2013 Guangzhou Ceramics Industry Exhibition opened onMay 29March 6, 2013 China International Ceramics Industry Technology ...
team also increased. The exhibition is the value of industry, commerce platform, the workdone is the exhibition and buyers...
"I hope our show can continue to enhance the professional level and the international level,the real development of the in...
Back in 2012, due to the national real estate control policies from the tight, energy savingnew standard implementation of...
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2013 Guangzhou Ceramics Industry Exhibition opened on May 29


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2013 Guangzhou Ceramics Industry Exhibition opened on May 29

  1. 1. 2013 Guangzhou Ceramics Industry Exhibition opened onMay 29March 6, 2013 China International Ceramics Industry Technology and Product Fair(hereinafter referred to as the "2013 Guangzhou Ceramics Industry Exhibition), the mainorganizer of the China Light Industry Federation, China Ceramic Industrial Association andthe Guangdong Joint Exhibition Service Co., Ltd. was held in Foshan The news conference,the industry of the 2013 the ceramic Industry Exhibition in Guangzhou tissue preparations.China Light Industry Federation of steps being made Yang Zhihai, honorary president of theChina Ceramic Industry Association, vice chairman Fu Weijie, the Secretary-General PuYongxiang association leaders, as well as some well-known exhibitors, ceramics businessrepresentatives attended the news release will.The meeting was presided over by the vice chairman of the China Ceramic IndustryAssociation Fu Weijie. The Exhibition Organizer exhibition company, general manager ofGuangdong new associates Han Xiuping first briefed the participants on the preparations ofthe organization of this exhibition and activities over the same period.Super Bacheng booths have been "unofficially crowned" more than 20% of new exhibitorsAccording to reports, the 2013 Guangzhou Ceramics Industry Exhibition is scheduled for May29-June 1 (Wednesday to Saturday) on the first floor in Asias largest exhibition hall -Guangzhou Chinese Export Commodities Trade Pavilion Zone A 1.1- 8.1 Museum. Theexhibition planning eight pavilions, a total exhibition area of nearly 80,000 square meters, atotal of 4,500 booths, the number of exhibitors is expected to reach 800. To further enhancethe degree of specialization of the show, the main organizer of the exhibition re-planning andsetting. 1.1 and 2.1 Museum color glaze, raw materials, wear-resistant materials andrefractories Museum, 3.1 and 4.1 Museum for energy conservation, automation technologyand equipment Museum 5.1 Museum for machinery and equipment and accessories shop.6.1 and 7.1 Pavilion for the high-tech and international corporate pavilions, 8.1 Museum Hallof inkjet printing technology and equipment. In addition, a special set up the householdceramics Machinery Zone "and" the tile adhesive technology zone.New associates exhibition company general manager Han Xiuping, preparations for theexhibition organization.China Light Industry Federation of steps being made also introduced to the speeches, theexhibition scale to further expand, expand on the basis of the previous three Hall and focuson catching the industrial ceramics, special ceramics and ceramics for daily use. The Pavilionexhibition division clearer, energy conservation, inkjet printing, automated three hottechnology is more prominent, the total amount of machinery and equipment increaseddomestic and foreign buyers, exhibition of new enterprises accounted for more than 20%.Exhibition services also did not increase by the pavilion and discount freight transport will becompared with previous years more orderly, more efficient and less costly; hotel designatedby the General Assembly over the previous year, a 40% increase in hotel supply, The service
  2. 2. team also increased. The exhibition is the value of industry, commerce platform, the workdone is the exhibition and buyers gathered to this platform.As of March 5, more than 80% of the booths have been "unofficially crowned. In addition tothe perennial exhibitors many old enterprises, such as Kodak, Modena, hung, WanxingSacmi Xisitemu Italian daga, Fluke, Tao Li Xi, also new this year, such as Italy DurstGermany Dr. Rexroth, Turkey Remas and many well-known enterprises at home and abroad.Kodak Company has more than 3000 square meters of "surprise move" will once againbecome the focus point of the audience. Professional company career as a domestic self-developed the ceramic inkjet flower machine,, fine pottery Guangzhou Electrical company, inits 1000 square meters large booth exhibit is seven series and 12 models ceramic inkjetdevices.Dai Hung system Glaze, chairman Cai XianchangThe exhibition held at the same forum, seminars and activities such as the new conferencewill be more emphasis on timeliness. "Tenth International Ceramics Industry DevelopmentForum" will be "China - ASEAN ceramic manufacture and market" as the theme. Tileadhesives and Technology Application Summit Forum "will explore the the project finedecoration process tile adhesive safety and efficiency. Machinery and equipment Forumseminar focus will be around to expand domestic and international ceramics market and theapplication of digital equipment in the industry. In addition, the Sacmi, fine pottery and manyother companies will also be held concurrent discussion of the new