Satisfy Ambition by Replicating the Fat Loss Idiots
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Satisfy Ambition by Replicating the Fat Loss Idiots



Discover the best fat loss plan, Go to:

Discover the best fat loss plan, Go to:



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Satisfy Ambition by Replicating the Fat Loss Idiots Satisfy Ambition by Replicating the Fat Loss Idiots Document Transcript

  • ==== ====Discover The Very Best Fat Burning Program. You Will Love This ! ====I would like to introduce you to the opportunity to become one of the Fat Loss Idiots of the world.Doesnt that sound like a noble title? Well, alright... probably not. But Fat Loss Idiots know how touse a BMI weight calculator to target their ideal weight. And... they know how to get to that idealweight without killing themselves through exercise.Why are Fat Loss Idiots called idiots, then, if they are so wise? If they know how to use this weightcalculator and they know how to get to their target weight without fail, there must be some catch toall this. Surely they must count every calorie they eat. Surely they must have to cut out virtually allof the fat from their diet. They must have to become vegans or something like that. Or worse...theymust be those crazy running fanatics who have no lives because all they do is run and get shin-splints!The reality is that Fat Loss Idiots are so called because if they tell other people--especiallynutritionists, doctors and people who belong to a gym and attend religiously--what their method forlosing weight and losing it quickly is, they get laughed at. They get ridiculed. They get ignored.They get called and thought of as "idiots". And whoever heard of this dumb idea of a BMI weightcalculator? What about carbo-unloading? What about lowering your caloric intake and skippingmeals to lose weight? What about pushing your body to the point of injury or failure? Havent theseidiots, with their "take it easy, enjoy great food, eat more often, and lose weight without evenexercising" nonsense, got a clue? Are they even from this planet?Why dont Fat Loss Idiots go in for all of the common ideas about how to lose weight? Well, these"idiots" know that the conventional wisdom here, as it typically is, is really just...wrong.People trying to lose weight tend to want to be "skinny". Skinny (as opposed to slender) isunhealthy. They dont pay attention to the weight calculator. They dont know what weight they aresupposed to be for their body type. So they lose mental and physical energy trying to be one ofthose ugly "supermodels". But Fat Loss Idiots look and feel great--not "skinny" and weak and un-energized.Fat Loss Idiots dont have to count calories. They understand that if you reduce your caloric intake,your brain simply turns down your metabolism--so that just does not work. They also understandthat food is not your enemy--it is your fuel and is meant to be one of the great pleasures of yourlife.Fat Loss Idiots are not against working out at all. Its just that they dont try to kill themselves toshed the pounds. They use diet and the weight calculator only to know precisely what weight toget them down to. They just eat smarter--they dont workout harder in frustration. Even if they dono more of a workout than go for a nice walk, they still lose weight--while there are people
  • whipping themselves in the gym trying to lose some belly fat that just wont go away.Does this all sound "idiotic" enough for you to try as your weight loss program? Why not learn touse the weight calculator like the Fat Loss Idiots, and learn their tried-and-true techniques forlosing all the weight you want to...and no more than you should?Travis Ristig is an expert network marketer who loves helping people achieve financial successonline. For more information on creating a complete automated business online and learning Freelead generation Go Here Now [] or email me with any questions.Article Source: ====Discover The Very Best Fat Burning Program. You Will Love This ! ====