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ReviewPro's Guide to Twitter for Hotels


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Do you want to use Twitter for your hotels, but are looking for some more advice on how to best do this? ReviewPro’s newest tutorial – A Hotel’s Guide to Twitter – will give you some suggestions about …

Do you want to use Twitter for your hotels, but are looking for some more advice on how to best do this? ReviewPro’s newest tutorial – A Hotel’s Guide to Twitter – will give you some suggestions about the following topics:

Top benefits of Twitter
How to optimize your profile
How to use hashtags
How to increase your followers
How to get retweeted
Influence scoring basics
Leveraging Twitter places
Common mistakes to avoid
How to be a great conversationalist on Twitter
Twitter for service
Twitter for sales
Twitter for media relations
10 things you can do this week to increase profits
Advertising opportunities on Twitter
Reputation management on Twitter
Plus: Resource directory (more helpful tools)
Plus: Recommended reading list

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  • 1. A Hotelʼs Guide to 
Twitter# A Hotelʼs Guide to Twitter, June 2011"   June 2011"
  • 2. A Hotel’s Guide to Twitter Twitter started as a way to answer the question, “What am I doing right now?” Since then, the network has evolved beyond the banal to change the way we view real-time communications. In just a few years, we have witnessed Twitter play an influential role in everything from emergency communications to political revolutions."  " Twitterʼs short-form messaging gives us extraordinary powers - the ability to observe conversations happening all over the web and build important relationships. When used correctly, businesses find Twitter to be a tool to gather feedback, build loyalty, and encourage viral messaging. "  " This guide will not focus on how to setup a profile, but rather on how hotels can use Twitter to communicate more effectively. "  " - Josiah Mackenzie @ReviewPro" June 2011" A Hotelʼs Guide to Twitter, June 2011" 1"
  • 3. Table of contents •  Introduction" •  Top benefits of Twitter" •  How to optimize your profile" •  How to be a great conversationalist " •  10 types of tweets that work best for hotels" •  Components of an effective tweet" •  How to get more followers" •  How to get retweeted" •  Common Twitter mistakes to avoid" •  Reputation management on Twitter" •  Twitter for service " •  Twitter for sales" •  Twitter for media relations" •  Hashtags" •  Influence scoring" •  Local tweeting" •  Advertising opportunities" •  10 things you can do this week to increase profits" •  Appendix: Recommended tools" •  Appendix: Recommended reading" " A Hotelʼs Guide to Twitter, June 2011" 2"
  • 4. Top 10 benefits of Twitter • Track conversations about your city, region or niche market" • Provide regular news and updates to your online community" • Increase brand awareness with targeted content distribution opportunities" • Amplify your communications with the opportunity for viral messaging" • Expand your network by meeting new people and building relationships" • Conduct market research in a virtual 24/7 focus group " • Increase media exposure by working with journalists and reporters" • Intervene quickly to catch crises before they turn into full scale problems" • Increase search engine visibility on Google and Bing " • Drive website traffic by promoting important content" A Hotelʼs Guide to Twitter, June 2011" 3"
  • 5. How to optimize your Twitter profile This guide will not cover the Twitter Bio description #" Website link" account registration process, since you  "  " probably already have an account set up. The way you write your bio section is very You might experiment with sending traffic Instead, letʼs focus on how to optimize important. The keywords you use here will from your Twitter profile to a dedicated your presence. Making a few changes to affect how many people find your account landing page on your website for a your profile can increase your visibility through Twitter and search engines. seamless experience. This is one of the and sales." Search visibility plays a critical role in how few places on Twitter you can use a full  " popular your account can become. But URL, so use your brand website as the # instead of stuffing this section with host for this page to avoid any confusion." # keywords, use it to also communicate a  " # clear sales message with your unique Background image" selling points." #  "  " # With the introduction of Twitterʼs new # interface, the background image your # # account uses is not as important as it # # used to be, but itʼs still seen by many. # Experiment with including contact # # information or a special offer in the # # background to drive more sales. " # # " # # # # # # # # # # A Hotelʼs Guide to Twitter, June 2011" 4"
