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The tabernacle
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  • 1. Thursday, March 2, 2008 The Tabernacle From Tears To Praise – book Book: The Manual of the Tabernacle ISBN: 0-93127-37-3 Summary: The gospel Matthew, Mark, Luke, John Curtain – blue – heaven Door - Continue the good news of the Gospel Base of the column – the judgment – Isa 53, Gal 4:4 Top of the column – Christ our Redemptor – Job 19:25, Isa 15:9-20, Rom 3:24 Iron edge between columns – Unity of the Gospels – Beg of the opening of the opening of Jesus Christ. Mt 28:19, Jn 17:11-21, Ac 10:38 - Doors of the atrium – Entrance The offerings A. The offering of the sacrifices Lev 1:3-11, B. The offering of flower w/Lev 2:1-16 C. The offering for sin – Lev. 4, Lev 5:1-13 D. The offering of atonement – annually – During the year there were feasts were given Lev 5 E. The offering of peace - Lev 3 F. The law of feasts – Ex 23:10 (6 times in the year you will farm the land and then harvest. The 7th year to give to the poor.) G. The offering of restitution H. The offering of sin The Atrium – Christ between the people as Savior. Exod 2:9-15, 38:9-17 Linen Curtain – Justice and holiness of Christ - Acts 3:14, Eph 4:24, I Pet 1:6, I Jn 2:1, Rev 19:8 In the atrium – the columns resemble the column in the opening Top & bottom means believers cemented in the 1)word of God, 2) redeemed by the Blood of Christ, and 3) united all together. Rom 3:24-26, Eph 6:15, Ps. 119:105-106; Eph 4:13-16, Gal 3:2 In the opening – Jesus Christ who represents the total word – Jn 1:1. The blue states He descended from heaven to become royalty in His divinity because He did not take to Himself that He was God and He did it because He loved the world and humanity so the remission of sin and His bloodshed was necessary to forgive the world and it was necessary that the Son of God become man. Angels guarded the tabernacle. A high priest would be at the entrance of the atrium. (Aaron) The other priests were assistants at other areas.
  • 2. The linen twisted at the bottom of the curtain means that His perfect glory & justice is with God and Him the Son. It was necessary to obtain salvation in order to come in His beautiful presence because He says I am the Way, Truth & the life. At the entrance there are only 2 ways to enter. The way and the non way. See Ac 4:12. God says I am the door. See Jn 10:9, Jn 10:1. The other 5 columns have importance: 1. Column 1 – the ministries given to the people of God when they chose to be someone in His Kingdom – 5 fold ministry. See Exod 2:16. These represent the opportunity 4 all human being who choose to relate with the opportunity to enter the sanctuary. (you as a pastor has the opportunity to enter the sanctuary – the deeper things of God) Matthew 24: 4-31 gives opportunity to enter the sanctuary – 5fold ministry. Colors of the curtain – NT written for different groups of people. Matthew – Jews Mark – Romans Luke – Greeks JOHN - CHURCH The 4 Gospels were written for different people. Purpose – constituted that no one is excluded from salvation in Jesus Christ who at the same time is given the opportunity of the N/S/E/W indicating that salvation is for the whole world. In the furnishings – appoints some East or West that also forms part of that idea of that truth. Some facing to the North means something. Special meanings of placement. North – means the Jews – carries the Menorah. South - Bread – means the Romans East - Incense – the Greeks. West - Ark – John in the Church. ***5 fold ministry – Ephesians 4:11*** The utensils represent Christ in some aspect and that the tabernacle would not have importance if there were not sacrifice involvement. Therefore, anyone who gets close to the entrance must have brought an offering that constituted a remedy for the sin committed in which the same way we observe this offerings as Christ Himself that offer Himself one and for all. Heb 9:28.; I Jn 1:9; Heb 4:16 Offerings The tabernacle was cons6tituted by Moses in the desert so that he lectured for the church and the significance of the spiritual priesthood in the order of the priesthood, the sacrificial and celebrations that was due annually. One of the lessons of the office that was instituted the offerings of the people. The divine answer in the divine order given to Moses. Ex 25:2-7.
  • 3. The onyx stones and acacia wood was for the tabernacle and the priest. The incense and the pomegranates. (The Book of Romans – 5 pages) (The Book of Angels – 5 pages) The statute given to Moses from God and in which everyone voluntarily gave away what they possessed. Someone had something to give to the tabernacle. It was not necessary that they go back to Egypt to look for any help or what they needed. When each of them would come and give offerings, it was the essential part of this communion or necessity that was given to them, but it was not for then to believe that they were being unfaithful or they were not the church. Example – they need to understand this was an essential communion with God. Give generously and not regret or give grudgingly. God did not want them to feel they needed Egypt or had to go beg for anything. The first chapter of Lev speaks about 5 classes of offering. This resembles the sacrifice of Jesus Christ. None can be described as the sacrifice of Jesus Christ. The 1st3 were voluntary offering. The other 2 were obligated and because 1 was a peace offering, this one was a representation of all of the one given and they had to represent that this was given in peace. It is not to say we should give what we have rec’d by grace, but it is a commandment – Eph 2:8. 3 voluntary offerings are also the #3 of the divinity – Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit. The other 2 that were obligated they represent the people. The sacrifice and the offering was for worship & forgiveness of the sin, this offering fulfilled the purpose to demonstrate worship gratefulness & devotion. The other means one for atonement, to cover and take away sin & guilt. (Better to give than to receive) From these offerings we learn the cost of sin & why we have to learn to forgive not only us but other people. This is the system of God that says who wants to give life has to change life. In the OT the life of the animal instead was given in order to save someone from sin. It also demonstrated that God himself was giving His assistance by this animal. This was only a temporary offer in the tabernacle because Jesus Christ would come to redeem humanity forever. God did not have communion with man that is why he set the tabernacle because man has sin. Sin had to be taken by atonement. Which means to pay a price to delete, remove and repair our lives? This offering represents the love of God in combo w/responsibility of man that results in peace that is over poor or over human understanding. The love of God surpasses human understanding. I. Leviticus – The Burnt Offerings 1. 1st offering described the sacrifice 2. Altar of bronze – sacrifice of Christ & salvation of world Ex 27:1-8, Ex 40:6-10, 10-29, Hebrews 9:13-14. From acacia wood. Horns at each corner. Strainer at the bottom to collect the ashes (like a pallet at the bottom – scooper/tray to catch the ashes). Made in form of a grid which would have rings
