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ReviewPro Basic Guide to Managing Online Reviews for Hotels

ReviewPro Basic Guide to Managing Online Reviews for Hotels



Managing your online reputation should be a fundamental part of any hotel business today. The first step to a successful online reputation is being able to monitor it and know what people are saying ...

Managing your online reputation should be a fundamental part of any hotel business today. The first step to a successful online reputation is being able to monitor it and know what people are saying about the hotel online, but successful hotels go much further and have a strategy in place to monitor, manage and respond to reviews.

This guide intends to show you the basics of managing and monitoring your online reputation. It will show you how your customers use online reviews, give you some guidelines on managing your reputation and help define an initial monitoring approach for individual hotels as well as multi-establishment chains.

This guide includes:
How online reviews influence hotel revenue
Understanding how guests read reviews
5 Basic guidelines for managing online reviews
Advanced monitoring strategies: Importance for SEO, website optimization and getting into the details with semantic analysis
Setting up a monitoring system for your hotel organization



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ReviewPro Basic Guide to Managing Online Reviews for Hotels ReviewPro Basic Guide to Managing Online Reviews for Hotels Presentation Transcript

  • A Basic Guide to Managing Online Reviews for Hotels A Basic Guide to Managing Online Reviews for Hotels, August 2011!!  
  • IndexThe biggest trend to impact the hotel industry in years ! 3!How online reviews influence hotel revenue! 4!Understanding how guests read reviews! 5!5 Basic guidelines for managing online reviews! 6! 1. Create a remarkable guest experience! 6! 2. Set up listening systems! 7! 3. Deal correctly with negative reviews! 8! 4. Manage your own online presence! 9! 5. Manage your reviews proactively & systematically! 10!Advanced monitoring strategies! 11! Importance of reviews for search engines! 11! Optimizing your website with reviews! 12! Getting into the details: Semantic analysis! 13!Setting up a monitoring system for your hotel! 14! The three step approach! 14! Online reputation monitoring on a budget! 15! Considerations for individual hotels! 16! Considerations for hotel chains! 17!Whatʼs next?! 18! A Basic Guide to Managing Online Reviews for Hotels, August 2011! 2!!
  • The biggest trend to impact the hotel industry in years Over the last couple of years, sharing control over what is being said about their being able to monitor it and know what information and content online has hotel has led some hotel owners to go as people are saying about you online, but become very popular. With sites like far as suing review sites and throwing out successful hotels go much further and Twitter and Facebook, it has become the guests who were suspected to have have a strategy in place to monitor, norm to tell friends and even strangers written a negative review during their stay. manage and respond to reviews.! about interesting experiences and places. Many hotels, however, are also seeing ! Smartphones have increased this trend, opportunities in online reviews. Positive This guide intends to show you the basics and travelers are now sharing their travel reviews are powerful testimonials, great of managing and monitoring your online experience on the go before, during and word of mouth advertising, and can be reputation. It will show you how your after their trip.! used to identify and market your hotelʼs customers use online reviews, give you ! strengths. Negative reviews allow hotels some guidelines on managing your Online reviews impact hotels! to learn from their mistakes, identify areas reputation and help define an initial for improvement and show they are monitoring approach for individual hotels ! listening to their guests and care about as well as multi-establishment chains. ! In the travel industry specifically, a number feedback.! of websites have emerged that enable ! ! users to share their travel experiences by It should be noted that there is no “one posting an online review of the hotel they Monitoring is critical! plan fits all” strategy that will fit every hotel stayed at, restaurants they dined at, or ! or chain, so always consider your specific attractions that they visited. Users of Whether hotels see this trend as positive requirements and circumstances when these websites can describe and rate their or negative, the fact is that online reviews creating an online reputation management experience. ! are here to stay, and managing your plan.! ! online reputation should be a fundamental part of any hotel business today. The first The reactions from the hotel sector to this trend have been mixed: The fear of losing step to a successful online reputation is A Basic Guide to Managing Online Reviews for Hotels, August 2011! 3!!
