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ReviewPro Guide for Hotels - 35 Ways To Get More Out of Your Web Presence


Guide for Hotels: The Little Guide to Social Media Optimization …

Guide for Hotels: The Little Guide to Social Media Optimization
35 ways to get more out of your web presence

In this guide you will find information and examples for the following topics:

Go beyond the basics and explore some tips to optimize social media activity

Discover new and creative marketing opportunities through the following social networks:
- Facebook
- Twitter
- Location-based services
- Blogging
- Flickr
- YouTube

Learn to integrate social media with e-mail

Learn to integrate social media with review analytics

Published in Business , Technology
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  • 1. The Little Guide to 
 Social Media Optimization "35 Ways To Get More Out of Your Web Presence The Little Guide to Social Media Optimization, September 2011!   August 2011!
  • 2. The Quick Guide to Social Media Optimization By now, most of us have setup basic social media accounts. Whatʼs next?!  ! Thatʼs why we put together this special report. It goes beyond the basic “How to get started in social media” - and share some of the little tips weʼve seen used to optimize social media activity.!  ! - Josiah Mackenzie @ReviewPro! September 2011! The Little Guide to Social Media Optimization, September 2011! 1!
  • 3. FacebookCustom landing page tab " " Add Like buttons to all important Fan page widget on your homepage" "! pages" !By default, a visitor to your Facebook " Placing a Facebook Like Box on yourpage will see the Wall: a history of the Facebook Like Buttons allow visitors to website allows visitors to become a fan oflatest updates and postings. Creating a indicate they like your website content, your Facebook Page without leaving yourunique landing tab for your Facebook also sharing it with their entire network of main website. Additionally, you can sharepage gives you a little more control over friends on Facebook. You may add these the most recent updates on your page,first impressions. It also enables you to to important individual pages on your and show some of the people who arefocus attention on most important content. website, or on every page of your blog or already part of your community. (TheFor example, you could highlight a special destination guide.! subtle difference between this and themessage, feature or promotion.! Like Button above is the Like Button is !! ! !! just for sharing content; the Like Box is for Add Share buttons to all importantRead: ! pages" fan page signups.)! !facebook-landing-page/ !! Facebook Share Buttons allow your! website visitors to share content withEncourage email subscriptions" specific people in their social network.If collecting email addresses is important This is helpful for times when people donʼtfor your followup sales and relationship want to share something with their entirebuilding efforts, then make a point of network but think information would behaving a signup form on your page. The helpful for someone specific they know.!Social Media Examiner is a good example !of this:! ! !! !Example: "smexaminer?! The Little Guide to Social Media Optimization, September 2011! 2!
  • 4. Facebook (continued) Post on Saturday for more interaction" Use Facebook Insights" ! ! According to research from Dan Zarrella, Facebook provides Insights - their your hotel will get a lot more interaction dashboard of metrics - for anyone with a on Facebook updates made on the Facebook page. While it shows the weekend (especially on Saturday):" number of people who have interacted Not working during the weekend? Just with you, pay special attention to use a tool like HootSuite that allows audience demographics. This can help scheduled future posting on Facebook." guide your publishing and communication  ! strategy." Experiment with sponsored stories!  !  ! Facebookʼs new Sponsored Stories advertising program allows you to show people which of their friends have Liked your Facebook page. Itʼs an interesting way to raise visibility with friends of your fans. ! " " " " " " The Little Guide to Social Media Optimization, September 2011! 3!
  • 5. TwitterUsing lists to save time" Retweet strategically " " Create background design that sells"! "! !Anyone starting out on Twitter quickly Retweeting is the act of passing along a Not enough people pay attention to theirnotices the volume of updates from Twitter message someone else wrote. Twitter background design, but it can be apeople they follow can become Done well, it can expand the range of powerful marketing tool. Itʼs nice to haveoverwhelming. How can you keep up with information you provide your followers. It a layout that matches the rest of yourthe updates that really matter? The can help amplify the voice of your visual identity, but I like to go a stepanswer is through Twitter lists. You can supporters: letting customers tell they further and include sales information.create lists for any number of people you story for you. Make it your goal to send at Provide contact details. Highlight afollow.! least one strategic retweet each day.! special offer or promotion.!Read: How to Use Twitter Lists  ! !( and Mashableʼs Twitter Lists Mention others frequently "" Writing a powerful bio"Guide!  ! ! !! Including the @username of other users A well-written About Us section in yourUse saved keyword searches to in your tweets not only connects your Twitter profile helps more people find youidentify opportunities" audience with other interesting people, in search, a good first step towards! but it puts you on their radar. Share credit increasing your number of followers. Put liberally, and watch your overall exposure words in that are relevant and importantSaving searches for the right keywords grow. ! to your hotel. Communicate your uniquecan point you to sales and serviceopportunities. Identify the terms people ! selling proposition.!would use when visiting your city for the !first time, and be prepared to act like a !concierge. In social media, sales often !happen through service.! ! ! ! The Little Guide to Social Media Optimization, September 2011! 4!