  • 4. of bronze to hold the sticks. It had the acacia wood (2) like a large pallet which was covered in bronze to transport the animals to the altar. Symbolic offering means when they would bring the sacrifice it meant the identification of the statute and the substitute of Christ. They would transfer the animal (clean it up), and they would take and tie the neck of the animal with a red band which they would burn the entire animal and offer to God called the burnt offering. The smoke would go to the Lord as a sweet fragrance to God as voluntary as Christ offered Himself. See Heb 9:14. that offering came to be the sacrificial – it was cruel, but it was Christ who Himself in His death did not resist. At this offering, he did not resist which was for the salvation of the whole world. He gave himself voluntarily without possibility of being free. He never refused to reach for something He could not give, therefore, He asked to give the Father His best. In these offerings, the Israelis could bring herds, lambs, goats, sheep (livestock). Also turtledoves, young pigeons. Whatever the category, you could also bring herds or birds that had to have 1 male without defect or disabilities (without spot or blemish). Lev. 1:1-17. These offerings had to be what only they could give in their possibilities. God did not look at the quantity or how big the offering, but that it was from the heart to give what he possesses and the best of that possession. This offering becomes the smell of the presence of God. Remember Elisha and the widow’s mite. She gave from her heart. Jesus was also involved as he gave all of Himself. Mobile – The Tabernacle (Expo) The entrance of the atrium Gen 26 Exodus 38 - The altar Thursday, The offering of food & flour also known as vegetable offering as a purpose to demonstrate honor respect to a God of worship, recognizing that everything we have belongs to HIM. Poem – I can not win god. 1 thing I have learned w/walking with God that I cannot beat God when it comes to giving. Whatever I can give Him, he always wins me. He gives much more than what I gave Him. If I don’t give is because I don’t have, but if I have is because I give. It’s because when God ask me to give is because he wants to give me. And when God gives me if because he wants to ask me so if u want to do the same thing, so start giving him today and in a short time you will see that u can also say 1 thing I have learned in my life, w/walking with the Lord, that I can’t win God when it comes to giving.
  • 5. This same pattern applies to all the offerings, God knows how much we can give, for therefore, we cannot win God like the poem of Juan Romero. (100 sheep’s – song) In the other hand, placing the hands on the victims head in the tabernacle was like during the sacrificial animal means that this was to inform the innocent animal he was a victim. Very painful way to kill the victim, but it was diff for the high priest to offer or kill the animal. To offer one’s son for an offering. Moreover, it will be for God the Father to know that Jesus was the substitute for the whole world. Isa. 52. The sacrifice was placed in the altar in the North side. It is not a coincidence that Jesus Christ was precisely to the North of Jerusalem & the Temple when crucified. Scriptures says in Matt 27:33-37 that at Golgotha, the place of cadavers, gave vinegar mixed with honey, but after taste, Jesus did not wan to drink this. When they crucified Jesus, his dressings were given away so that the prophecy would be fulfilled in Isaiah about this event. They shared his dressings/ clothing bet more & more and sat there and guarded his stone. Over his head they wrote – Jesus the King of the Jews. Think of the passage – is like the animal begin guarded and the blood would be dripped in the vase by the priest – ritual taking place at the altar. The vase was like a bucket which had a special purpose. The blood followed itself to the altar then to the Ark of the Covenant (being sprinkled). Sacrificial place after diving the animal in pieces and each piece was examined waiting to make sure there were no abnormalities or birth defects. After washing intestines and legs, they were placed with special wood on the altar – laid in pieces. On top of wood would be the head symbolizing decision taking when the sacrifice was given voluntarily. The intestines symbolized the emotions, feelings, affections, or warmness & compassion. Remainder of the animal meant spiritual health. Feet of the animal meant to walk in holiness. After sacrifice consumed, ashes would be picked up and placed near North of the altar where the high priest had to change their clothing. Then the ashes would be taken out away from the camp. In the totality of the tabernacle, the high priest in sacrifices, had the power to represent Jesus Christ and glory to God, because that was the only lamb, that gave only sacrifice and place mentioned in His word so that He could save human beings from their sins. I Cor 6:20. Find in Lev. 2:1-16. Very nice lecture. The offerings of flower tog with the sacrifices are a present to thankfulness to the Lord. Remember, this r4eminded the people of Israel that the food came from God and that He is all in their life. In this offering, there are 3 types of grain offering that demonstrates the divinity of the Lord: 1) the fine flower with oil & incense, 2) showbread cooked with fine flour and oil, and 3) grain tree that are tender when it is growing. It would be toasted with oil & incense. This offering means that the absent of leaven symbolize the absence of sin. The oil represents the presence of God. Part of burnt offering was burnt on altar so the rest of priest would eat. Middle would toast with oil for the high priest to eat. Very tender. For some people the offering would be stupid or insignificant. When we read what is involved with the preparation – great meaning. Does not say why but for whom. No common ingredient – leaven. It represents fungal disease or mode that would symbolize