  • How online reviews influence hotel revenue “! A study by the ChannelAdvisor on the 5.0 generate more than double the influence of online reviews in the summer conversion of a review of 1.0 – 2.9.” ! 35% of travelers of 2010 revealed that 92% of US internet users read product reviews, and 89% of ! In another interview, Expediaʼs VP of change their these users said their purchasing decision was influenced by these reviews.! Supply Strategy and Analysis, Brian Ferguson, shared that a 1 point increase choice of hotel ! More specifically for hotels, World Travel in a review score (on a 5 point scale) equates to a 9% increase in average daily after browsing Marketʼs 2010 Industry Report revealed that 35% of travelers change their choice rate (ADR).! social media! ! (World Travel Market, Nov 2010)! of hotel after browsing social media, with Considering most hotels are struggling to review sites like TripAdvisor having a recover from the crisis and have no more greater impact than the more generic cost cutting options available, identifying social site Facebook. ! measures that can increase conversion ! rates and increase ADR are critical to any While the thought of people openly hotelʼs business. By proactively managing reviewing your hotel in a place as public your online reputation and using the as the internet may be scary at first, we feedback from online reviews to increase highly encourage you to see online guest satisfaction, you can achieve both reviews as an opportunity. The potential of an increase in conversion rate as well as online reviews on sales becomes very increase your revenue in a sustainable clear when Jennifer Davies, senior way.! content manager at Expedia, explains: ! “On Expedia.com, good reviews of 4.0 or ! A Basic Guide to Managing Online Reviews for Hotels, August 2011! 4!!
  • Understanding how guests read reviews Christopher Elliott recently posted a the middle”! • Focus on getting a large number of simple question on his consumer • Focus on recent reviews that show the good but honest reviews, rather than a advocate blog: current situation at the hotel! few glowing reviews. People will look at Do you believe online hotel reviews?! the overall picture, and are more likely • Take reviews more serious if there are Over 90% of respondents to his poll to trust you if many people liked you a lot of them for a given hotel! believe online reviews are very reliable or than if a handful of people absolutely • Look at negative reviews specifically, to loved you.! somewhat reliable.! see if the reasons for a complaint are ! about something important to the • Do not write your own reviews, people What is even more interesting for hoteliers reader, and also to see if the hotel has will spot them. Not only will you lose to know is what are the tendencies on replied and shown it can fix the issue the business of the person who spotted how consumers interpret reviews. The described in the review! the fake review, you may also get reported. Some sites, like TripAdvisor, comments posted by readers give • Some experienced travelers even look valuable insights into how potential guests post big warning signs on your listing if at the tone of different reviews to evaluate reviews of your hotel:! they believe reviews may be fake. This evaluate if a review may be fake (just would immediately ruin the credibility of ! another reason not to fake your any positive reviews you were given.! Some things that commenters reviews!), and look at the reviewerʼs profile where available to see how they • Reply to negative reviews. They will mentioned they do…! seem a lot less negative to potential have rated other properties! ! future guests if you show you are • Look at the overall picture, as there are listening to feedback and are working complainers who write especially What this means for hoteliers! on fixing things.! negative reviews, and not all glowingly • Make sure you have a regular stream ! positive reviews may be legitimate! of fresh reviews that mention recent • Assume the truth lies “somewhere in stays at your hotel.! A Basic Guide to Managing Online Reviews for Hotels, August 2011! 5!!
