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Gospel of mark pt 1   session 05
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Gospel of mark pt 1 session 05


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  • Although we see a lot of opposition to the ministry of Jesus, that was not universal. Many people were healed and blessed by His miracles and His teaching. That’s why He always had crowds where ever He went.
  • Opposition: Jesus at times withdrew from areas where there would be opposition. Jesus wanted to be effective in ministry just like we would want to be and opposition can be distracting as well discouraging. Crowds: Many people were crowding around Jesus for His healing touch. The woman with the issue of blood was not the first or last person to “touch” Jesus for healing and all that touching could be wearisome on the body. Thus Jesus used the boat to put some space between Himself and the people. Some may have come only for the healing they could get from Jesus. What is the most frighteningly large crowd you’ve ever been a part of?
  • Publicity: When Jesus ran into folks who were demon possessed, those demons at times would attest to the real nature of who Jesus was (“son of God”). They knew who Jesus was because they once were angels in heaven who know Jesus in his preincarnate self. Restricts: Jesus didn’t need these demonic forces to stir up any additional trouble with the opposition.
  • Teaching: Jesus takes his disciples aside to teaching them things about the ministry which couldn’t be done in the throws of a large crowd. Selected: this group of men that Jesus selects have been “ordained” or set apart for a particular use and time spent alone with Jesus allowed them to receive intimate instruction. As an associate minister I spent quality time with my pastors through the years to learn what ministry was all about and how it was to be done. Authority: preaching and authority went hand-in-hand these days because just as Jesus had faced opposition (not only human but demonic), so were the disciples when the time would come for them to be sent (hence “apostles”).
  • No names: Jesus selected 12 ordinary men of the day and used them to great effect in establishing the early church. They had preaching power & power to heal (see Acts 3). You don’t have to have a whole lot of pedigree to be used by the Lord. God can take your availability and connect that to His ability to great effect.
  • Family: there are times when we are challenged in our commitment to God. Who is going to have first place in our lives? Judge: what do you suppose was the basis for Jesus family saying that he was out of His mind? He was preaching the gospel (yes new message but still true to His Jewish roots) and folks were getting healed. What’s crazy about that?
  • Thwart: the teachers of the law traveled a long distance in order to level a Satanic charge against Jesus Christ. Flaw: no matter what the devil may try to do against Jesus or a child of God, there will always be a flaw in the attack that can be exploited if we allow the Holy Spirit to guide us. Jesus attacks the logic of what the Scribes were suggesting.
  • Eternal: see John 14:6. Jesus didn’t say there were many ways to eternal life. See also Acts 4:12 and John 8:24
  • Earthly Family: Acts 1:14; Galatians 1:19
  • Transcript

    • 1. The Gospel Of St Mark – Part 1
      Life Enrichment University
      St Mark Missionary Baptist Church
      Session 05
      Ps Darryl M. Matthews, Instructor
    • 2. The Time OfPopularity
      The Gospel of
      St Mark – Part 1
    • 3. The Time Of Popularity
      Significant Events We’ll Examine:
      The Withdrawal
      The Silencing of Evil Spirits
      The Twelve Chosen & Named
      Gospel of St Mark Pt 1 – Lesson 05
    • 4. The Time Of Popularity
      Significant Events We’ll Examine:
      The Accusation Of “Friends” & Scribes
      The Unpardonable Sin
      Jesus’ True Family
      Gospel of St Mark Pt 1 – Lesson 05
    • 5. The Time Of Popularity
      The Withdrawal (3:7-10)
      Two reasons for Jesus withdrawal:
      Increased hostilities of the opposition
      Larger crowds that continued to follow the Master
      Gospel of St Mark Pt 1 – Lesson 05
    • 6. The Time Of Popularity
      Jesus Silences Evil Spirits (3:11-12)
      Jesus did not need any publicity from the demonic realm
      Jesus is restricts the expression of the demonic forces
      Gospel of St Mark Pt 1 – Lesson 05
    • 7. The Time Of Popularity
      The Twelve Chosen (3:13-15)
      Teaching before reaching
      Selected for a purpose (“ordained”)
      Given power to preach and to have authority over evil spirits
      Gospel of St Mark Pt 1 – Lesson 05
    • 8. The Time Of Popularity
      The Twelve Named (3:16-19)
      No names of their day
      Used mightily of God in the early church
      Gospel of St Mark Pt 1 – Lesson 05
    • 9. The Time Of Popularity
      The Accusations Of “Friends” (3:20-21)
      Sometimes family and friends won’t understand God’s calling upon your life
      Sometimes folks will judge you without all of the facts
      Gospel of St Mark Pt 1 – Lesson 05
    • 10. The Time Of Popularity
      The Accusations Of The Scribes (3:22-27)
      Some folks will go a long way to thwart the plans of God
      There is always a flaw in the enemy’s attack against Jesus
      Gospel of St Mark Pt 1 – Lesson 05
    • 11. The Time Of Popularity
      The Unpardonable Sin (3:28-30)
      Jesus is the only way to eternal life
      To reject Jesus or the Holy Spirit is a sin from which you can never bounce back
      Gospel of St Mark Pt 1 – Lesson 05
    • 12. The Time Of Popularity
      Jesus’ True Family (3:31-35)
      Those who do the will of God are Jesus’ relatives
      Many of his earthly family became followers
      Gospel of St Mark Pt 1 – Lesson 05
    • 13. Next Week – Lesson 6
      Parables AndTheir Meanings(Mark 4:1-34)