  • 6. sin. Same way the leaven raises the bread, same that sin grows in ones life. A little leaven affects the whole bread. Jesus continually spoke of the analogy of lea4rning the Pharisees and Sadducees Matt 16:6, Mk 8:15. The offering was seasoned with salt as a remembrance of the pact or (the contract with the people of God.) Col 4:6. The salt is a symbol of the activity of Gods life in 1 person that penetrates and preserves and helps to cure. We are the salt of the earth because we speak the gospel of Christ himself. Mt 5:13. The Jewish maintained the tradition that to prepare for the Passover (pasha) or the Yom Kippur. They prepare the house by cleaning the house completely. I Cor 11:28. Word carries on the tradition. Said for a purpose. Therefore, test yourself. That bread could not obtain honey because that would be something that a man would wish for. Contrary to suffering and complete denial. Jesus says in Mt 16:24 if 1 wants Christ he must deny himself. Another ingredient – incense. Why? Incense was the p4esents given to Christ at birth. He received gold, frankincense &myrrh. Gold symbolize kingdom. Myrrh represents the relationship. When incense place on fire, smoke produced grateful smell or aroma. Fire from Gethsemane to the cross that brought the most fragrant smell &Y the glorious frag4ance to Jesus when He went to the Father. All has been consummated in that offering of our father the bread of life that has been accepted. Thursday, April 10, 2008 The offering for Sins which represents Jesus - Lev 4 & 5. Observance to commandments to God – violating code or statute or covenant that was est. in holiness in the pact w/God. It is subsequent the offer of sin that should be given to priest that is anointed. In v3 and the consecration of Israel v 13, the governments of the city of verse 22 or individual that was just another person from city in verse 27. This offer was for the atonement that was characterized by the sprinkling of animal blood in 4:6 and verse 5. In this sacrificial offer, this was a variety of animals including males or females that made emphasis in atonement. This was presented in order to put an ending of impurity that was not intentionally done by the people in Lev 4:2 to say that this is the omissions of sin. These are in the mind and in the heart that we have not sin. Perhaps we don’t think that thoughts are wrongful thoughts or consequently 2reong, but in the face of God, they are sins of omissions. Because of this not intentionally done, the highest priest will anticipate a offering of sin in order to purify the believer by the blood of Jesus Christ in which during the tabernacle time or period was the sacrificial animals. Heb 9:12 & 14, I John 1:9. There was a special offering for the omission in which Lev 4:13 talks about and in the Greek or Hebrew language would be called Asham which means to be at fault and to have a guilty conscious to be the offended. In the majority of case of the Asham offerings, the offer (for guilt) would be similar to the offering of sin which is called chatah (meaning sin) in the offering of the tabernacle and similar to guilt offering. They represent the same condition and is to be ashamed and the only way this shame would be
  • 7. removed is through this offer. In ref to that, u can find this in Isa 53:10 where Asham appears to be described by the death of Messiah. This death of Jesus was the offering for all the sins of the world. I Jn 2:2. Many don’t know the meaning of the sin or the omissions. That is why the offer of sin was 4 those who by negligence or weakness or maybe rebellious against God was used in order to eliminate nullible sin of their lives. Notice that during this time of offering the Lord spoke to Moses to help him observe the animals that was sacrificed and they will differentiate between the classes of sin. Lev 4:3. The process of the priest in which he was taken the young bullock to the tabernacle to the entrance of the tabernacle brought by the priest. He will place the hand over the head to cut it. The 2nd priest would bring the bull to the tabernacle – sanctuary and would sprinkle times in front of the Lord in which the angel of God (Yahweh) would be waiting. The Old Testament says that this angel was God Himself (Yahweh). The rest of the blood of the bullock would be poured on the horns of the altar (v5-12) 13-21. Sin sometimes comes thru ignorance. The high priest when he sins – see vs. 23 For common people unconsiously sinning, they will come with an offering that had 1 characteristic. See 4:27-35. Female a clue to recognize that our nature has inclined us to descend and we recognize it. We then honor and recognize and would prevent this from happening. This is called in orientation to live a careful life. Why? Because it is a female (emotional, weaker). Clues or Points for confrontation of sin. Clean life & we learn to confront ourselves with sin 1. We must live a spiritual relationship. A) fidelity in the marriage. B) integrity in your mind, hearts & bodies) 2. The sin is like cancer that extends rapidly and affects your life, church or a nation. Remember, people that did wrong things back in Waco, TX (Jim Jones), President Clinton and sex scandal, the Obama scandal with his preacher, Iraq war & Pres Bush. God tells us to affirm ourselves that we could be liberated from these things. 3. Today, there are sins very common that we should offer an offering: a) to touch things that are worldly and whether we consciously or unconsciously touch, we should ask God to take care of our spirit and physical body. 4. We prevent to mix our activities with the spirit of God and conduct you in the flesh ministry. 5. Don’t rush yourself to enter the ministry prematurely. With timing you could see the fruit. 6. Be sure that you are constantly giving testimony of the faith in Jesus and know that He is always your savior. 7. This is the most important one – for ministers. Lev. Leadership, ministers – be modest, kind and humble yourself. A leader that is rude and obnoxious character disfigures the nature of God. (break it or diminish or disrespect)
  • 8. 8. Prevent moral impurities in your life and in your spirit. 9. Prevent and reject every sexual impurity and immoral. Know what the opinion of God on homosexuality is so that we consider that it’s a serious perversion. Rom 2. Even though He offers grace to homosexuals, but do not approve their practices. 10. Recognize that we are inclined to sin by nature. When we recognize this, we try not to do this. But not all the times. 11. Honor the servants of God with your offerings. (Give gifts to pastors) 12. Honor parents. Prevent taking them for granted. (Geriatric) Lev 19:32. 13. Study and know the Bible. *** Practice and lecture faithfully because God blesses the obedience in those who consider Him by being faithful. 14. Know that God is worried about everyone He redeemed in the past and continues to redeem. 15. Do not tolerate errors knowingly and consciously. 16. Oppose yourself to sin 17. You are responsible for those in sin and they have no conscious. 18. Be sensitive to the Holy Spirit because the HS will give you conviction and repent every time this happens. 19. Confess your sins quickly, frankly and openly. Don’t hide them because this hardens your heart. 20. Every time that it is possible, do restitution for your sins there is no judgment against you and you have genuine repentance. Mt 5:37 – let our yeah be yeah and no be no. The tabernacle should be sufficient to understand the covenant in order to fulfill our lives with sincerity. It is the complete system with the sacrificial events that could help us walk in and offering attitude of repentance and the desire to confess our sins. The offerings of omission and the offering of sin was restitution for the holy things (of the tabernacle and also the high priests). Therefore, even for those w/o intentions to sin against God and in both cases have to sacrifice a calf without spot or blemish in order to compensate the sins that had damaged more than 120%, in order to compensate the loss of those sins that damaged more than 120% of yourself and time with God and became a fine. Lev. 5:1-7. The mercy of God is so big that he makes provisions for those who give the opportunity to fulfill His demands. Lev 5:8-13, 14-18 gave him the restitution to forgive. In the tabernacle not only do we see the whole picture, 1 person, 1 sacrifice, we see the whole church. It is involved as the type of work that all humanity needs beaus the Bible says all have sinned against God. II Cor. 5:21. Every time the priest goes to the altar and sprinkle blood 7 times, he would say your sins have been redeemed. Heb 4:16. I John 2:1. God tells us we have to live in holiness because he is holy. In order scriptures he says to live separately from the world and walk