  • Basic guidelines for managing online reviews1. Create a remarkable guest experience Literally, strive to create “something worth the guest, you may already have lost a talking and will be remembered. Well remarking about.” Ensuring a great guest customer. Listening to your guests while trained front desk staff that will go beyond experience is the single best way to earn there is still time to fix mistakes is a great, their usual tasks to help out a guest can great online reviews. If throughout their proactive way of monitoring guest also make a very positive impression. ! stay, guests are pleasantly surprised by satisfaction – as long as you are able to ! the service, they leave your hotel in a follow up and provide solutions. ! You need to find little details that can set happy state and are more likely to leave ! you apart from the average hotel you a positive review. ! experience in your market. And in fact, Social media portals play an important ! role here, as guests use them during their this may actually be easier for a 3 star You should also show guests you are stay. Monitoring sites like Facebook and hotel than for a five star hotel, where a approachable if they are ever not satisfied Twitter gives you the chance to react to high level of service and “little extras” with something. Make an effort to ask comments while guests are still at your have already become a base line people during their stay if they are happy hotel.! expectation.! with everything or if there is anything you ! ! could do to make their stay with you This is not just for luxury hotels!! ! better. ! ! ! Some hoteliers have the impression that The idea here is to monitor guest only luxury establishments can create an satisfaction during a guestʼs stay, rather experience worth remarking about. This is than after they leave the hotel. Most not true. Little things can often make a big hotels ask for feedback after a guest has difference. A basic three star hotel in already left (via e-mailed surveys) or with Berlin puts a free bottle of a typical local a feedback card at the end of their stay. beer in every guest room at arrival. This is By that time, if something wasnʼt right for an unexpected touch that gets guests A Basic Guide to Managing Online Reviews for Hotels, August 2011! 6!!
  • Basic guidelines for managing online reviews2. Set up listening systems Before you start analyzing your online tracking tool that shows the latest online Who needs to be involved?! presence and drawing conclusions, you reviews, whereas established individual ! need to make sure you are aware of hotels and hotel chains will probably need Reviews are more than just a marketing everything that is being posted about your a more advanced system that enables responsibility, they can tell you a lot about hotel or brand. With hundreds of travel detailed automated analysis on both a your daily operations, guest satisfaction sites now allowing users to post online brand and individual property level, and overall quality; they can increase or reviews and an immense number of blogs, departmental analysis and benchmarking decrease your revenue. Identify what photo or video sites, social networks and with competitors. We will go into more guests are talking about. Are there online travel guides out there, it is virtually detail on the needs of different types of recurring patterns, specific departments or impossible to manually check the internet hotel organizations later.! issues that are frequently mentioned? for mentions of your brand. ! ! Make sure you are sharing reviews ! You should be monitoring the “usual throughout the organization so each There are tools that can help you monitor suspects”: Websites like Facebook, department receives feedback they can these sites, and they range from simple, Twitter, Booking, Expedia and TripAdvisor. act on.! notification-only alert systems that you But donʼt forget to check local sites from ! can sign up to free of charge, to highly the markets your guests come from. sophisticated online reputation Often, hotels are not aware of the major management systems that allow you to review sites in countries other than their not only monitor, but also analyze and own – these can be crucial for sales react to online reviews and other mentions though. Online reviews posted on OTA of your brand. Which tools are best for sites are particularly important, as they will you depends on your needs as well as be seen by potential customers at the your budget. Small individual hotels might point of purchase and can influence which be fine initially with just some alerts and a hotel they book.! A Basic Guide to Managing Online Reviews for Hotels, August 2011! 7!!
  • Basic guidelines for managing online reviews3. Deal correctly with negative reviews Nobody likes negative reviews, but even prevent them having to wait for the Note: If you see fraudulent reviews that the best hotels sometimes receive them. shower to be fixed, the guest will most could ruin your reputation, consider Even the current #1 New York hotel on likely be forgiving about the operational contacting the review site and ask to have TripAdvisor has several reviews rating it issue and impressed with the hotelʼs them removed. Most sites offer such a as “poor” or “terrible”. It may be that these service. ! service, the process may take some time reviewers were just having a bad day and ! though. If this option is not available, you criticized something that was out of the If the affected guest calls up your front should reply to the review if you can. hotelʼs control, or there could have been a desk and they do nothing about the issue, Avoid blaming the reviewer for writing a real issue. Everybody makes mistakes you have a service failure as well. false review. Say that you have taken sometimes. The important thing is how measures to investigate the issue, but Chances are, the guest will leave you react.! have not been able to verify the problem. unhappy, write a negative review and ! never come back.! Ask the reviewer to contact you directly for more information. ! What causes negative reviews! ! ! ! How to respond to a negative review! Negative reviews are usually caused by You can read more on responding to ! reviews in our an operational failure followed by a If you do receive a negative review, you Guide to Responding to Reviews.! service failure. Imagine for example that a should usually respond if possible (not all guest wants to take a shower, but the sites allow this). Showing that you are water is cold. This is an operational listening gives potential customers the failure, and the guest will call the front confidence that you care about customer desk to fix it. If front desk apologizes and feedback. You can demonstrate how you reacts quickly by sending someone to the deal with difficulties should they occur. ! room to fix the issue, or maybe even offers the guest a quick room change to ! A Basic Guide to Managing Online Reviews for Hotels, August 2011! 8!!
  • Basic guidelines for managing online reviews4. Manage your own online presence You cannot dictate what people write you do this and keep the photos current.! the internet. Encouraging your staff to about your hotel online. But you can ! engage in conversations about your hotel influence what they write by impressing online is a great way to give your hotel Decide whether you will have one them with a great experience at your hotel Facebook page for the entire brand or personality, just provide all team members and by taking part in the conversation with guidelines they can refer to. You may several pages (some individual hotels online. You need to manage your online have separate pages for their restaurant also want to consider creating a style presence and have your own voice.! or spa, chains often have a page for each guide that the team can use as reference ! of their properties). Create a list of all your for the kind of voice the organization is online presences and ensure that they are using.! First, you should define an online communication strategy. Define objectives monitored and updated on a regular basis. ! that are aligned with the hotelʼs overall If you create profiles on sites like Twitter And of course, leading by example also marketing goals, develop a content and Facebook, make sure in advance that means you should always use a strategy detailing the kind of content you you will be able to regularly post updates. professional tone, even when replying to want to post, frequency and timings of An inactive page or profile often looks negative reviews that may be damaging to your postings and decide on who should worse than no profile.! your brand or insulting you or any other respond to public comments online.! ! members of staff personally. ! ! Establishing communication guidelines! You should show a consistent and fresh ! image of your brand, especially if you are Your online communication strategy a hotel chain. Start by providing consistent should also establish who will be in information on all channels. Take charge of monitoring each presence and advantage of listing management options. what information each team member may TripAdvisor or example, allows you to share online. You want to avoid having upload photos of your hotel. Make sure conflicting or confidential information on A Basic Guide to Managing Online Reviews for Hotels, August 2011! 9!!
  • Basic guidelines for managing online reviews5. Manage reviews proactively & systemically “! Once you have set up monitoring systems If the guest did use the spa and liked it, let and are confident you are aware of them know you appreciate their feedback Mentioning everything that is being said about your and are happy to hear they enjoyed it, as something at hotel online, you should get into the you just renovated the spa and added mindset of managing feedback more comfortable lounge chairs in check-out proactively, rather than just responding response to guest feedback. ! reactively.! increases the ! ! People tend to remember the first thing chance that guests If you have acted on previous complaints and the last thing you say – so mentioning will remember this by guest and used their feedback to make a particular aspect of your hotel or service improvements in the hotel, you can at check-out increases the chance that when writing their mention these to guests at checkout. For they will remember this when they write example, if you just renovated your spa their review.! review.! and added new lounge chairs, you may ! ask, “Did you have the chance to use our spa while you were here?” ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! A Basic Guide to Managing Online Reviews for Hotels, August 2011! 10!!