  • 6. How to be a great conversationalist “# Great conversationalists are interesting. Tamara Erickson explained how this message, look through that personʼs bio and tweet history to identify items that Individuals who applies to Twitter in her February 2010 Harvard Business Review article:" could build connections."  " are most skilled  " For example, if you notice someone is a at using this “Individuals who are most skilled at using cook or a fan of gourmet cheese, you this peculiar 140-character medium are those who notice the small details of life, could point out how your hotel property offers something that would interest them. peculiar 140- who capture the moments that others of Or you could link to a blog post your team character us miss, who slow down to watch and has written on the topic. Or you could listen while most race on, and who personalize the events they see.” ! introduce them to other people in your Twitter network that they would enjoy medium are  " following." those who Finding topics that interest your followers  " can be done through tools like The goal here is to provide relevant notice the small, which allow you to information that is uniquely personalized analyze the bio sections of your followersʼ to them: things they will find interesting details of life, profiles. Knowing their interests makes it and useful. Do this through leveraging all easier to provide more relevant content. " the social data you can find on that and who person. "  " Beyond being interesting, conducting personalize the good conversations requires you to be tuned into the little details that assist in events they building relationships. Tweets can be made a lot more personal with a little see.# background research. Before replying to a A Hotelʼs Guide to Twitter, June 2011" 5"
  • 7. 10 types of tweets that work best for hotels A look at some of the most popular 3) Retweeting other resources. This 6) Asking questions. Twitter can act as Twitter accounts in the hospitality industry helps you curate what is cool while giving a 24/7 virtual focus group, and can be a reveals a few common themes about the credit to the source. You could always powerful way to do market research. Next types of content that generate the best tweet links directly, but retweeting other time your have a question - or want to get results.
 content producers helps build important a second opinion - crowdsource the 
 relationships by raising their own Twitter answer by posting to Twitter.
 1) Responding to questions, profile. Plus, retweets introduce your 
 comments and mentions. For hotels, followers to new sources of information." 7) Running contests. Some of the best Twitter remains primarily a service and 
 contests leverage the power of questions conversational medium. The majority of 4) Sharing recommendations. The to increase participation. A recent content should be @replies to people Opus Hotel in Vancouver shares style tips promotion from Apex Hotels asked talking about your hotels, your brand, via Twitter @OpusHotels. This strategy followers to submit their favorite things your niche, or your area. Responses build helps build a brand personality, which is about Edinburgh. In this single contest, relationships and show your Twitter something that should be outlined in a more than 460 people participated - involvement is not exclusively to push social media style guide for your staff. providing valuable market research, ideas commercial messages.
 Lifestyle information can be very popular for future blog posts, and perhaps tips for " "
 on Twitter, so define the image you are a city guide in the future.
 2) Retweeting positive feedback. building and then share information and 
 Retweeting positive messages helps recommendations around this.
 [continued…]" others act as salespeople for your brand. 
 This can be done too often, but sharing 5) Spotlighting media mentions. If your the occasional recommendation as a hotels get mentioned in the media, pass retweet will show you acknowledge that information along to your Twitter advocates and appreciate their followers. Highlighting stories on Twitter comments.
 can amplify the coverage by providing an 
 opportunity for additional exposure " through retweets and viral word of mouth.
 A Hotelʼs Guide to Twitter, June 2011" 6"
  • 8. 10 types of tweets that work best for hotels (continued) 8) Offering real-time information. 9) Sharing personal thoughts. 10) Recruiting staff. Twitter can be a Twitter is by design a real-time media Depending on the voice and style you valuable way to recruit talented team format, and this can be very helpful when want to communicate in your Twitter members. Apex Hotels built a separate up-to-the-minute information is required. account, it may be appropriate to include Twitter account for human resources: We see this often in breaking news personal thoughts in your hotelsʼ Twitter @apexcareers. Danielle, the Recruitment situations: Twitter becomes the best stream. Typically this approach works Officer at Apex, uses the account to offer source for knowing what is happening best for small hotels where the owner career advice, CV tips, and guidance to right now.
 also acts as the public spokesperson. A potential applicants. “Engaging with the 
 good example of this is Guido vanden wider recruiting world ensures that Apex In the context of hotels and hospitality, it Elshout, owner of the Haagsche Suites, maintains an excellent standard of service is possible to use this real-time medium if but better known on Twitter as by employing the right people at the very there is a storm or bad weather, for @HappyHotelier. Instead of just top of their game,” Apex Hotels example. By following and acting quickly promoting his hotel, Guido publishes links ecommerce manager Sam Weston said." on a news event, you can help stranded and resources on topics he is fascinated travelers - which weʼve seen a few by: design, food and travel. 
 airlines and hotels do successfully 
 recently. This real-time format also works This approach can also work for larger well for events, sharing timely tips for brands. Charles Yap, Global Brand attendees.