  • 9. w/o sin and do not satisfy the flesh. But if one sins, there is provision for that person because the desire of God that no one sins. But if we walk in light, we have communion w/God by the blood of JC who cleans his children from all sin. I Jn 1:7. Lev 5:1, if one is called to testify and a witness saw or knew, and does not talk about the sin; you will be responsible for the sin. Lev 5:2-3 Sin of contamination. Prov. 23:7 – to not do and prevent a sin you don’t grow. Prov 28:13 – Necessary to go in front of God every day (day after day) so that we have no contamination in the after world. In other words, to promise you will try to how many this. How many time s have we promised to do thing and we don’t do it. Eccl 5:4-7 Connect your mind with your tongue so we walk in the principles and confess sins so that we bring offering in conformity 2 Word of God so that we have possibility of being clean and the present of the Lord so that you don’t become a sinner by ignorance by the Word. Thursday, April 17, 2008 Offerings with Restitution. (Day of Restitution) – Lev 5:14 A rule that means purification of sin for consequences of impurity – whether ritual or a violation in which a vow that was not connected w/the economic condition of the individual. This law was a provision for the poor. This is seen in the example of the mother of Jesus Christ when she presented the doves in place of offering. See Luke 2:24 and Lev 12:8. 1. The reason the rituals were made, because people didn’t have enough money to offer the offer of the lamb, therefore dove corresponded to the people who had less money in the community. They still had to offer regardless of their resources. 2. Why? All in community of each tribe had to provide an offering for their sin. We come directly to the Father by the Cross. In the OT there was no immediate access to the Lord and only in the tabernacle. We could not ignore commandments of the Lord. If 1 did something prohibited, regardless of ignorance, they had to pay for sins and had to bring a calf as an offering. Now we have the Word of God & if we fail, god does not exclude ourself from reading the Word, but He gives us the opportunity that we can come to Him & not ignore what is written. 3. Lev 6:2 – Trespassing and being a false witness. Also mentions different types of trespasses and false witness against God and they had to make a complete restitution of 20% or 5th part of a calf as without blemish or defects for an offering. Anything inappropriate is a sin. Proverbs 23:7 – thinking. Proverbs 28:13. Perfection of Jesus Christ. Whoever sins against the Lord & receives retribution, in time God will cause that person to give back even if the Debtor does not appear. II. The Offering of Peace Lev. 7:28 – this like many others are similar in rituals. One gives the offering of peace as an expression of gratitude in the midst to establish a
  • 10. friendship/relationship between God & himself. In ref to symbolic peace with God that this person would offer – another could eat from it. It corresponds to God & the priest. The breast, back, chest – Aaron & his sons. This is also because the priest had to be full of affection, love, strength for all the good work of the Lord, but not lazy. This is similar to the ministry. Ready for any good work. The offerer (one who brought it) would correspond to the Lord and the priests. Would stay w/the offering and go outside where he would roast and eat outside the tabernacle with his family in his tribes. This offering was a feast for everyone. He could invite other tribes to eat with him to bring companionship. Like the Gospel of Jesus Christ. This celebration was a feast – once and forever until wedding supper of Jesus Christ. Rev. 3:20 The unification of the children of God with the work we have given. After taking the offering to the atrium or altar, you can also bring to the altar of bronze where it (altar never empty and always full of blood) always had offerings of blood – flowing. The high priest would wash their hands & feet before offering sacrifice. The labor would be in the holy place but they had to be cleaned. The high priest would go in trembling before entering the holy place. They knew they would die if they did not wash their hands or feet. The Event of the Atrium Rectangular linen – Understand the event. The idea was from God that He initiated the plan of redemption. He himself imitated the plan, but God gave the order that this would commence in the holy place in the 4 rooms of the tabernacle. This event was made in order to do the 2 courts (inner court / holy of holies). The 2 courts 1. The holy place represents the celestial god that wants us to know that salvation was not initiated by man but by God and that no man could create any form that will permit to get to God. The only form that was established by God was by JC himself who Christ told John (14:6). John 10:9 – He is the door. Those who come in through the door will be safe and will find pastures. That is why we need to understand the tabernacle. JC says He is the way – the entrance into salvation. We also find JC that greets us by the priest and we find salvation that would bring us into the presence or throne of God. 2. The presence of God – the throne room. The Atrium – Exod 27:9-19, 38:9-17. Means Christ w/n people as savior.
  • 11. 1. The linen curtain means justice, holiness of ‘Christ. “Ac 3:14, Ephj 4:24, I Pet 1:16, I Jn 2:1, Rev 19:8 The columns and base of columns represents the believers cemented in word of God, redeemed by the blood and united tog. Rom 3:24-26, Eph 6:15, Ps 119:105 & 106. Eph 4:13, Gal 4:28. The stakes represents the love that sustains us. Isa?? (Hosea)?? 11:4, Rom 5:8. The curtains was from fine linen twisted in which the linen was known in Egypt – resistance. Represent justice of God. Resistant to attack. Altitude of curtains was 5 meters that would overpass human height. In order to keep others from looking inside. The justice of God could not be equal to man’s justice. This is why it is a closeness so that there would be seperation between God and man. Beauty. Not from gains, market or business. Not for political movement. Not to promote doctrines or forms to gain any personal objective, but only to portray the presence of the Lord. Even in the day or night, this sanctuary from twisted linen was protection so that man would be reminded of purity of ‘God. Promoted holiness. The only way one could come inside was for offering purposes. Rom 3:10. No man was found just knew how to look for God. All had sinned. I Cor 1:30. Justification, sanctification. God did not commit sin. II Cor 5:21. 10 Columns in the front of the atrium– to sustain or hold the curtain. The plates were silver symbolic of redemption. Freedom in which someone pd for rescue. Definition of original redemption in which goes to the high priest. God redeemed through the high priest for salvation. Rom 3:24 The columns was the cement God and they maintained the truth which is Jesus Christ. The Bronze – fountain was a reticule of bronze that had a base and was for the priests to be prior to ministering. We don’t know the dimensions. It is a purifier such as the Word of God. The Word of God for holiness, sanctification. Ex 30:17-21, 40:7-11, 30:32, Heb 10:22. The fountain of bronze was of water for Aaron and his son so that they could wash their feet to prevent death at the entrance. This was a perpetual statute for the generations to come. We too have to wash our hands. The fountain was placed between the altar of sacrifice and the store and was the only object of bronze in the tabernacle tog with the furnishings inside the atrium. Bronze Cup This furnishing was a very brilliant bronze that looked like a mirror and had brilliance would not diminish. There is no registering of the dimensions of this furniture, but its
  • 12. part of Church of God. We have no limits or measurements. Only the fountain is mentioned in the temple of Solomon – 10 meters. I Kings 7:23-40 and it is called the sea. It is supposed that the tabernacle fountain was a simple way to facilitate its transporting. The base of bronze was made from mirrors of women that would come to tabernacle for reunion. Believed it was composed of 2 pieces. Base made of donated mirrors volunteered by women. For beauty – symbolic. To look at us when we use it to see how we look. It is believed that the church is the bride of JC and when the bride needs to be prepared for the event. The mirrors are the word of God and the altar is the blood that takes the sins. Fountain to clean and to wash away the sins. Jm 1:23-24, II Cor 3:18. Jn 15:3. Cleaned by the Word. Jn 17:17 – be cleaned with truth. Eph 5:25-28. John 13:8-10. Ps 119:9. Heb 10:22. In the new pat – the sacrifice of Jesus Christ comes in the high priesthood as the only one purified and had communion with the father. Heb 12:14. Without peace & holiness, no one could see the lord. All have to be cleaned or purified before the Lord. The same way the fountain has a purpose, the same the table of showbread has a place. The chandelier and the altar of incense have a place in the tabernacle. The Store - La tienda. It is the place where “God reigns. Num 3:25, 4:5, exodus 4r:26, 1-37. Eph 2:21-22. The coverings of the store – from linen. Exod Isa 61:10, Philip 3:9. Covering of goat skin (red dye tint)– Exod 26:7, Lev 9:3 offering of sin. Eph 5:2. The cover of calf tinted in red. Exod 26:14, substitution in Gen 24:13, Isa 53:5. Brown - Exod 26:1-37 (badgers skin) this served as protection. Ezek 16:10, Isa 53:2-3. [Badger like a beaver] Exod 26 – the store of the tabernacle – dimensions. N/S – 20 pieces of wood that was acacia wood. They were wrapped in oil, gold representing the church of Christ. The bars in the back were gold. Bezaleel was given the precise instructions. Exod 26:1-13. He picked the acacia wood that would be wrapped in gold very carefully. Much workmanship to bring into perfection. This represents us as believers that we have been cut, our feet has been trimmed and cut because Christ will bring us to repentance when we listen to the Word of God. Each like a sword, he put us on earth so that we could come to the house of God. Eph. 2:1. We are God’s craftsmanship representing the church in reformation by the Holy Spirit. Like a tree with vines that has been twisted and he sees in us what no one can see. Jesus sees us as a hidden table in His tabernacle. He wrapped us in His beauty, glory, and richness. We are His creation. Even though each wood was different, each fits perfectly next to each other. This table was not independent with fruit from the earth, but they depend on each other. We have to step away the eagle and our dependence has to be from the Lord. Redemption is the base of what sustains the Christian by Jesus Christ. II Tim 1:12. Eph 4:13. Exod 26:26-29. Eph 2:21-22.
  • 13. Thursday, April 24, 2008 Bars to the inner court are bars that sustained the church. Before they were put together, there were no good for anything because they were no support. Ephesians speaks that every bldg had to be coordinated together with God & the Holy Spirit. Eph 2:21. Many say that the center that is covered with the curtain, but it is the center of the atrium and means the number 5 (half) meaning grace. Death of Christ and saved by His death. Symbolic number – 5 which came through the measurement. This number is also found in the altar of bronze and it is the reminder that the church is sustained by the grace of God. Isa. 11:1, Jn 1:1-2, Col. 1:17 – God’s deity is subject to plenty. Col. 2:9-10. Rom 8:35. Rev. 13 says I am the alpha, the omega, the beginning and the end, the first and last. It has been symbolized in Eph 4:3 that we are solidified in unity by the Holy Spirit. The analogy is interesting. The materials of the bars are same as the measurement given and remind us that everything matches in the tabernacle. Nothing is independent. The Holy Spirit is only 1. Basing the unity with the believers in Christ that we are His workmanship. Read Exodus 26:3-14. It is so wonderful the beauty of the holy place. Let’s detain one moment and study of the coverings of the store. Have u ever noticed any place in tabernacle that there is a chair? Even if it did, we would not want to sit because we would not be able to form the work of art that the tabernacle brings to it. If you read in details of the tabernacle, when u enters thru the doors of the atrium, u will stay in awe of the beauty of God. When u understands the tabernacle, you come to appreciate Christ and the beauty and understand the things of God. [NOTE – WRITE MY THESIS (MASTERS) ON THE TABERNACLE] I Cor 2:14, the natural man can’t conceive the things of the spirit. It appears to be crazy but is for things that can discern spiritual things. Curtains – 10 types of linen woven together which cherubim’s that did the work. Exod. 36:8-13. A constitution of different colors. Blues, purple, and red. The celestial heavens where Jesus came from. Where he’s from, stayed and lives. Every 50 yards of linen, 1 gold ring woven in between. Covertures – justice. The character of Christ - Jn 14:1-3. The linen was a textile plan (flax seed family) and measured in height planted you could pick up the large plant, cut them and place them in the sun to dry. This was grown in the desert. The fiber was course that would produce fine thread and goes thru the process of maturity that later was strong. Christ was crucified after process of mocking, hit and blasphemy like the process of the textile plant. [Cut when time to flourish] JC died in His plentiful youth, even this curtain had different colors and had a distance and look totally white.