  • 6. Twitter (continued) Ask guests to follow you right after a Add a retweet this button to a web booking "" page" ! ! After someone makes a reservation or For an important page on your website, checks in to your hotel, you might consider adding a retweet button from recommend they follow you on Twitter for Twitter. It will allow visitors to share the service. You can do this in person or over information with their Twitter followers the phone, but Iʼve received great results with just one click. It also helps you by putting this request on the “thank you leverage social proof: the button is for your reservation” page that people see continually updated to show how many immediately after making a booking. other people have retweeted the page." Once someone has made a commitment Link: like this, they are obviously interested in tweetbutton" what you offer, and the chances theyʼll follow you on Twitter or elsewhere go up dramatically." " Sync your RSS feed for automatic updates" Every time I publish a new blog post, I donʼt go over to Twitter to announce it. Instead, I use Hootsuite to automatically update my Twitter audience. This may not seem to save a lot of time, but it helps ensure consistency and gives me one less thing to think about." The Little Guide to Social Media Optimization, September 2011! 5!
  • 7. Location-based servicesCreate a “playlist of spots”"  Link check-ins with your loyalty! program!According to Andy Ellwood of Gowalla,  !“Location is part of your story. Your mobile Hilton, Kimpton, Wyndham, Best Western,phone is a passport, and you use it to tell and others are re-defining what gueststories about the places that you go. Each loyalty looks like in the social media agetime I check into a spot, itʼs because Iʼm by rewarding loyalty points for socialviewing that as part of my story.”" media activity. TopGuest is leading theThe Four Seasons Hotels in California innovation in this area by providing a waycreated content-curated trips that are like to link check-ins on Gowalla, Foursquare,a playlist of spots: “10 places you need to and Facebook to traditional loyaltysee in San Francisco.” They worked programs. !directly with the concierge, asking them Link:"what the top places in the city that peopleshould associate with the Four SeasonsExperience. Now, anyone who followsFour Seasons on Gowalla has access toconcierge-level expertise." !“When someone checks in on property,you obviously want to be a part of that.But where are the other locations in yourregion and around the world where youbrand should be top of mind?”! !Link:! The Little Guide to Social Media Optimization, September 2011! 6!
  • 8. BloggingConsider starting with Tumblr" Use Flickr to find “insider” secrets in Label your images for Google imageToo overwhelmed by the thought of your city" search"writing regular articles for a blog? Tumblr Flickr can also be a useful way to identify This tip comes from Future Blog authormay be a good place for you to start. what visitors may find interesting in your Jeremy Silverman. Use image alternateTheir service is halfway between blogging city or destination. It helps to have a fresh text to add a few words of description forand microblogging: a bit longer than set of eyes when creating a visitorʼs guide each photo you publish. This is easilyTwitter, but often shorter than a feature- for your destination. Searching Flickr done when blogging, and your weblength blog post. You can quickly post enables you to:" developer should be doing this for yourtext, images, videos, links, quotes and • See what visitors are taking photos of! website as well. Jeremy gets many newaudio - making it especially good for website visitors each week from Google • See what type of photos got the mostcreating a multi-media experience." attention! image search using this technique - are ! you?" • Identify the best photographers in yourLink:! city (and work with them?)!  "" Do basic keyword research when • Locate out-of-the-way points of interest in your neighborhood! writing blog post titles"Source stunning photos from Flickr" Keyword research is the process ofThe best destination blogs use great • Participate in discussions with finding which phrases are most popularphotography to tell their stories. If you photographers to determine the best for users of search engines like Google.donʼt have the time or capacity to take places to take photos!your own pictures, look at the photos on Too often, this is something used Link: http:// exclusively by search engine marketersFlickr licensed under Creative Commons. huge library is available to you there at as they optimize websites for higher highlights-with-flickr/" rankings. But smart bloggers andno cost - you just need to give attribution " publishers include keyword research into the photographer: a simple credits link." " their writing: they know the words youLink: choose for an article title or video make acreativecommons/by-2.0/" " difference in how many people will find it" " through web search. " The Little Guide to Social Media Optimization, September 2011! 7!
  • 9. Blogging (continued) Send a weekly email summary" Write guest articles for other websites" ! ! Email newsletters are something too Once you have the basics of blogging many bloggers overlook, and thatʼs a down, try guest blogging: writing for other shame. Adding an email newsletter to my blogs and websites. Select a few popular blog caused my blog readership and websites, and write high-quality original loyalty to jump dramatically. Iʼll often articles that will appeal to their audience - receive 50% of my weekly visitors from but still tie back to your offering. If the newsletter alone. Thereʼs a sharp needed, you may reduce your blog spike each Monday morning from the posting frequency, and spend some of the newsletter, and I also receive many more time writing for others. This is so powerful visitors from people forwarding the email because you can connect with an to their friends and colleagues." audience that others have developed over ! time." Email can be very time-consuming to produce, though. Fortunately, thereʼs a way to make this easy. Email service providers like MailChimp usually offer a free plan that can be used to send out an automated weekly newsletter with your newest articles. You just enter your blogʼs newsfeed, select a design, and the rest is done for you." " " " The Little Guide to Social Media Optimization, September 2011! 8!