technology and newproduct launches.Form of propaganda richer new media shineIn exhibition promotion and publicity of the exhibition is more diverse, broader coverage. Inaddition to conventional advertising hard, soft reports, telephone, e-mail, mobile phone textmessages, direct mail is a variety of ways this year stepped up efforts to promotemicroblogging micro-channel, community sites, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook. The exhibitionpublicity official website language from previous bilingual increased to cover the top tenlanguages of Chinese, English, Spanish, Italian, German, French, Russian, Arabic, Turkish,Japanese, global coverage in more than 130 countries and regions to promote, through thecountries most popular search engine. Since March 7, the main organizer will travel to visitShandong, Fujian, Jiangxi, Sichuan, Henan, the countrys top ten ceramic producing areaspropaganda exhibition organization purchasing groups, followed by the kitchen India,Vietnam, Indonesia and other Southeast Asian countries.Zhang Qi Kang, Director of the Mona Lisa CeramicsPublic enterprise representatives speak highly acclaimed Industrial Exhibition
  3. 3. "I hope our show can continue to enhance the professional level and the international level,the real development of the industry and lead the upgrade to play a catalytic role." Steps arebeing made president of the China Light Industry Federation for the current situation andprospects of the development of Chinas ceramic industry, and combined with the newcentral governments policy ideas and development all the new requirements, and deliveredan important speech, and a new hope and more to the China Ceramics Industry Exhibition.The new Pearl Li Zhong, deputy general manager of lightThe meeting, large hung Glaze Chairman Caixian Chang, the Mona Lisa ceramic DirectorZhang Qi Kang, deputy general manager of the new Pearl Lee Chung-kwong, as exhibitorsand ceramic production enterprise made a statement.Chairman of Dai Hung Glaze the Cai Xianchang from the first session in 89 years, he hasparticipated in every session of the Industrial Exhibition, to attend the show every year toinvite two or three hundred foreign customers, especially in Southeast Asia, adding to theshows lineup. "If all of you are able to put all your customers are invited to come, thisexhibition will do more success here at the same time, we also expect the organizers toexpand their horizons, porcelain, industrial ceramics and then send them in! that theinfluence of the scale will be more feasible, even beyond Italy, Spain, to become the worldslargest ceramic industry exhibition, we hope that common efforts. "Cai Xianchang practicalaction to support and called on the industry to participate actively in support.Similarly, the Mona Lisa ceramic Director Zhang Qi Kandy out to build a better vision of theBologna exhibition. "So many years into the not Bologna exhibition of ceramics, for mostbusinesses is a pity, but I have a platform of international exchange, we are able to activelyparticipate in the near future, be able to build a pride of the Chinese people internationalexchange platform, I believe that through our efforts, we must be able to achieve this desire."Mona Lisa Ceramics Director Zhang Qi Kang Speaking of speeches, industrial technologyand products, the two key words appear on the same platform, which means our upstreamand downstream of the ceramics industry, plus terminal marketing can be a very goodexchange of information, in terms of the whole industry chain, which is very important.New Pearl Li Zhong, deputy general manager, gave high praise in light of the rapiddevelopment in recent years, the Ceramics Industry Exhibition in Guangzhou, also madesome personal insights. He believes that a lot of the previous work done for the dealer, butthis year the marketing department of a lot of work for the user to do the industrial exhibitionshould impact point to go to the market, placement real demand up to enterprisedevelopment, and not just placement to exhibitors to placement only to exhibitors, the showthe pace of development will be much slower, if the impact point to the real needs of themanufacturing companies up to build a manufacturing company with our upstream anddownstream enterprises innovative communication platform this exhibition will shine with astrong competitive edge.
  4. 4. Back in 2012, due to the national real estate control policies from the tight, energy savingnew standard implementation of the European debt crisis and a series of internal andexternal factors, the development of Chinas ceramic industry is slowing down. 2013, due tothe new government assumed office, the overall economic situation in China is bound tomaintain steady growth. With the further promotion of urban construction, real estatetransactions on the rise, the value relatively loose monetary policy, and the economies ofEurope and the United States began a slow recovery, the development of Chinas ceramicindustry will stabilize the situation for the better. From 2013 Guangzhou Ceramics IndustryExhibition I learned Preparatory situation, signs of recovery in the industry have beenrevealed on the show. Ceramics Industry Exhibition in Guangzhou seems to have become a"weathervane" the development of Chinas ceramic industry.Jane marble tiles to create the first brand of high-end strategic alliance, Jane marble tiles tocreate the first brand of high-end strategic alliance