  • 14. Rom 3:22-26. The justice of Christ is the cover of the church and was made of 10 curtains that each measured 28 mm in height and 4 mm in width. Exod 26:1-14. Also represents the deity of God. Made in 2 pieces – each had 50 bows. The ties were blue and 50 combined to tie the bow together. Each piece was united with another piece of fastener made of gold and made it to appear like 1 piece. (Many members but 1 body) White – holiness Purple – royalty Gold – the perfection Red - redemption Blue – celestial Wood – human nature – compassion Bronze of the laver was to purify Jn 10:30-38, Jn 17:11 – 21, Jn 14:9-11. The Holy Spirit unites the father with the son. The son is dependant totally of the HS. Would reveal himself to the father. The HS will unite us with Christ. We are one and the HS reveals everything to us about Christ. Inside the curtain was inside with cherubim’s. According to Ezek 10, these cherubim’s where creatures that would appear with the 4 heads. 4 heads – 1) lion, 2) ox, 3) man, and 4) eagle. Ezek. 1:10. Ezek 10:10-14, Rev. 4:7. At the beginning of the entrance were the gospels. Then into the atrium, Matthew represents Christ – Lion – the tribe of Judah. The King! Mark represents the ox as a good & faithful servant to death. Luke represents the perfect man without sin. John represents eagle that travels in the altitude such as Jesus that has His throne in heaven. Each color of the covertures represents the 4 gospels representing Christ. Matt represents purple – kingdom and royalty. This color has royalty and shows Matthew as the Gospel of King. Matt shows the aspect of the character of Christ 14 times when He calls him the son of David. The famous descendants that God promised to be perpetual in the throne of Israel. Mark means red – faithful unto death. The gospel of Mark who has the relationship with the cover red or blood of Christ that shows the servant or the faithful suffering of Messiah in the Christ. Luke means white. No blemish or sin. The gospel of Luke has the fine linen that symbolizes the perfect man. The character of just such as JESUS. This gospel represents the savior as the character of men. It is the gospel – the son of men. Jesus is the Gospel
  • 15. of the son of man. It is like a perfect man illustrating the necessity of the genealogy of Dr. Luke who registered the ascendants of Christ. - 12 ministries John the blue (celestial), we see the gospel of John, Jesus like the son of god fulfills the prophecy in Isa 40:9 when he said go up into the mountain. The tabernacle covering had 11 curtains that were made of the hair of goats. The terminology strictly of this covering, Ex. 26. Covering w/o dye that Jesus lived a holy life without sin and because of that he could ask who of us would have sinned. Jn 1:29; Jn 26:7. Lev 9:3 on the Day of Atonement. Lev. 9:3, Heb. 9:14, II Cor 5:2 desiring to be dressed with the celestial covering. When we cry. One cover would extend to the back of the tabernacle through both sides and then fold to the back in a way that it would show like a double. II Cor 14:14-18. The back of the tabernacle represents the forgiveness of our sins by Jesus Christ (offered Himself) so we have no sin. The tights to keep folded. Instead of gold, this was bronze. Bronze signifies justice over Christ which fell over the justice. Isa 53:5, Isa 44:22, I Jn 3:8. Ps 32 (blessed be our transgression that is forgiven. Blessed be the man that God does not blame for his iniquity. Ps 103:12, when u r far in the orient, God means he takes us away into the desert. Jn 1:29. Act 16:32. The covering dyed with red and then over with him. Same calf that Abraham used. Gen 22:13 Ex 26:14, this curtain extend over the posterior and exterior of and would stand over 48 units and each world. This cover symbolizes atonement. Red meaning blood. John 41:6) Moses, Abraham Isaac. John 3:16, Heb 9:22 Same material that the high priest clothing was consecrated to death. The same red is the symbolism of the blood as the covering. The covering of the badgers was exposed to the seasons of time (outside) it had no beauty or color because it was very dark. When u can see the beauty of this badgers skin, u had to come inside to appreciate the beauty because from the exterior was not presentable or desirable. Read Isa 53:2-3. This skin was not an attractive skin but very costly. Not abundant but only for the male badgers and good for protection. Also good to make shoes. Ezek 16:10. He has stretched us and given us shoes. Linen for I have covered you so this cover was necessary in which people believed this badger had look of seals even this covertures will resist in the desert. All the climate, the rain, sun, wind as Jesus Christ resisted everything until death and even the attack from Satan. All was for our protection – Jn 16:33. All these things spoken for our peace. No measurements. The covertures of Jesus Christ can’t be measured. He suffered all the attacks and temptation.
  • 16. We must stay firm. The psalmist describes the tabernacle so into important parts, each day we can read. Ps 64:1, Ps. 57:1, Ps 91:4. If we make a summary of this symbolism of this covering, the linens, color & cherubim’s. Hairs of the sheep Christ The Calf tinted in red Cow represents Christ who shed his blood Badgers skins. Thursday, May 01, 2008 The Holy Place. Enter into the East. Ephod and many other colors in the High Priest coverings. Exodus 26:36-37 give s the description. The entrance of the Holy Place has 3 entrances – 1 the atrium, 2 – the holy place, 3 – holy of holies. Types of Christ – Christopology. We can apply Jn 14:6 that calls for these places. The atrium is the way (Christ is the Way.) The holy place – He is the truth. Holy of Holies – He is the life. We consider that the door of the store has the same colors – bloue purple, red and the same twisted linen that the high priest wore. The same columns made of acacia wood wrapped with gold. The capitalist that holds top & bottom, bases were with bronze and gold. The 5 columns was suggested it represent the 5 fold ministries. (Pastor, teacher, evangelist, prophet, and apostle) Teaching – theological, bibical teachings, orthodox, judaisms – anything to do with the gospel of Christ. Apostle ministry - 5 fold ministry - compliments the Body of Christ – Eph 4:11-12. The intercessor of Christ – through the death of Christ. 5 columns also represent grace. The bronze in the columns reflect judgment. Matt 25 – the coming of Christ is represented. Also in John. God is returning for a church without spot or blemish. We all are judged by our actions – if we are high priest, in service, we have to be careful how we conduct yourself. Theo – Study of Ology – Word of God We examine ourselves when we start to get close to God. The respon that God has placed in our hands as servants or workers in the Hand of God, we have to remember that
  • 17. we have to have accountability for what we do. We have an opportunityh & privilege that comes with responsibility. The entrance represents Christ. He was made man. He was covered in royalty. Judged us by His Word. He reigned with His glory. Jn 5:22. We must understand that every minister has to be a type of Christ because he is who represents Christ on the earth. Even thou we live in the world but not of the world and we are seated in the celestial places with Christ. We must take our place and tell the world the place God has given me. Reverends are people who have studied the Word of God and are a Master degree level. A counsel has ordained you or someone who wants to give you coverature. You must have a head and someone who represents you. Pastors are different from Reverends. We will be crowned in Glory. II Tim 4:8, I Pet 5:4, Rev 2:10. In the holy place - Heb 9:2. I Pet 2:9. Candelabra – Jesus is the light of the world. Exod 35:21, Jn 8:6-12, Mat 12:15-16. Made of hammered gold. 7 lamps of oil. Placed in the area that would light the holy place and the priest in case they needed to read. Set on the left hand side of the entrance of the sanctuary. Indicated the way of the East side – the illumination & direction of the Holy Spirit. Made of gold and 7 lamps represents the perfection of the light, energy of the holy spirit and also efficacies of the perfect work of Christ. Also means, we must go forth. Exod. 25:31-40. On the South – left side – observe 3 types of furniture. Furniture made of bronze which is table of showbread and incense. Wt of gold is 57kg. Very spectactular. Process represented Christ or the handcraft of it. Isa 53 indicates that Christ was beaten but now the light of the world. Jesus said I am the light of the world. Those who follow me will be the light of the world. Jn 8:12, 9:5. I am the light of the world. Rev. 21:23 – Jesus is the light and eternal life. We are not exempt from sin and not exonerated from works or trials, but we can depend completely on him. Acts 14:22. Jn 16:33. In the craftsmanship – God has overcome the world. #7 in the lamp means completion. The candelabra contains the stem (the rod) which represents Christ. Isa 11:1-4. 6 arms represents men. 6 is the number of man. Rev. 13:18. god made man on day 6. Center demonstrates the dependence of Christ. Christ is connected to man. Each side of the rod represents man and the dependency on Christ. Jn 15:4-5. The number of the churches – 7. WE are completed in Christ. The stem were 4 cups made like a flower – flower of almond. 3 cups made like the apple flower. The creator created all fruit & plants. The applies & almonds were popular in Jerusalem. At Passover, you eat crushed almonds, apples. Sacrificial offerings. The priests could exercise the work that were related to the altar and the incense. They could eat the bread from the table of the showbread. We can contemplate the spiritual food which represents the Word of God. Matt 5:16 – let our light so shine. Imitate God!