  • Advanced Monitoring StrategiesImportance of reviews for search engines What people discover about your hotel on search, it is imperative to be monitoring Note: Google has very recently taken search engines plays an important role in and working to improve your search reviews from sites other than Google your overall online reputation. Blog posts, engine ranking through reputation Places off the review summary below, you photos, and videos all act as a form of management.! should therefore consider increasing online review, and rich media increasingly ! efforts to receive reviews on Google shows up in results pages.! ! directly.! ! ! In the spring of 2011, Google, Bing, and ! other search engines confirmed the role that social media and online reviews play ! in the way they list websites. And this is ! likely to become even more important in ! the future with Google+. Hotels and other ! businesses are ranked based on the ! quality and quantity of online reviews amongst other criteria.! ! ! ! Since the introduction of Google Places, ! Google now shows the location and an ! average review score at the top of each ! search page for hotels, which reminds ! potential guests to look at reviews before ! booking. Since over 90% of travel purchasing decisions begin with a web ! A Basic Guide to Managing Online Reviews for Hotels, August 2011! 11!!
  • Advanced Monitoring StrategiesOptimizing your website with reviews Searching for a hotel name and the word You can also use a quality seal like For more ideas on optimizing your website “reviews” is a very common query on ReviewProʼs to show a general reputation with reviews, check out the free Google. If you want to make sure you score.! ReviewPro Guide: appear in the results for this important ! Optimizing Your Website With Reviews search term, you need to provide reviews and User-Generated Content.! Some hotels get creative and complement on your website. ! this with scanned pages of their guest ! book (this would also be great to share on Providing reviews on your website will Facebook!) or a Twitter favorites feed that also help with conversions. According to allows you to select individual tweets from various research studies, a significant any user and publish them in a widget.! percentage of people leaving a hotel ! website do so in order to read reviews. If ! you can provide reviews on your own website, you can prevent this.! ! ! ! Independent guest reviews also make ! your website more trustworthy: According ! to eMarketer, consumers trust reviews by ! other consumers 12 times more than they ! trust manufacturersʼ own descriptions.! ! ! ! One of the best ways to share reviews on ! your website is to use reviews from independent sources that your users trust. ! A Basic Guide to Managing Online Reviews for Hotels, August 2011! 12!!
  • Advanced Monitoring StrategiesGetting into the details: Semantic analysis Semantic analysis is a growing area in changes to their breakfast offering that It is important to set the right expectations. reputation management. Understanding would improve overall guest satisfaction.! If, for example, people find that the someoneʼs sentiment–their feelings about ! location is too far from major tourist a certain aspect of your brand or their stay attractions, make sure that you donʼt have Some hotels have also started using with you–is important for both operations anything suggesting otherwise in your semantic analysis to confirm whether management and marketing.! investment budgets are made in the right marketing materials. Try to focus on the ! areas of the hotel. If nobody talks about things your guests value most about your air conditioning, is it really necessary to hotel. Maybe being further away from the If someone had an overall good stay at your hotel, but left negative comments replace all air conditioning units? Maybe city center means that you can offer more competitive rates than other hotels, or that about the air conditioning being broken, it that money could be invested into areas you can offer more peace and quiet.! should encourage managers to invest in that are frequently being mentioned and repairing or replacing the air conditioning will really affect overall guest satisfaction.! ! in the room.! ! If people come with the right expectations, ! the likelihood of them leaving a negative Focusing your marketing! Improving your product and service! review is smaller.! ! ! From a marketing perspective, semantic Semantic analysis can help you identify analysis can be used to determine which areas for improvement. Olivia Plaza Hotel aspect of the guest experience is most in Barcelona, for example, did a detailed enjoyed by your customers. You can then analysis to see why guests were not emphasize this in your marketing happy with their breakfast. Realizing that communications. You can also determine the issue was that international guests which part of the hotel stay annoys expected a larger variety of warm dishes guests, and use this information to set made it easy for the hotel to make small expectations.! A Basic Guide to Managing Online Reviews for Hotels, August 2011! 13!!