 Communications Director at IHG, 
 provides personality for this large " organization by sharing his personal " thoughts @HotelPRGuy. In a recent conversation we had, Charles mentioned " the importance of sharing personal "" interests to communicate your personality " in a way that encourages people to " connect with you.
 A Hotelʼs Guide to Twitter, June 2011" 7"
  • 9. Components of an effective tweet 1.  Short, catchy text" 2.  A [branded] URL shortner " 3.  References others to build relationships" 4.  Use hashtags & keywords for additional visibility" " A Hotelʼs Guide to Twitter, June 2011" 8"
  • 10. How to get more followers To receive the full benefits of Twitter, you Tweet regularly. Predictable, regular Give away free stuff. Giveaways do not need to have an audience. What can you updates will increase the chances of have to be limited to room nights or other do to raise this number if you have very people finding you. Frequent updates high-cost items. What else could you give few followers right now? Here are some makes your profile appear more often in away that has a high value for your proven tactics:" the public timeline and in Twitter searches audience, but costs you little? Free gets  " - increasing the likelihood of people attention if the offer is good enough." Leverage your reputation. Many of the retweeting your messages."  " top Twitter personalities are celebrities  " Learn from the pros. It can be very elsewhere. Bringing their brand to Twitter Look at the big picture. Talk about more useful to follow the top hotels and experts helped them quickly grow a fanbase in than just you and your hotel. Depending in your niche to see how they use Twitter the network. If you have strong market on your target audience, this could range and how they build their followers. A recognition outside of Twitter, take from business travel tips to art shows in diverse range of high-quality inputs will advantage of that. " your city." help you share compelling content and  "  " ultimately grow your number of followers. " Leverage your existing web presence. Provide value. Why should people follow " If you have a presence elsewhere on the you? Create a compelling reason." For a list of hotels to observe and learn social web - whether itʼs on Facebook,  " from, go to:" your blog, or elsewhere - use it to " Tweet during peak times. For my promote your Twitter account. Link to your @HmarketingHelp professional account Twitter page and actively encourage based in San Francisco, the most activity people to connect with you there." happens during US business hours. Your  " location in the world will likely make this " different for you. Trying to reach a leisure " audience is a different scenario as well. Test to discover what works for you." "  " A Hotelʼs Guide to Twitter, June 2011" 9"
  • 11. How to get retweeted Retweets are the holy grail of Twitter 3) Ask for the retweet. New research from communication in many respects. It Dan Zarella and HubSpot shows that shows the material you are publishing is asking “Please retweet” increases the valued by your followers so much that likelihood of a retweet by more than they want to pass it along. How can you 400%. The effectiveness of asking get the maximum number of retweets followers to retweet your messages may possible? " go down over time, but this technique can  " work well when used sparingly. " 1) Tweet at the right time of day. Share your messages at a time when people are online and can view them. A tool like can help to identify peak times for your audience."  " 2) Leave space in your message. This best practice was established when the old Twitter format required users to include “RT @username.” But today, with invisible retweets, itʼs just as important. The person retweeting your message may want to add their thoughts or comments."  " " " " A Hotelʼs Guide to Twitter, June 2011" 10"
  • 12. Common Twitter mistakes to avoid Hotels that begin using Twitter sometimes No identity behind the account # Unintentionally incentivizing make one of the following mistakes." # # ## complaints#   " " "" The hospitality business is personal and  " Registering, but not responding ## many hotel groups find it beneficial to Unintentionally, hotels can encourage and identify the personalities behind the even incentive people complaining on  " accounts. Here is how Apex Hotels does Twitter. Consumer-focused travel If you create a Twitter account, people this:" that find this profile will have the publications such as the New York Times expectation that you are there to reply " and Conde Nast have encouraged " travelers to voice complaints they have on and interact with them. Be careful about setting up a profile and then forgetting " Twitter for prompt service. Encouraging about it or only checking the account Twitter use may be fine, but automatically " upgrading a guest just because they post infrequently. " " online could incentivize complaints."  " "  " No consistency# " Losing efficiency# " "  " For any hospitality company it is very "" important to define both policies for social Without constraints, Twitter can take up a media publishing and also the tone in " lot of time. The real-time flow of which this information is published. This " information can be mesmerizing. Avoid becomes especially important for large wasting time by putting systems and time  " limits in place. If you establish a strong brands where multiple people may be Other large hotel brands putting a “face” involved in the publishing process." listening system with targeted search behind their brands include Charles Yap queries, you can check in a few times a " of IHG @HotelPRGuy and the PR team day without worrying that you missed " @RitzCarlton. " content or information. " "  " A Hotelʼs Guide to Twitter, June 2011" 11"
