Why Chiropractors Should Implement Chiropractic EHR


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"Why Chiropractors Should Implement Chiropractic EHR by @RevenueXL"

Are you a Chiropractor looking to implement a Chiropractic EHR? RevenueXL can give you four reasons why to do so and how it can help you! Our specialized Chiropractic EMR (Electronic Medical Records) / EHR (Electronic Health describe the imageRecords) solution has been designed from the beginning with chiropractic requirements in mind. It is top-rated, affordable, and easy-to-use EMR software solution in the market for Chiropractors.

To read more about Chiropractic EMRs, click here: http://www.revenuexl.com/chiropractic-emr/

For a free demo on our award winning and certified EHR Software: www.revenuexl.com/emr-demo

Interested in reading more? See our blog: http://www.revenuexl.com/blog/bid/84550/Top-4-Reasons-For-Chiropractors-to-Implement-Chiropractic-EHR

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Why Chiropractors Should Implement Chiropractic EHR

  1. 1. Why Chiropractors Should Implement Chiropractic EHR
  2. 2. Join the Movement Why are so many chiropractors implementing chiropractic EMR software? Changes in the way practices are working together and using technology mean: • Increased bookings, • Larger teams, and • More obstacles, and all of this requires better software to manage it.
  3. 3. Quality versus Quantity Although chiropractors have more opportunities to work with specialists and to use alternative methods, their increased client loads lead to: • Skipped duties, • Administrative road blocks, • Critical mistakes, and • Decreased quality of care.
  4. 4. Embracing Tech Solutions Luckily, there is a technological solution, and it comes in the form of a Chiropractic EHR system. Chiropractic Electronic Health Records can streamline your practice in ways you may not even realize.
  5. 5. Easy Interface Chiropractic EHRs provide: • Custom interfaces, • Easy to use systems, and • One database for patient data.
  6. 6. Comprehensive Tracking Tracking and reporting are easy and inexpensive when everything is paperless. No matter where they are, staff can create, store, and pull digital: • Charts, • Orders, • Appointments, • Referrals, and • Imaging.
  7. 7. Accurate Billing Make sure you get paid the right amount on time through paperless billing. Chiropractic EMRs are designed with: • Custom billing solutions, • Easy reporting, and • Account reconciliation.
  8. 8. Simple Scheduling Never overbook or miss an appointment again. The integrated solutions of EMRs allow for: • Easy organization • Detailed scheduling, and • Automated reminders.
  9. 9. It Pays to Invest Your chiropractic office can receive the: • Software, • Training, and • Support needed to implement a chiropractic EHR by using the healthcare stimulus reimbursement. This means: • it is not only a cost-effective investment in your practice, • but in your patients as well.
  10. 10. Thank You Request a free customized demo of our EMR software. Schedule a Demo Contact Us info@revenuexl.com (408) 625-7254 www.revenuexl.com RevenueXL Inc. Headquarters 19925, Stevens Creek Blvd. Cupertino, CA 95014