8 Crucial Features of a Cardiology EMR


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"8 Crucial Features of a Cardiology EMR by @RevenueXL"

RevenueXL highlights 8 features your Cardiology EMR should have to help your clinic save time and money. RevenueXL is a leading provider of healthcare solutions and EMR software, providing CCHIT and ONC-ATCB Certified Electronic Health Records Software to small and mid-sized practices. With our fully customizable, integrated electronic medical record solution, we make your transition to electronic medical records and practice management software a breeze.

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8 Crucial Features of a Cardiology EMR

  1. 1. 8 Crucial Features of a Cardiology EHR
  2. 2. Certification Choosing your Cardiology EMR is an important investment, so be sure to consider the following features when making that choice: • EHR systems should maintain their Ambulatory EHR Certification from the CCHIT. • This must be renewed every two years. • Certification confirms function, compatibility, security, and privacy.
  3. 3. Automated Tasks The purpose of cardiology software is to make tasks easier at your practice. It should not compromise: • Service standards • Legal compliance • Patient privacy • Your financial future
  4. 4. Practice Size Web-based Cardiology EMR is best for small practices and smaller budgets. It should come with: • Software maintenance • Server hosting • IT troubleshooting
  5. 5. e-Prescriptions CCHIT certificated systems will include e-Prescriptions as well as: • Digital transmission of prescriptions • Adherence to Medicare Part D regulations
  6. 6. IHE Profile Adherence Make sure the cardiology workflow you prefer is included in the IHE Profile Adherence. This ensures: • Commitment to the efficient exchange of data and interoperability. • Assistance in setting standards with HIT vendors • Fostering of communication between IT systems
  7. 7. HIPAA Compliance HIPAA is a federal mandate and your EMR vendor must comply with the law on: • Patient privacy • Transaction processing • System security
  8. 8. Integrated PMS Try to find a Cardiology EMR system that integrates with a Practice Management System. This will require: • HL7 compliance for interface • Information exchange between your existing PMS and your new EMR
  9. 9. Other Interfaces There are other important interfaces to consider as well, including: • Vendor and HIE information sharing • Frequently used equipment interfaces • EMR vendor intended development for necessary interfacing
  10. 10. Thank You Request a free customized demo of our EMR software. Schedule a Demo Contact Us info@revenuexl.com (408) 625-7254 www.revenuexl.com RevenueXL Inc. Headquarters 19925, Stevens Creek Blvd. Cupertino, CA 95014