  • 13. Reputation management and Twitter The real-time nature of Twitter makes it a To provide the best service on Twitter, • Your Hotel Name (broad match)" prime channel for reputation many hotels use tools to auto-follow every • “Your Hotel Name” (phrase match)" management. People can share thoughts person that follows their Twitter account. • Your Hotel Name + City (include location and opinions anywhere, anytime - often This way, it is possible to communicate if your name is generic)" on the go via a mobile device. Twitter through direct messages if the guest reputation management is slightly prefers not to have the discussion take • Previous names of your property" different from traditional online reputation place in public." • Names of your restaurants and bars" management for hotels, but is no less  " • Your owners or management company" important. Even a quick tweet can have • Your General Managerʼs name" Catching opportunities is easier if you use an impact on your online reputation, so it ReviewProʼs saved searches feature. This • Your concierge" is important to have listening mechanisms allows the Twitter account manager to • Your competitors" in place to capture this." quickly identify when someone is talking  " • Names of journalists or bloggers relevant about a topic of interest to you. Consider to your niche or location" It is a good practice to respond to every saving searches for:" mention of your hotel on Twitter. Anytime • Content generated within your   "" geographic location itself (Twitter location someone says something about your " brand - good or bad - send a reply to the searches makes this easy)" author. For negative mentions, you might " "" • Searches with location-specific intent connect them with someone who can " (eg, Yourcity + hotel; Yourcity + event)" resolve the situation. As we have " " mentioned earlier in the guide, try " The list of phrases you monitor is retweeting positive mentions so the rest ultimately something you need to test. No " of your followers can see the positive one group of keywords is right for every feedback." " situation. " " " ""  " " "" " A Hotelʼs Guide to Twitter, June 2011" 12"
  • 14. Twitter for service The same keyword search queries you Service through public messages# Service through private (direct) setup to monitor and manage online " messages# reputation can also be used to identify " Service and marketing are also closely opportunities to help people and provide linked on Twitter. Since While most messages on Twitter are real-time support. "" mostconversations are public and can be public, some are best sent privately.  " seen by anyone, this presents a Twitterʼs direct message feature acts like Service and reputation are often closely marketing opportunity for hotels. Every a private email, and should be used linked, and Twitter is an especially good interaction your staff has with a customer anytime sensitive customer service tool in this regard. In an article for the MIT provides an opportunity to build loyalty information needs to be communicated. Sloan Management Review titled “When with that customer, and also generate (Note that sending a direct message Unhappy Customers Strike Back on the goodwill with everyone who visits your requires both Twitter profiles to be Internet,” researchers Thomas Tripp and Twitter page and sees how your following – connected – to each other.)" Yany Gregoire demonstrated how organization puts a priority on service. " consumers posting negative online " reviews typically seek resolution first. " With the right listening mechanisms in place on Twitter, it is possible to hear and " respond to issues before the guest even " leaves the hotel - and thereby preventing " a negative review from being posted. " " " "  " " " " " " " " " A Hotelʼs Guide to Twitter, June 2011" 13"
  • 15. Twitter for sales Again, the keywords you setup for This account enables them to tweet reputation management can be used to slightly more corporate messages, since win sales through service. For instance, the target audience is familiar with you can find people looking for a hotel if hospitality terminology, meetings and you track the keywords mycityname + events promotions, and so on. “We chose “hotel.” " not to tweet this to our main profile too  " much as we didnʼt want to have an overly corporate-sounding profile, and prefer a By using hashtags (explained later in this guide), you can also introduce offers to more informal, friendly approach,” said Sam Weston, ecommerce manager at special events and communities. Just Apex." remember to do this tactfully, as your Twitter followers may be turned off by continuously commercial messages. "  " Finally, some hotel sales teams are setting up dedicated Twitter accounts so they can send messages that may not appeal to their consumer audience. For example, Apex Hotels is experimenting with a profile – @apexsales - to provide their sales team with an opportunity to engage directly with corporate clients and key industry members within the sales and marketing world. " " " A Hotelʼs Guide to Twitter, June 2011" 14"
  • 16. Twitter for media relations The Wall Street Journal recently On the positive side, this real-time format A key point to remember about media published a story about how “A Tweet in provides a great opportunity gain media relations is to build the relationships Time can Avert a PR Mess” - talking coverage by reaching reporters that are before you need them. Find the about how the real-time nature of Twitter working on tight deadlines and need journalists that cover your topics of can prevent a potentially disastrous sources. Sites like, interest, and become a source of situation from getting out of hand. A swift,, and information and assistance before making decisive response is important in this era are helpful sources to identify journalists any requests. " where negative word of mouth can spread in your niche. " like wildfire. "  "  " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " A Hotelʼs Guide to Twitter, June 2011" 15"
  • 17. Hashtags #Hashtags are a powerful way for brands Monitoring topics # # ## Sponsored topics# to more intelligently participate in For hotels looking to use Twitter as a The Washington Post sponsored the conversations. While basic keyword service or sales channel, hashtags for city hashtag #Elections as trending topic searches are a way to begin identifying names are invaluable. They can help cut during the latest US elections. This way opportunities, hashtags centralize through the noise of Twitter and identify the newspaperʼs tweets appeared first on conversations." events and other opportunities to election day when people clicked on the   "" participate in. " hashtag, driving traffic to The Washington The Next Web posted a good article with " # Postʼs site. ! some examples – which can be found in Organizing events# A social media fiasco that should serve as the appendix of this guide." In the travel sector, conference organizer a cautionary tale took place when fashion  " EyeforTravel uses hashtags like brand Kenneth Cole hijacked the #Cairo #smtravel and #omtravel to organize hashtag used for reports from Egyptʼs Crowdsourcing# recent troubled events, trying to promote communication and conversations before, - Late Night With Jimmy Fallon show has its new Spring collection." a special section named #latenight during, and after their events. " " # hashtags where Jimmy Fallon reads his favorite tweets for a different hashtag he Contests# One thing to remember about hashtags tweets out every week.! for events is to make sure to establish a Hashtags are also a strong way to standardized hashtag early, and then organize contest entries. Having - Huffington Post used the #headlinehelp constantly remind participants of the everyone submit their entry through a hastag to crowdsource headlines. In 2009 hashtag during the event. " public tweet is a powerful way to build Arianna Huffington blogged about HuffPostʼs the new experiment in order to ! visibility, and increases the chance of the involve readers in the editorial process.! hashtag becoming a trending topic.! ! ! ! ! A Hotelʼs Guide to Twitter, June 2011" 16"
  • 18. Influence scoring Influence scoring is a quickly developing ReviewPro was the first solution to Influence scoring is providing hotels with area of communications on the social incorporate influence scoring for hotel more knowledge about their guests. You web, and can play a key role in reputation management, providing will have to decide how to use these developing your Twitter campaign. context to the relative influence of who is metrics in your responses and online is the leading supplier of saying what online." communication. Strive to deliver influence scoring metrics, and they Using this functionality allows hotel memorable service to everyone, and provide metrics to measure a personʼs professionals to be more efficient at simply use social influence scoring as one influence on the social web. According to sifting through digital conversations, and way to provide this in an intelligent their website, their scores start at 1 and spend their time using the feedback to manner." go up to 100, depending on the breadth improve operations and provide better and strength of a personʼs sphere of service." influence. Over 35 variables on Facebook  " and Twitter are used to calculate True Reach, Amplification Probability, and Social influence scoring also gives the Network Score." opportunity to identify people that could become brand advocates. Who do you  " need to reach out to and connect with? “True Reach is the size of your engaged For hotels with a large number of audience and is based on those of your international guests, influence scoring can followers and friends who actively listen help staff identify possible brand and react to your messages. Amplification advocates among people they may not be Score is the likelihood that your familiar with." messages will generate actions and is on  " a scale of 1 to 100. Network score indicates how influential your engaged " audience is. The Klout score is highly " correlated to clicks, comments and " retweets.”! " A Hotelʼs Guide to Twitter, June 2011" 17"