  • 18. Also the stem in the candelabra of the craftsmanship represents the different stages of Jesus Christ – childhood, youth and adulthood. Jesus grew in wisdom, height and grace. Vertical and horizontal growth. No sin. Revelation comes from what you have read and brought to memory what you have read. Something hidden and has come to the light. Once revealed by the Spriti of God, it then has revelation and spiritual discernment. The lamps represents the knowledge of Christ. Lu 2:52. I Thes 3:12-13. We grow in abundance… to perfect our workds in the ministry in order to edify the body of Christ. We become unified by faith & knowledge of God. Eph 4:12-16. The superior part of the candelabra contains oil that produce 1 only light in the holy place. Composesd with 7 lamps representing perfection. The 7 spirits in front of the throne. Exod 27:20, Lev. 24:1-4. The oil were prepared from broken olives and had to be pure. Utilitized for diverse purposes – 1) anoint the high priest as king , 2) anoint furnishings, 3) anoint food. This oil was typology of the Holy Spirit. Type of Christ. The Green Olive – Christ! Rom 11:17. After the Holy Spirit we are then broken. Golgotha, Jn 19:16-19. Was given to be crucified. John 16:7-15. 7 faces of the Holy Spirit. 1) the spirit of God, 2) spirit of understanding, 3) spirit of knowledge, 4) spirit of power, 5) spirit of counsel, 6) spirit of wisdom, and 7) spirit of fear of the Lord. With the help of the HS, we continuously try to stay in Him. Messiah in Hebrew and Christ in Greek is translated as anointed. Luke 4:18-21. Act 10:38. Jesus of Ansadad. Luke 18:19. Every Christ needs the Holy Spirit is given by Luke 4 to continue to have the light of Christ. The oil was also given to give light continuously. Jn 14:14. Cleanliness is also revealed in the flowers. [Daily living]. Results are wonderful. The wick in the candelabra could only be used for 1 day. Phil 3:13. Continue daily. Instruments God uses to take us thru the process of craftsmanship. God glorifies himself. Matt 5:16. The plate that holds the wick in the candlelabra means that the work we have completed and become ashes and are presented at the altar for sacrificial confirmation. God does not forget. Matt 6:1-4, Col 3:23-24. Do everything with your heart. We are the light. Rev. 2:5 Thursday, May 08, 2008 The Table of Propitiation and the meaning of propitiation. The table of showbread in which the opposite side of the menorah was the candelabra in the Israeli language. Made of acacia wood – overlayed with solid gold. Surface 3 x 1 ½ ft. 12 loaves of bread representing 12 tribes of Israel. They were placed on that Saturday where they were going to have the Holy Suppeer and replaced on the other Saturday. The high priest ate the replaced bread – representing Christ which is the Bread of Life.
  • 19. The table Also called the table of presence of God. It was in the holy place in which Exod 25:23 explains the significance of everything on that table. Mt 27:37 gives you more of the bread of life. Each plate had incense on top because that was a perpetual pact in front of God and that is Exod 25:23. Lev 24:5-9 – pesaj. The Holy Supper was instituted in the Catholic Church, made for the God of Sun – the Vatican in the Constantine – Mother Martha of preparing a similar bread. Had King Sirius. On the other side of the tabernacle – when we enter by the candelabra would lite up and shine. The purpose was to shine upon the bread – God is the significance and to reveal the presence of God at all times, close to the table fo the showbread. This verse in Lev 24:5-9 explains this. I Sam 21:6. Also, the altar of bronze is tog with the sacrifice and necessary to observe the unity. Made of acacia wood and to exhibit this bread continually. Recognized and contained the bread of propitiation – the presence of the Lord. It had 2 crowns as belts and were placed in the superior part of the tabernacle & this table represents the humanity of Christ and His divinity. Also represents the same opp that King David had like God himself – the King of Kings. Mt 27:37 – the King of the Jews. He represents the crown that was placed on His head in which here is the King of the Jews. Jn 17:5, now the time has come when on your side & the hour come, I will be with you before the world was done. Jesus knew what was to come so in the tabernacle before jesus death, He was already instituted by the Father and all this would take place and He would be crucified. In Rev. 19:16 the showbread and crown represents dressings and thigh area – the name is written King of Kings and Lord of Lords. Therefore we see that jesus was made smaller than the angels but crowned with glory and honor until His death so that the grace of God would take place for us. Heb. 2:9. Inside the bread, labor is represented in the earth. Signifies total dependence on the Father. Jn 17:4. The other crown, square would not let the bread fall – showcase that prevents anything from falling from it. The presence of God was continual until all the bread was eaten. The priest would go the high place anyday he had to go to the High place. The incense also had a place which was all the time representing the presence of God. Symbolizing the adoration. Exod 30:1-20. I Cor 12:18-28. Worship symbol. Bread is also a reminder that the 12 tribes was totally dependent on God not only placed there for them to eat, but also they would know not to go back to paganism. The Levite tribe was the only ones allowed to eat the showbread. Each son of the Levites had a job or task. Very important part of eating of the bread – Jn 6:35-58. Bread that descended from heaven is Jesus and given to the world. He is not like manna eaten by our fathers. The word of God is the bread. Showbread made of fine flour and is symbolic of the mysteries that surrounds the holiness of Jesus Christ. The bread made made without leven, which
