Plutopia 2011: Sponsorship Presentation


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Plutopia 2011: Sponsorship Presentation

  1. 1. Where technology, art & entertainment converge Plutopia 2011: The Future of Play 5th Annual SXSWi Event Monday, March 14, 2011 - 7pm to 12 am Mexican American Cultural Center (MACC) Aus�n, TX
  2. 2. What is Plutopia? Who are we? Plutopia Produc�ons, Inc. was founded in 2006 in Aus�n, TX as a future-focused entertainment and events produc�on company. The Plutopia management team has years of successful global opera�ng Plutopia is a cultural, arts and entertainment company that experience in culture development, the produces its own signature events, as well as a broad spectrum arts, entertainment, event crea�on and of events for third par�es. produc�on, future studies, marke�ng We are unique in our ability to ar�ully weave together culture, and strategic visioneering. the arts, and entertainment to offer a�endees exposure to and direct experience of amazing emerging innova�ons and cultural Maggie Duval: CEO and Execu�ve Producer developments. The ul�mate goal? To encourage a posi�ve feeling about the future. Derek Woodgate: Chief Crea�ve Officer Plutopia specializes in crea�ng and producing inspira�onal, par�cipatory experiences, which we call ‘sense events’ aimed at Jon Lebkowsky: Chief Digital Officer providing mul�-sensory s�mula�on and the thrill of discovery. Bon Davis: Chief Technical Officer / Technical Producer This is achieved through unique content and high-end produc�on values and an unparalleled network of partners and collaborators, Chris Hewetson: Produc�on Director as well as comprehensive prepara�on, including detailed visualiza�on and budge�ng. Scoop Sweeney: Director of Event Produc�on Services Jo Rae Di Menno: PR Consultant Plutopia events are driven by four key areas of focus: ∞ Arts & Entertainment ∞ Culture & Educa�on ∞ Community ∞ Emerging Technology
  3. 3. Plutopia 2010: Sensa�on-al For the second time in three years, the annual Plutopia extravaganza was reported as “the best SXSWi party to date.” In 2008, it was the Aus�n Chronicle’s evening event) was held on March columnist, Stephen Moser, who 15, 2010 at the Mexican American proclaimed this, and in 2010, it was Cultural Center in Aus�n, with its hi- Jean Russell, global community tech auditorium and large-scale plaza visionary and “thrivability” author. overlooking Lady Bird Lake. This year’s audience numbered around 1200 Plutopia 2010: Plutopia 2010 was hailed as a people throughout the evening, made The Science of Music mega success on a mega scale. And up of interna�onal entrepreneurs, while we don’t like to think of our the tech community, art and culture experien�al spectacle as a mere aficionados, and the general public. party, we are extremely happy that About 75% were between 20 and 40 Over 1200 A�endees our audience had so much fun. years old. Not surprising, given that the Our 2010 theme, “The Science audience was presented with of Music,” explored the role of cap�va�ng, future-forward technology, sound and digital media performances, including a world- in changing the landscape and premiere performance by DJ narra�ve of music in the informa�on Spooky – which expertly wove age. The science ranged from the together science, music, film, expanding of audio boundaries culture, art, sensory immersion and experimenta�on, to new forms and entertainment – as well as an of instrumenta�on, sampling and all-local, ar�sanal foodie fest from remixing and emerging crea�ve Edible Aus�n and cu�ng edge processes, to integrated mul�sensory mixology from the Tipsy Texan systems and interfaces with intelligent Cocktail Bar. networks, to the transforma�ons of aesthe�cs and the changing rhythm of Plutopia 2010 (an official SXSW nature.