  • 19. Local tweeting Twitter began offering users the option to For example, location information is very Internationalization # add location data to tweets in June of helpful for events, since you can display " 2010. Adding location information makes the venue name and address when Adding location information to your tweets the messages more meaningful without discussing something. Additionally, using can help with providing content in context taking up extra characters. The service is location search operators in Twitter – making it much more relevant. " integrated with Foursquare and Gowalla advanced search can you to locate so that users of those services can send information relevant to your hotels." " location-specific tweets."  " For for large hotel groups, content in context often requires publishing tweets in   "" (Links to detailed tutorials on this strategy different languages. While many groups This new functionality is helping push are provided in the recommended reading tweet in English, others like location-based services into the section of the appendix to this guide.)" @RoomMateHotels use the primary mainstream. Twitter is still the leader in " language of their biggest markets. Some real-time news and information, and groups, such as Jumeirah Hotels, have # location provides context for these # experimented with creating separate messages." accounts for separate languages – #  " Japanese in their case. " # " " " # Your hotelsʼ approach to internationalizing " # content will depend on the demographics " # you are trying to reach and the resources # you have available. Due to the real-time " # nature of Twitter, many hotels find having " a native speaker in-house to manage # " each Twitter account is most effective. " # " " " # " " A Hotelʼs Guide to Twitter, June 2011" 18"
  • 20. Advertising opportunities Advertising on Twitter can take place in From the start, Twitter has charged for Promoted Trends allow advertisers to three formats:" promoted tweets on what it calls show time-, context-, and event-sensitive  " "engagement" or user action: a retweet, trends to users. These appear on top of response, click on a link or when a user the Trending Topics list on Twitter, and are • Promoted Tweets" marks a post as a "favorite." Twitter also clearly marked as “Promoted.”" • Promoted Trends" only charges for the first retweet of the  " • Promoted Accounts" original; subsequent retweets are Promoted Accounts give advertisers the  " "earned" and free." ability to place a Twitter account in the Promoted Tweets allow brands to buy  " “Suggestions for You” section that ads for important keywords. The ads As sales chief Adam Bain says, introduces Twitter users to others that could become a good way to maintain "Marketers are rewarded if they are good, may find them interesting. " visibility for important searches if the not just if theyre loud." While ad spending tweet stream is polluted with a lot of on Twitter is expected to grow to $150 noise. Sponsoring a tweet that sits on top million in 2011 from $45 million in 2010, of this chatter could significantly raise according to eMarketer, brands are still your visibility and prevent it from being working out how to use the platform drowned in other tweets." effectively. "  "  " These ads are an interesting hybrid, " combining traits found in both paid and " earned media. You can buy a bunch of keywords on Twitter, but a promoted " tweet will not have much impact unless it " resonates with consumers and inspires " them to pass it around. " "  " " A Hotelʼs Guide to Twitter, June 2011" 19"
  • 21. 10 things you can do this week to increase profits 1.  Optimize your Twitter profile to include a short, 6.  Know why people follow or unfollow you with compelling message that includes important" keywords" 7.  Experiment with #hashtags to participate in 2.  Setup keyword searches to identify service and conversations" sales opportunities" 8.  Add location information to your Tweets to 3.  Make connections with three new people daily" participate in local conversations" 4.  Retweet someone else every day" 9.  Begin using Klout influence scoring with 5.  Identify the best time for you to tweet, and build ReviewPro to cultivate brand advocates" your publishing schedule around this" 10. Setup link tracking in Google Analytics to identify successful campaigns" A Hotelʼs Guide to Twitter, June 2011" 20"
  • 22. Appendix: Recommended tools 1. - know when your followers are online" 2. - know when you get the most retweets" 3. - find what your followers actually care about" 4. - find out why people followed or unfollowed your account" 5. - share photos" 6. - schedule tweets for the future" 7. - make a digital newspaper from tweets" A Hotelʼs Guide to Twitter, June 2011" 21"
  • 23. Appendix: Recommended reading 1." 2." 3." 4." 5." 6." 7." 8." 9." 10." 11." 12." A Hotelʼs Guide to Twitter, June 2011" 22"
  • 24. Whats next? Keep learning! ReviewPro monitors what About ReviewPro" Would you do us a favor?# is changing in the world of online  "  " reputation management and passes ReviewPro enables hoteliers to efficiently Were committed to making these guides along practical ways to use that in aggregate, organize and manage their available to you at no cost. We only ask hospitality." online reputation and presence in leading that if youve found it helpful, would you  " social media sites. ReviewPro provides share it with your friends?" Read the blog for more articles and the analysis, customer intelligence, " reports like this: 
 competitive benchmarking and reporting "" needed to help hotel professionals more effectively manage their organization." "  " " Follow us on Twitter for daily ideas and  " " tips:"  " Get a demo of ReviewPro today"  " "  " # "  " About The Author# " # # " # Josiah Mackenzie is the publisher of " – a " # # resource of guides and stories showing " how to use technology to serve your " # guests and make more sales. " # "   " # ## " Email Josiah: # Image credits: and Chris" Spooner at! A Hotelʼs Guide to Twitter, June 2011" 23"