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  • 1. CONNECTING PEOPLE, BUILDING COMMUNITIESSocial Policy 2006May 2006 Social Policy 2006
  • 2. PREFACE The City of Sydney has a strong commitment to social justice and equality, demonstrated through policies and services aimed at improving the quality of life of all people who reside and work in the city. The City values its diverse communities, recognises the worth of all people and has adopted the following Social Policy to demonstrate this commitment. To ensure this Policy is implemented in all aspects of Council’s work an annual audit of its performance will be undertaken, a summary of which will be printed in the annual report. 1. PURPOSE To ensure integrated, equitable and needs-based decision-making across Council, aimed at improving the social and economic development opportunities of all who reside, work in and visit the City of Sydney. 2. PRINCIPLES 2.1 Recognition of Indigenous Australians Council recognises the Gadigal People of the Eora Nation, are the traditional custodians of the land. It recognises and celebrates the rich culture and strong community values that Indigenous Australians continue to provide to the City of Sydney today, and acknowledges the Indigenous community’s right to self-determination. 2.2 Valuing All People All people who live and work in or visit the City of Sydney are entitled to participate in social, cultural, economic and political life. Council is committed to providing services and facilities that meet complex and diverse community needs. 2.3 Consultation and Participation Builds Community Council values the opinions of individuals and communities and is committed to actively involving residents, workers and visitors in planning and decision-making. Council provides appropriate and practical opportunities for community participation. 2.4 Diversity is Strength Council values and respects its multicultural society and the diverse traditions, religious practices, languages and lifestyles of the communities of the City of Sydney. Council works with communities to eliminate discrimination, and promote the importance of diverse communities that are just and understanding.Social Policy 2006
  • 3. 2.5 Community SafetyCouncil strives to create safer places and communities by focusing on prevention and tackling theunderlying causes of crime. This is achieved through community strengthening activities and strategicpartnerships. Council is also committed to applying “Crime Prevention through Environment Design”principles across the City.2.6 Accessible Public TransportAn accessible and adequate public transport system is a critical element of a functioning City life andCouncil is committed to working with other levels of Government to improve public transport across theCity of Sydney. Council will also continue to develop safe and accessible footpath networks, cycle pathsand encourage pedestrians and cyclists.2.7 Social Development and CapitalCouncil recognises the universal right of social development and is committed to advancing socialdevelopment by addressing social needs. Council values the knowledge, creative initiative and effortsof all community members and organisations operating in the City of Sydney. Council recognises thatrespecting and applying community knowledge and supporting community organisations are critical tothe creation of social capital.2.8 Equitable Access for EveryoneCouncil is committed to creating a city that is accessible and providing services that are available to all,regardless of physical or intellectual ability, cultural background or financial constraints.2.9 Providing for Healthy CommunitiesCouncil is committed to improving economic, social and health standards by managing and facilitatingprograms and activities that contribute to physical and mental well-being. Council is active in advocatingfor and improving access to health, mental health and drug and alcohol services for all people in theCity, including the homeless and other vulnerable members of the community. Council is committed toharm minimisation.2.10 Good Housing is EssentialThe provision of affordable, secure, appropriate and accessible housing is a basic requirement for allpeople. Council is committed to formulating policies and strategies to address housing needs and theprovision of affordable and diverse housing options.2.11 Public Spaces are for EveryonePublic spaces, including parks and plazas, streets, laneways and community facilities are for everyone.These spaces provide critical forums for participation in civic, cultural, social and political life. Council iscommitted to designing and managing public spaces for use and enjoyment by diverse communities.2.12 Fair and Integrated DecisionsCouncil is committed to assessing and considering the social, cultural, economic and environmental impactsand implications, to provide equity and a high quality of life for people today as well for future generations. Social Policy 2006
  • 4. 3. COUNCIL ROLES ’S 3.1 Leadership Council is committed to demonstrating social leadership, implementing good practice and building positive community relations, developing the capacity of its communities. 3.2 Helping to Build Communities Council is committed to encouraging community development, interaction, understanding and tolerance. Where possible, Council co-locates facilities and services to encourage interaction between different groups. Council builds strong and positive relationships and partnerships with local community organisations and seeks to assist them to be independent, responsive to local needs, and to fulfill their service delivery goals. 3.3 Research and Advocacy Through applied social research and effective community consultation, Council seeks to understand local issues and needs, and applies this understanding to the formulation of policies and strategies to address these needs. Advocacy on behalf of communities and influencing decision-making in other levels of government and the wider community, in order to enhance the quality of life of the City of Sydney community. 3.4 Integrating Social and Cultural Factors into Decisions and Planning Council is committed to sustainability, and actively seeks to include social, cultural and historical attributes and values into all its strategic planning to achieve sustainable, physical and non-physical outcomes. 3.5 Providing Information and Fostering Participation Keeping all communities well informed through the provision of a broad range of information, available in a variety of mediums and languages. Council supports and creates opportunities for all community members to participate in making decisions that affect them and in civic life. 3.6 Provision of Community Services and Facilities Provision of community facilities and services that enhance the quality of life of all by providing accessible, quality, safe, needs-based and multi-functional spaces for people to come together for social, cultural, recreational, and civic activities. Council aims to use its resources to try and fill gaps in service delivery on a needs basis. Council works to ensure the appropriate and equitable development and use, lease or license, of indoor and outdoor community facilities, to enable access unrestricted by financial or social constraints. Policy Owner: Director, Community Living Review Date: June 2010Social Policy 2006