secondary/Tech Voc Schools with Book ofAccounts: The School Head accepts the transfer upon acceptance of deliveries by the Inspection Committee and the Supply Officer or designated Property CustodianFor Secondary/Tech Voc & Elementary Schools without Bookof Accounts: The Schools Division Superintendent accepts the transfer thru the Invoice Receipt of Property (IRP) upon acceptance of deliveries by the School Inspection Committee and final acceptance of the Division Supply Officer The School Property Custodian provides copy of the IAR to the Division Office – Supply Office for Booking-Up
  27. 27. The Division ICT Coordinatorshall facilitate the signing ofCertificate of Final Acceptance andInvoice Receipt of Property (IRP)for signature of the Division SupplyOfficer and Schools DivisionSuperintendent
  28. 28. Republic of the Philippines DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION National Capital Region Division of Las Piñas Las Piñas City CERTIFICATE OF ACCEPTANCE This is to certify that I have accepted the following equipment delivered by ColumbiaTechnology Inc. (CTI) under the DepED Multimedia Classroom Package for Elementary Schools. Contract Item Quantity Unit Description Unit Cost No. No. 1. 18 Units Host PC Monitor: Acer Veriton M4610G, P38,536.00 Intel Core i5 – 3.3GHz, 6MB L3 Cache, Number of cores: 4; w/ Acer 19” LCD Monitor w/ 2 way VGA splitter; w/ 500 watt AVR; with software 2. 108 units Access Terminal Ncomputing U170 3,685.00 3. 108 units 19” LCD Monitor, Acer Veriton V193 4,976.00 LCD Monitor w/ 500 watt AVR 4. 108 units Keyboard & Mouse, Acer USB Keyboard & 588.00 USB Mouse 5. 18 units Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS)- 1,480.00 Emerson Liebert PS-500PH 6. 18 units 3 IN 1 Inkjet Printer, Brother DCP-J125 5,009.00 7. 18 units Projector, ACER X1220H w/ 70” x 70” 22,075.00 Tripod Screen 8. 18 Face to Face Lectures & Hand-On Training 1,884.00 Received by: _________________________ (Signature over printed name) Division Supply Officer
  29. 29. Supply Officer /Designated PropertyCustodian record alldeliveries in theProperty Card
  30. 30. CO1-I-01-02-10-04-003- NF (001)
  31. 31. is the act of transferring the custodianship ofIssuance property from one person to another
  32. 32. Activities in Property Utilization 1. Preparation of Issuance Documents Requisition and Issue Slip
  33. 33. REQUISITION AND ISSUE SLIP Department of EducationDivision : Responsibility Center RIS No. DateOffice Code SAI No. Date REQUISITION ISSUANCE Stock No. Unit Description Quantity Quality RemarksPurpose :Requested By: Approved By: Issued By Received By:Signature Signature Signature SignatureName Name Name NameDesignation Designation Designation DesignationDate Date Date Date
  34. 34. Activities in Property Utilization 2. Issuance and acknowledgement of items Acknowledgement Receipt of Equipment IT Equipment Office Equipment Inventory Custodian Slip Library Books etc. Non-Consumable Supplies School Furniture Textbooks
  35. 35. Preparation of ARE shall be on per item IT-001 IT-002 Desktop #1 Ms. Dela Cruz IT-003 Desktop #2 Ms. Dela Cruz Desktop #3 Ms. Dela Cruz IT-004 IT-005 Desktop #4 Mr. Alano Desktop #5 Mr. Morales
  36. 36. Note: (For Issuance)1. Textbooks2. School Furniture3. Non-Consumable Supplies
  37. 37. Department of Education DepED Complex, Meralco Avenue, Pasig City REPORT ON DELIVERIES (Textbooks / Desk and Armchairs / Equipment) Received Procured by Central Office / DBM-Procurement ServiceName of SchoolComplete Address of SchoolDivision / Region Date Supplier Description DR # Unit Cost Total Cost Remarks Received Qty This form shall be used by the Recipient school in preparing the Report of DeliveriesPrepared By: Certified Correct By: Property Custodian School Head / Principal
  38. 38. At the School School Property Custodian Level accepts delivery School Property Custodian forwards delivery receipt to the School Inspectorate Team School Inspectorate Team conducts inspection and signs Inspection and Acceptance Report (IAR) upon completion of installation and testing School Property Custodian signs the acceptance portion of the IAR
  39. 39. Supplier conducts required hands-on training School Head/AuthorizedRepresentative signs Trainingchecklist upon completion of trainingSchool Head affix initial in the Invoice Receipt of Property (IRP) to be signed by the School Division Superintendent School Property Custodian returns original signed DR,IAR, Training Checklist to the supplier for paymentpurposes while the IRP will be retrieved by Division ICT Coordinator
  40. 40. Division ICT Coor Division ICT facilitates signing of Coordinator transmit Final Acceptance andAt the Division original signed IRP and IRP to be signed by the Office Level certificate of final to Division Supply Officer the Central Office and Schools Division Superintendent Division Supplier Officer records delivery in the inventory and prepare transfer of accountability (ARE) to the School ICT Coordinator Division Supply Officer provides copy of the inventory to Division Accountant for booking-up