  4. 4. The theme was aptly presented through both the were exhibits from the Robot Group, including the Gi- spectacular shows in the Auditorium (Bruce Sterling, ant Brain, plus Toy Joy and BazaarVoice’s hipster play- Xiao He, DJ Spooky, White, Black Pig Libera�on Front grounds. and the exhibits and interac�ve installa�ons on the Plaza. Plutopia also focuses on ensuring that we op�mize the ecological effect of the event. We minimized en- DJ Spooky produced a rive�ng world premiere of a 60- ergy consump�on by using LEDs and magnificent pro- minute piece based on Brian Greene’s Elegant Uni- jec�ons that illuminated every surface of the MACC, verse (which he performed with a four piece wood- and maximized the event’s recycling poten�al. Our wind orchestra.) Stunning projec�ons and spectacular partners at Green Fern Events and Wandering River ligh�ng were specially designed for Plutopia 2010 by Recycling reported a total of 400 lbs of waste, which Interac�ve Entertainment Systems, which delivered represents a 70% diversion rate from landfill. a mixture of awe and amusement on the Plaza. There
  5. 5. Plutopia 2011: The Future of Play Gathering momentum from Plutopia 2010: The Science of Music, the official SXSW evening event held last March at Aus�n’s Mexican- American Cultural Center,Plutopia’s 5th annual extravaganza, The Future of Play, promises to deliver a whole new set of experien�al adventures. The Future of Play will explore the concept of play as transforma�ve through four key aspects: Social Play (including community and communica�on); Ac�on Play (sports, gaming, etc.); Mental and Emo�onal Play (including explora�on, adventure and imagina�on); and Sound Play. To be held in Aus�n on March 14th, 2011 the event will be though�ully posi�oned as a well-cra�ed link between SXSW Interac�ve, Film and Music. Furthering our mission to create unique “sense events,” this year’s extravaganza will include interac�ve installa�ons, per- formances by world-renowned musicians / ar�sts, talks, art exhibits, compelling projec�ons, DJs, demonstra�ons, performance art, robots, projec�ons, gaming fun, locally produced ar�sanal food and beverages, and much more. The entertainment, performances, talks and installa�ons will include a wide range of emerging technologies, social and behavioral change and affec�ve processes. These will cover everything from sensory engagement, to smart materials and architectures, robo�cs and augmented reality to interac�ve, socially and loca�on-aware installa�ons, and gaming and stage performances. Plutopia 2011 will be a rich manifesta�on of convergence - of science and technology with art and entertainment.
  6. 6. Plutopia 2011: The Future of Play ∞ Sound Play ∞ Social Play ∞ Ac�on Play ∞ Mental Play
  7. 7. Plutopia 2011: Event Visibility and Desirability •Plutopia 2011 will be, as before, an official SXSW sponsored event. • The event is free to all SXSW registrants (around 20,000 will be invited) and open to the public for a very affordable �cket price. • Around 1500 will a�end the Plutopia event. • There were 169,000 a�endees at SXSW in 2009, with SXSWi showing a 40% increase – largest growth area at SXSW is the Interac�ve conference. • SXSW 2009 impact on the Aus�n economy totaled $143 million. • Extensive pre-event promo�on: SXSW directory, posters, flyers, press, and online presence with website banners and links, video, blogs, and other new media. Mul�-media event coverage. •Full �me, con�nuous PR through Hard Pressed Publicity •75% of a�endees are between 20 and 40 years old •Around 50% earn over $100,000 • Plutopia Produc�ons, Inc. is endorsed by SXSW, and seen by the industry and public as a vanguard in future-focused entertainment and an expert in innova�ve, exci�ng hi-tech ‘sense events’.
