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Rex Hammock's Wiki 101


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This is an 'annotated' version of slides I presented at the 2009 Barcamp Nashville, October 17. (Typically, I don't have many words on slides, but I added some before posting this online version.)

This is an 'annotated' version of slides I presented at the 2009 Barcamp Nashville, October 17. (Typically, I don't have many words on slides, but I added some before posting this online version.)

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  • 1. wiki 101 RexHammock's
  • 2. First, there was HypercardHypercard
  • 3. Hypercard You installed this on this to do this.
  • 4. Hypercard Basically, this was just this
  • 5. Hypercard ...with hyperlinks. Abraham Lincoln 16th President of the United States served from March 1861 until April 1865. Born in Kentucky Had a beard, but no mustache. Kentucky Originally a part of Virginia, in 1792 it became the 15th state 37th largest state in terms of total area 36th largest in land area ranks 26th in population
  • 6. They'recalled indexcards forareason.
  • 7. Ward Cunningham
  • 8. Butnotthe TomBosley character on HappyDays named Howard Cunningham
  • 9. Andnot Ward Cleaver
  • 10. whowas Beaver's dad.
  • 11. This Ward Cunningham
  • 12. wanted aweb application thatworked likeHypercard.
  • 13. Sohe created WikiWikiWeb
  • 14. Named after Wiki-WikiBus
  • 15. Review1 2 3
  • 16. That ledto this
  • 17. Butit looked like this.
  • 18. Forpeople who need bullet points.
  • 19. wikis are not just this
  • 20. Wikisaremerely awaytocreate content,then collect& oraganizeit.
  • 21. Wikis canbethework ofoneperson, ormany, oreveryone.
  • 22. Anykindof information
  • 23. Anykindof information I consider a wiki.
  • 24. Anykindof information But when it comes to searching for movie information, Google seems to like Wikipedia better.
  • 25. Anykindof information Google "Starwars"and you'll get 2 wikis on the first SERP.
  • 26. Anykindof information Personal favorite:
  • 27. Anykindof information For breaking news and complex topics, I believe a wiki provides a more 'native' model of using the web than traditional narrative news reporting.
  • 28. Anykindof information has recognized this, but Times Topics has not yet figured out the 'breaking' part.
  • 29. Business ModelEveryone asks this, so I thought I'd throw some samples in. This company owns... and lots more wikis. (
  • 30. Business Model Developing and managing enterprise (behind-the-firewall) wikis for knowledge- managent and colloaborative work flow.
  • 31. Business Model Providing customer or "supply chain" support for companies with mystery business models.
  • 32. Business Model Intuit's serves "tax professionals," (i.e., the entire market for these products: http://proseries.
  • 33. Business Model Our company ( maintains this wiki. Our business is helping companies and associations create and manage all types of customer and member media. (Note not-to-subtle product placement.)
  • 34. SeeAlso:
  • 35. SeeAlso: For the more technically inclined who want to host their own wiki.
  • 36. SeeAlso: Play around on Google sites. Check out Wetpaint & Wikia.
  • 37. SeeAlso: I believe any CMS that allows you to create "pages" is a potential wiki platform.
  • 38. Twomorethings: 2SecretsofWikis AWikiisnotonewebsite. Every entryisa website.
  • 39. Seed Feed Weed Twomorethings: 2SecretsofWikis The only metaphor you'll ever need for wiki success.
  • 40. SeeAlso:
  • 41. ExternalLinks: @r Creative Commons license for this: