Logamatha's spiritual journey & biography of guru logamatha
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Logamatha's spiritual journey & biography of guru logamatha



Logamatha's Spiritual Journey

Logamatha's Spiritual Journey
True way of meditation.



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    Logamatha's spiritual journey & biography of guru logamatha Logamatha's spiritual journey & biography of guru logamatha Presentation Transcript

    • Biography of her Holiness GuruGuru LogamathaLogamatha
    • •Guru Logamatha’s holy birth was prophesized in the spiritual realm. Guru descended with a great mission to spread love, an exceptional love which had become so rare. •Came to soothe the chaotic minds with guru’s unconditional love, a love which expects nothing in return but accepts you the way you are. •Guru came to teach human and help them gather inner strength, peace, love and courage through the true way of meditation, which could be guided and taught only by an ascended master. •Guru came to guide mankind to show kindness to one another. guru came to remind us of the promise we had made to the CREATOR.
    • •Guru's extraordinary personality was obvious even at an early age. When guru was only nine days old, guru’s mother showered guru and placed guru on the ground for the sunlight to shine on guru. •A few minutes later, what happened and what was witnessed was quite a strange phenomenon. •A huge snake was by guru side, with its hood wide open, shading guru from the sunlight. This incident convinced guru’s parents that the daughter born to them was an extraordinary child.
    • •Guru Logamatha’s wisdom was beyond her age. Communication with her proved her great wisdom and intellect so unbelievable for a child her age. Complex questions on spiritualism were answered in a simple and scientific way. Even the natures five elements and the six senses of mankind answers to guru’s command. •Since childhood, Guru Logamatha had extraordinary sights and vision that guru thought were normal for everybody. Realizing much later that the others are not seeing what guru sees, guru decided to search for answers. Many living gurus were not able to answer her queries.
    • •Life went on normal for Guru Logamatha until many inner and past gurus started appearing to reveal themselves and about herself. •They disclosed to her the mission for which guru has appeared on earth. Guru was requested to take up Guru hood. •Guru Logamatha accepted Guru hood at the age of 36, with the condition that guru will do it her way. Her way – simplicity. Guru can be mistaken by anyone as an ordinary person by the way guru dresses. She is an exemplary GURU for the modern world.
    • •Logamatha became GURU. She became the lovable Guru, Mother (Amma) and Friend to her disciples. •Amma’s love for everyone is unconditional and amma accepted all spiritual aspirants for initiation unconditionally irrespective of colour, creed and language. •As Guru, amma speaks with authority and clarity not of what was written or heard by somebody else but through her own spiritual experiences.
    • •The inner and past gurus appeared and revealed to some of amma’s disciples that amma is known as “Logamatha” to the spiritual world. •A lover of mankind, amma started spreading her unconditional love towards humanity. •That is amma’s mission for the world. Amma’s love has touched and melted many of her disciples’ hearts.
    • •Logamatha’s deep spiritual insights shared through her brilliant conversations and a glowing personality is adored by all those who had the opportunity to come in contact with her.. •With such immense love bonded within every one of her disciples, amma hopes that they too can spread amma’s message of love for humanity by being capable of loving everybody unconditionally.
    • Chanting the Name of Guru Logamatha The foundation of spiritual practice in the current era Logamathahttps://www.facebook.com/LogamathaSJ
    • Chanting the Name of Guru Logamatha The foundation of spiritual practice in the current era Logamathahttps://www.facebook.com/LogamathaSJ