Certified Podiatry EHR - Why Implement One?


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"Certified Podiatry EHR - Why Implement One? by @RevenueXL"

A podiatry-specific EHR can give your podiatry practice a leg up! How? These slides say it all. RevenueXL's podiatry EMR is your key to easier workdays.

For a free demo on our award winning and certified EHR Software: www.revenuexl.com/emr-demo

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Certified Podiatry EHR - Why Implement One?

  1. 1. The Benefits of Certified Podiatry EHR
  2. 2. Government Incentives Podiatry is one area of health care that can especially benefit from the government incentives rewarding EHR • Podiatrists make up about 1.5% of Medicare providers • However, they receive around 12 percent of the incentive payments
  3. 3. Advantages of Podiatry EHR Podiatryspecific forms and templates Customized medical billing manager Meaningful use dashboard and module Other Benefits (Numbers)
  4. 4. Podiatry-Specific EHR EMR is very helpful but often comes in generic templates which can be difficult to implement • Revenue XL’s podiatry EMR includes patient instructions along with exam templates that save time and encourage you to follow routines • Podiatry-specific diagrams help take notes more effectively and with speed
  5. 5. Customized Billing Often it can be tedious to assess billing patients without specific Podiatry EMR • Revenue XL’s EHR observes patient information and makes a suggestion based on findings • Reduces errors and facilitates accurate, timely payment
  6. 6. Meaningful use Feedback With EMR it is often hard to get full use of the software • Podiatry EMR software is built with a dynamic feedback feature to assess whether or not you have achieved meaningful use. • A dashboard is also provided that lets you see – Percentage of compliancy – List of patients with whom you have achieved meaningful use
  7. 7. Numbers (after EHR implementation) 82% Improvement in the quality of clinical decisions 72% Improvement in quality of communication with patients 92% 86% Improvement in the quality of communication with other providers Improvement in avoiding medication errors 8285% Improvement in delivery of preventive care and chronicillness care
  8. 8. Patients Benefit Too With Podiatry EMR patients can experience convenience and improved care • Rapid access to medical records along with more reliable and safer prescribing • Less paper work thanks to online referrals and prescriptions • Easier communication with podiatrists and physicians
  9. 9. Improve Accuracy With the introduction of Podiatry EHR you can also expect to give more accurate diagnoses and as a result health outcomes. • EMR constantly informs of complete medical history • Can lead to more plausible diagnoses and quicker recoveries
  10. 10. Easier to Coordinate Care With EMR it is easier to coordinate treatment at different levels of healthcare (between Podiatry and Physicians) • Different perspectives on cases are all recorded on EMR and exchangeable • Provides complete picture about patients and allows less fragmentation at different levels of health care
  11. 11. Cost Savings The increased efficiency granted by EMR allows Podiatry practices to save costs and Xlerate your Revenue • Three key benefits 1. Increased coding accuracy 2. Improved delivery of care 3. Increased patient flow, employee productivity, and revenue
  12. 12. Thank You Request a free customized demo of our EMR software. Schedule a Demo Contact Us info@revenuexl.com (408) 625-7254 www.revenuexl.com RevenueXL Inc. Headquarters 19925, Stevens Creek Blvd. Cupertino, CA 95014