  • 10. Flickr (and photos)Publish under a Creative Commons Embed photos on your website tolicense to increase your visibility" increase views (and popularity)"! !As mentioned earlier, the Flickr Creative Photos on Flickr are often sorted byCommons license gives bloggers and popularity - and views are one metric thatweb publishers permission to use images does into determining this. One way I likein their own work. From the perspective of to increase views of my photos is tothe photographer - you in this case - it embed them as part of my website. Thiscan be a great way to raise visibility. I way, each website visitor I have willrecommend releasing every photo you increase the photo views."upload to Flickr under this license. Photos !of your property are great, but photos of Use Flickr badges on your website"your city or destination are even better." Even if you donʼt want to embed the full" size photo on your website, you may want" to use flickr badges."""""""""" The Little Guide to Social Media Optimization, September 2011! 9!
  • 11. YouTube (and videos)Embed YouTube videos on your Optimize your videos for search"" Close with a call to action"website" ! !! Many people are surprised to learn that All basic video editors will let you place aThis is especially true if youʼre blogging. YouTube is the webʼs second-largest simple screen at the end of each video,Embedding the video directly from search engine (after Google). Videos and I encourage you to use this toYouTube increases views popularity. Plus, uploaded to YouTube should be optimized recommend an easy next step for theit saves you a lot of bandwidth from your to increase the chances of people finding watcher. You may not ask for a saleweb host." it. There are whole articles on this topic, immediately, but move them a little closer." but some starting actions you can take Perhaps you could recommend they visit " "" include:" your blog, signup for email offers, or join • Try to identify which niche search you on Facebook?"" phrases are most relevant to your" audience and the video, and then target" these!" • Use the word “video” in the title!" • Write a keyword-rich description - itʼs the" next-best indicator to search engines of" the videos content, after the title!" • Provide transcriptions where possible (search engines cannot index video" content, so this helps them get a feel for" what the video contains)!" • Tag your video with keywords when" uploading (which should go without" saying)!" • Select an attractive thumbnail image! The Little Guide to Social Media Optimization, September 2011! 10!
  • 12. Integrating social media with emailAdd your latest Twitter updates to youremail signature"!A service called Wisestamp you toinstantly embed your latest tweet or othersocial media update in every email yousend. Even if you donʼt want to use it foryour personal account, it might be a niceaddition for customer service or salesemails."!Link:""Begin using Rapportive - social mediaCRM for email" !Imagine how helpful it would be to havethe senderʼs latest social media updatesdisplayed alongside each email youreceive. Thatʼs benefit of usingRapportive: it displays social mediabackground information and updates inthe sidebar of Google email accounts. ! !Link:! The Little Guide to Social Media Optimization, September 2011! 11!
  • 13. Integrating social media & review analyticsUse social influence scoring to identify Use semantic analysis of onlinepotential brand advocates" customer reviews to guide publishing! decisions"Services such as Klout measure the  !influence of social media users on sites Looking at ReviewProʼs semantic analysissuch as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, of online customer reviews allows you toLinkedIn and more. ReviewProʼs social identify which aspects of the customermedia tracking allows clients to instantly experience are appreciated most. Aligningview social influence scores as an social media publishing with your areas ofadditional reference point. This can be competitive advantage typically increasesvery helpful when planning and launching engagement significantly. !a publishing or publicity campaign."  !! Link:!Link:""""""""""" The Little Guide to Social Media Optimization, September 2011! 12!
  • 14. Whats next? Keep learning! ReviewPro monitors what About ReviewPro! Would you do us a favor?" is changing in the world of online  !  ! reputation management and passes ReviewPro enables hoteliers to efficiently Were committed to making these guides along practical ways to use that in aggregate, organize and manage their available to you at no cost. We only ask hospitality.! online reputation and presence in leading that if youve found it helpful, would you  ! social media sites. ReviewPro provides share it with your friends?! Read the blog for more articles and the analysis, customer intelligence, ! reports like this: 
 competitive benchmarking and reporting !! needed to help hotel professionals more effectively manage their organization.! !  ! ! Follow us on Twitter for daily ideas and  ! ! tips:!  ! Get a demo of ReviewPro today!  ! !  ! " !  ! About The Author" ! " " ! " Josiah Mackenzie is the publisher of ! – a ! " " resource of guides and stories showing ! how to use technology to serve your ! " guests and make more sales. ! " !   ! " "" ! Email Josiah: "! The Little Guide to Social Media Optimization, September 2011! 13!