  • Setting up a monitoring system for your hotelThe three step approach In this guide, we have outlined a number 2) Set up a listening system! access to feedback they can use to make of aspects you need to consider when ! their department and day-to-day jobs managing and monitoring your online more effective.! With your roadmap in place, select and reputation.! implement a customer listening tool such ! ! as ReviewPro to assist you with collecting The following pages outline specific The next step is to start planning. A online reviews. Itʼs important to spend considerations for small individual hotels successful online reputation starts with a your time interacting with guests and with a limited budget, established hotels well thought out plan. Here is a basic customers - not collecting data.! and hotel chains.! three step approach to get you started. ! ! ! ! Tip: For criteria to use in selecting a tool, It is important to note that there is no “one 1) Define your strategy! see this article:! size fits all” approach to managing your ! http://www.hotelmarketingstrategies.com/ online reputation. Every organization is reputation-software-buying-guide/! different, and you will have to define a How will your organization approach online review monitoring? Create a ! system that works for you and fits into roadmap that takes into consideration the your existing systems and company 3) Measure, report, improve! culture. ! people, technology, and resources ! required to successfully monitor guest reviews and take action to make Configure reporting that gives each improvements based on these reviews. manager the insights they need from the Decide what goals are most important to customer reviews your hotels receive. The you and what budget and resources you goal of the online review monitoring process is to take these customer ideas have to achieve these.! and use them to improve your operations ! and service. Make sure everyone has A Basic Guide to Managing Online Reviews for Hotels, August 2011! 14!!
  • Setting up a monitoring system for your hotelOnline reputation monitoring on a budget Approach! Listening System! Measuring & Reporting! • If you have no budget to invest into You will need to get creative with free • One of the disadvantages of puzzling online reputation monitoring right now, tools:! together a monitoring solution with start by focusing your time on urgent limited resources is that you will not issues and small actions that add • Make sure notifications from Facebook have automated reporting. ! immediate value.! and Twitter are going to an email address you check frequently.! • Come up with metrics that are strong • Take advantage of free listing options indicators for your general business (for example, TripAdvisor allows you to • ReviewProʼs free solution allows you to goals. Aside from the easy to measure post photos of your hotel on your listing).! see the 10 latest reviews of your hotel metrics like Facebook fans and Twitter and shows your Global Review Index, a followers, you should also be looking at • Make sure to only create profiles on score that takes into account online things like review volume, overall rating sites like Twitter and Facebook if you will reviews from over 60 review sites. It also (for example the Global Review Index), have the time to update them regularly.! sends you daily alerts when you receive and your ranking within your city on a new review.! OTAs, since this will directly impact your • Be creative in finding ways to integrate sales.! online reputation monitoring with your • Set up RSS feeds for keyword searches day to day tasks to save resouces: Set like your hotel name on Twitter, so you • If your website analytics systems allow up alerts for reviews where possible and receive a notification when someone it, you should also track the number of address them like you would any other mentions your hotel.! leads coming through social media and customer complaint.! review sites. Having special offer codes • Use a free tool like Google Alerts to on Facebook and Twitter also provide an receive notifications when your hotel is easy way to track sales coming through mentioned in general online media.! ! these channels.! A Basic Guide to Managing Online Reviews for Hotels, August 2011! 15!!
  • Setting up a monitoring system for your hotelConsiderations for individual hotels Approach! Listening System! Measuring & Reporting! • If your budget allows you to make an • Having a budget for monitoring systems • If you invest into a good monitoring investment into social media and online allows you to go for more integrated system, it will usually come with reputation monitoring, you should use a solutions rather than puzzling together automated reporting that will make it part of your budget to automatize things free tools, saving you time and money.! easy for you to extract the data you that take up a lot of time, and use the need to measure your success.! free time your team now has to move • Use a tool like ReviewPro Advanced that from “fire fighter mode” to strategically allows you to track and analyze reviews • Use exporting functionality to cross managing your online reputation.! and sends you alerts whenever you reference this guest satisfaction data receive a new review. It should also with other key data you have, such as • Aside from responding to urgent issues, have Facebook and Twitter integration if your ADR or recent changes in the focus on analyzing key issues, initiating you are active on these channels.! organization like as a decrease or improvement measures to increase increase in staffing. This allows you to guest satisfaction and set up a system • Use the benefits of a tool like this to identify trends and see if changes you that allows you to measure your analyze your performance over time and have made are impacting guest success. ! benchmark with your competitors.! satisfaction.! • If you can dedicate resources to it, • Take the time to set this up properly, • Use the reports in team meetings and establish your own presence by being make sure you are tracking important share analysis by department with each active on sites like Facebook and Twitter keywords and everyone who should be team in your organization, from front and maintaining a blog that gives you involved in monitoring has access to the desk staff to the cleaning team to senior the opportunity to regularly add fresh information they need!! management. Letting everyone know content to your website – this is great for what guests are happy with and what search engine optimization.! could be improved enables your team to make improvements where needed.! A Basic Guide to Managing Online Reviews for Hotels, August 2011! 16!!
