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While many real estate professionals have taken the plunge in to social media marketing many are sitting on the sidelines wondering if it really works or is it a monumental waste of time. Consumers are talking about real estate and real estate professionals. The question is are you listening to see if home buyers and sellers are going "wall to wall" with their Facebook friends chatting about you or the market? Watch this presentation see why you can longer afford to sit on the sidelines of social media. It's time you listened, connected and engaged with your audience!

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Western Wake Real Estate Professionals Presentation

  1. 1. <ul><li>5 Reasons Why You Can No Longer Ignore Social Media </li></ul>
  2. 2. footprint #1 expand your why social media marketing?
  3. 3. simple It used to be so
  4. 4. Silo marketing is ineffective
  5. 6. website Today, it’s not about a online marketing It’s about strategy having a total
  6. 7. #2 reputation management
  7. 8. 11 Twitter tools to track what people are saying about YOU!
  8. 10. it’s not about the big numbers it’s about your target
  9. 11. target people who can impact your business
  10. 12. your prospects and your clients are using social media. are YOU?
  11. 13. #3 target your audience! create list
  12. 14. listen for social triggers. new baby new job child going away to college remodeling the condo job promotion mother-in-law is moving in change in relationship status
  13. 15. is anyone listening?
  14. 16. Adapt Social Media into your current marketing efforts
  15. 18. Focus on getting the fish out of the ocean and into your own pond.
  16. 20. #4 You’re Online Marketing Hub
  17. 23. RALEIGH HOMES FOR SALE!! RALEIGH REAL ESTATE!! ATTEND MY RALEIGH OPEN HOUSE!! Don’t just broadcast Listen, connect & engage
  18. 24. don’t just broadcast (noise) listen, connect & engage
  19. 25. #5 it’s all about the juice!
  20. 26. Google offers more choices to consumers
  21. 27. Google indexes Tweets!
  22. 28. Google indexes Facebook Fan Page links
  23. 29. it’s not just about small talk….
  24. 30. it’s about online marketing how to leverage your so you see measureable results
  25. 31. Friend or follow me @ rewebcoach dakno.com/blog bobbycarroll.net linkedin.com/in/rewebcoach
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