  8. 8. Plutopia 2011: Sponsorship Opportuni�es P������� 2011 ������ �������� ������������� ��� ����������� �� � ������ �� ��������� ������. T�� ����������� ������ ������ ��� ����� �� ��� �����, ����, ������, ����������, ����������, �������, ������� ��� ��� ���������. W� ������ ������ ��������, ���� �� �� ���, ��������� ��� ������� ����������� ������� ��� ����� ��������� ���� ������� ��� ����� �� ���� ������ ���� �� ���������� P������� ������ ���� ������ ������ �����. T��� �� � ����� ��������� ����������� �������� � ��� �� ������ �������� ���� ��� �� ��������� �� ���� ���� ��� �������’� �������� ����� ����������! ∞ Posi�on your company as leading edge—Plutopia delivers a high ‘coolness factor’ extending company branding and desirability ∞ Demonstrate your authority - It is an official SXSWi event, which means your colleagues and customers will be the audience ∞ Link your company to some amazing world-renowned, crea�ve celebri�es ∞ Demonstrate you are a forward-looking organiza�on aware of future-focused issues ∞ Take advantage of low cost, high impact entry to SXSW and exposure to a large, progressive audience ∞ Extend your link to the local community, given the substan�al local community buy-in and benefit through collabora�on with Edible Aus�n, Aus�n Eco Network, Urban Roots and others ∞ Par�cipate in extensive pre-event promo�on in SXSW materials, press, on-line through related blogs and sites, etc. ∞ Be part of major press coverage - local, regional and interna�onal ∞ Networking / Photo Ops - Opportunity to invite clients and to meet new ones
  9. 9. Plutopia 2011: Sponsorship Opportuni�es “Plutopia 2011 was an amaz- ing event that substan�al- ly elevated our brand and Sponsorship Levels product desirability amongst our customers and paved the way for PGi to launch a para- digm-shi�ing communica�ons $10,000 – “P������� S����������” product in the a�ermath. We knew going in that the event itself would be incredible, but our team was par�cularly impressed with the superior $5,500 - “G��� S����������” level of professionalism and collabora�on that Plutopia delivered. We will certainly be there in 2011!” $2,500 – “S����� S������” Beth St. Paul SVP Marke�ng Premier Global Interac�ve $1,000 – “F����� �� P�������!” Custom sponsorships available. Contact derek@plutopiaproduc� for more informa�on The Plutopia marke�ng and promo�ons team will work closely with the sponsor to maximize benefits and to customize the sponsor’s visibility and hospitality arrangements. There is poten�al for sponsor promo�onal displays and projec�ons.
  10. 10. $10,000 ~ Pla�num Sponsor $5,000 ~ Gold Sponsor $2,500 ~ Silver Sponsor ∞ Main sponsor: “Your Company Name pres- ∞ Banner / projec�on over stage ∞ 728 x 90 non-rota�ng leader board ents Plutopia 2011: The Future of Play – banner ad on sponsors page The 5th Annual Plutopia SXSW Interac�ve ∞ 728 x 90 non-rota�ng leader board banner ad on event page ∞ Thanks and intro during opening remarks Extravaganza” ∞ Thanks and intro during opening ∞ Logo/name on all promo�onal material and ∞ Lead Banner over main stage remarks press, including invites, ads, and posters with ∞ 728 x 90 non-rota�ng leader board 3rd �er placement ∞ Chance to speak briefly during opening re- banner ad on main page and marks (2 minutes) ∞ One limited edi�on event poster print PlutopiaProduc� main page signed by Lautaro Vera (two Gold Media Lion ∞ Logo/name on all promo�onal material and winner) ∞ Thanks and intro during opening remarks press, including invites, ads, and posters with 2nd �er placement ∞ Short descrip�on of your business and link ∞ Chance to speak briefly during opening re- on our Website with 3rd �er placement marks (3 minutes) ∞ Share a drink with the ar�sts in our VIP Lounge (4 guests) ∞ Your logo as part of rota�ng projec�on of ∞ Logo/name on all promo�onal material and event sponsors press, including invites, ads, and posters with ∞ One limited edi�on event poster print top-level placement signed by Lautaro Vera (two Gold Media Lion ∞ 6 complimentary �ckets to event winner) ∞ Share a drink with the ar�sts in our VIP ∞ 10 x 10 crea�ve space at party (your team - ∞ Short descrip�on of your business and link number of staff nego�able - provides your set- Lounge (6 guests) on our Website with 2nd �er placement up) ∞ One limited edi�on event poster print signed ∞ Your logo as part of rota�ng projec�on of ∞ VIP meet-up area for your guests by Lautaro Vera (two Gold Media Lion winner) event sponsors ∞ Part of 1/4 page ad in SXSWi directory ∞ Short descrip�on of your business and link ∞ 10 complimentary �ckets to event on our Website with top placement ∞ 10 x 10 crea�ve space at party (your team - ∞ Your logo only featured on main event number of staff nego�able - provides your set- projec�on, in addi�on to Plutopia’s up) ∞ 20 complimentary �ckets to event ∞ VIP meet-up area for your guests ∞ 10 x 10 crea�ve space at party (your team - ∞ Part of 1/4 page ad in SXSWi directory number of staff nego�able - provides your set- up) ∞ VIP meet-up area for your guests ∞ Part of 1/4 page ad in SXSWi directory