  • Setting up a monitoring system for your hotelConsiderations for hotel chains Approach! Listening System! Measuring & Reporting! •  Hotel chains need to develop a •  Listening tools for large hotel •  Measuring and reporting is essential for monitoring system that enables them to organizations have to allow reputation organizations with multiple properties to manage their online reputation on management on multiple levels and ensure brand consistency or compliance multiple levels (individual hotel, brand provide collaboration tools to share with franchisee standards. You should and chain level).! information and assign tasks. You be measuring overall guest satisfaction should also be able to set up as well as your quality performance in •  When defining your strategy, make sure permissions as needed to decide who different areas such as service, you take into consideration that some of has access to what information (for cleanliness or room quality.! your hotels may already have monitoring instance, only allow brand managers to systems and successful social media see brand wide quality scores).! •  You should prepare reports that show an presences. Involve them in consolidating overview of your online reputation and your online presence, as they will have •  ReviewPro Advanced gives hotel chains that can easily be shared with everyone first hand experience with your brandʼs the tools to monitor their reputation on in the company. Make everyone aware online presence.! multiple levels as well as benchmark of guest satisfaction and online their scores with competitors on an reputation. Even if they are not directly •  Set up clear policies on who manages individual hotel, brand and chain level. ! related to managing this, everybody will what, to make sure nothing gets missed impact guest satisfaction in some way.! and you are not doubling up on efforts that may cost you unnecessary time and •  Set measurable goals also on an money.! individual hotel level, and use this opportunity to compare performance •  Define metrics on a chain wide level to within your chain and benchmark with ensure consistency within yor brand.! competitors.! A Basic Guide to Managing Online Reviews for Hotels, August 2011! 17!!
  • Whats next? Keep learning! ReviewPro monitors what About ReviewPro! Would you do us a favor?! is changing in the world of online  !  ! reputation management and passes along ReviewPro enables hoteliers to efficiently Were committed to making these guides practical ways to use that in hospitality.! aggregate, organize and manage their available to you at no cost. We only ask  ! online reputation and presence in leading that if youve found it helpful, would you Read the blog for more articles and social media sites. It provides the share it with your friends?! guides like this: 
 analysis, customer intelligence, ! http://reviewpro.com/blog! competitive benchmarking and reporting  ! needed to help hotel professionals more Follow us on Twitter for daily ideas and effectively manage their organization.! tips:!   ! http://twitter.com/ReviewPro!  !  ! ! Get a demo of ReviewPro today  ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! A Basic Guide to Managing Online Reviews for Hotels, August 2011! 18!!
  • Have you seen our other free guides for hotels? Optimizing Your Website With A Hotelʼs Guide to Facebook! Reviews and User-Generated ! Content! How to Respond to Online Reviews! ! ! Guide to Review Sites for Hotels! Whatʼs New in Online Reputation ! Management in 2011! A Hotelʼs Guide to Twitter! ! A Hotelʼs Guide to Blogging! How Hotels Can Increase the All guides can be found on the ReviewPro blog at Volume of Their Reviews! www.reviewpro.com/blog! ! ! A Basic Guide to Managing Online Reviews for Hotels, August 2011! 19!!