  • 20. was pure. Family of coat (tribal coat) were in charge of this job and the brothers had the bread of propitiation and had to put tog the day of rest. I Chron 9:22. type of Christ – no leven. Also represents men without sin. The bread made with holes – baked and passed by the fire symbolizing the trial Jesus endured. Also represented holes in his head, feet, side, hands & feet which converted itself into the sins of the world. 2 colums of 6, total of 12 – 12 tribes of Israel, but also represent the church and the 12 apostles. In the symbolism, 6 not only the # of man, but also gove’t of human kind. We must obey the gove’t statutes. Also represents divine gove’t of heaven. In the showbread, showed that not only is He the saviour but sufficient to save the world and each bread plate like each of the tribes – ea bread represented the position of the tribe and also the differences that the blessings were special for each and not the same. Body with many members with many functions. Same way we knead the bread, Jesus also kneads man. This would be served to the kings or to someone that was hosted and symbolism the people with God. The author of the goods were the Israelis and they were employed by doing this service. I Pet 2:9. This representation in communion, the people have to offer to God during those 7 days as the offering of food. The fact that the bread was here for a few days – the table, they needed protection. This is why the incense was the protection of this place and it was a special incense coming from a tree from white color and smelled bitter. Special tree that gave this aroma. Burned on the altar when the high priest would eat the bread and the aroma would be all over the Holy Place. This same incense is mentioned in some of the offerings represented. The incense represents something with the bread. It was the only way to maintain the holy place, but also keep away insects that would be on the bread. Incense was so bitter but it was also the type of suffering Christ suffered. The priest would feel this. I Cor 11:26. They would be reminded of Christ. Our communion with Christ should be constant. Utensils, plates, spoons, covers, cups, mugs that this offering was the presence of God that was poured at Golgotha and the utensils the symbolic stewardness. A steward of the Lord – Mt 20:38. The son of Man, he didn’t come to be served, but to serve. II Tim 2:20-21 explains when you have a big house, we not only have utensils, but wood and everything had to be honest. The shew bread represents when jesus sat for the Last Supper. The High Priest also had this the same as we have the same to sit in celestial places. Eph 2:4-7. Altar of Incense Were the symbolic place of the eternal worship and it was placed in the holy place in front of the veil. Made of gold. Christ our Mediator. Exod 30:1-10, II Cor 2:14, I Jn 2:1, I Tim 2:5. Made of acacia wood. Overlayed with pure gold. Walls were pure gold. Horns pure gold. 2 rings had gold over the metal bars. Mjade also from acacia wood. Aaron would come ev morning to burn incense in the day & night.
  • 21. This was the 3rd furnishing in the sanctuary. The Father, Son & Holy Spirit – before entering the Holiest Place, here were the altar of incense placed with the elaborate curtains. The fragrance would fill the chamber of the Holiest Place. This furnishing was the same of the table of showbread. Has the same – crown like the altar of bronze with 4 horns. Measures same and many controversies of the dimensions. The consistency of each of the furnishes had to be worked with. They couyld not be the same size and height. Largest piece of furniture due to the sacrifice. They were eating and washing continuously. No furn. Was more important that another. All had its own purpose and they had the same purpose as the Body of Christ. The combo of wood represents God. Furn was directly to the veil – the the East of the Holiest place and placed in front of the ark of the covenant but sepearated the altar of incense. When the order of the furnishings are in place it is the form of the cross. See the order and you will see the cross. Symbols of intercession and wisdom. The 2 sticks in the tabernacle are symbolic. Rom 8:1 1) Christ 2) Holy Spirit 3) Rom 8:26 – the superior part of the crown was to sustain the incense so that it would not fall on the floor. 4) Heb 2:9 5) Christ crowned with glory intercedes for us. When we come into His presence, we are crowned and when we get close to the altar, we worship in adoration. This is symbolic of the altar of the incense. We see the altar, when the sacrifical place took place with the priest, the blood was in the horns and symbolic of the horns. Placed in eachg corner – the cardinal places of the earth. 4 strategic places in the tabernacle. Lev 4:7 – the blood from the sacrifice were placed on altar of bronze & at the door of the tabernacle. Exod 30:10 – Day of atonement. For all generations to come. Lev 16:15-19 – the observation of the process of the intercession that takes place. Lev 4:7. altar of incense in the tabernacle in locations the sons of the ones that were taken from the animals. Aaron was not alone. No one could go in front of him. This was a precious time, but also pressured. It was the presence of almighty God. The disciples could not even pray for an hour. The blood that came from the forehead from Jesus, but only the angels could come, separate and give light for all humanity. He would take the blood over his fingers. Also this represents washing his hand. Christ gave up and finished all by sacrificing Himself. The relationship with the altar of bronze and incense has the siginificance of power. Rom 1:16.
  • 22. In the altar – pwer of salvarion In the incense – Heb 4:14-16 power for men. Trusting God in grace. When we know the biblical passage omitted in Ch 25-27, in the order of passage. Ch 27 order does not come through until ch 30. Furn culminates the completeness. The holiest place. Intermediate place between God and man. Study the furniture as a symbol of worship – day & night. Exod 30:7 (read the lamps & oil). Consider the bibilical passages and citations. Lev 16:12, Nu 16:46. The same way the oil & incense was burning, they had the same operation day and night. Orientals copy from the tabernacle system to worship their gods. Heb 13:15. Incense of recipe could not be altered or imitated. The 2 tribes – Nadab & Abiu remembered could do nothing. Represents the excellence of Christ – God is the only substance of worship. Exod 30:34-37. The altar of the incense that had ordinary In this incense tree, no extraction was required. Worship belongs to the Lord. The oil was a destraction. 2 interpreations. 1) work should be easy with no problems, 2) shold come from the heart. Ps 130. Plant from India and would give rest. Lu 18:10 – Publican and Pharisees. Ps 51:17. Incense was the same when Jesus was born in Bethlehem. White & bitter. Beat into fine powder. Necessities in our life represents fine powder. When we are cut and stuff are finished, we can come to the presence of God and ask God to help. It should have the aromatic smell of Christ and unadulterated. Whoever is called of Jesus Christ should have a humble heart. Don’t go with any inventions that will go agains what you are hearing. 4 ingredients represents Christ. The incense area is part of the priest that would be pure gold. Part of the interior that would be placed somewhere within the tabernacle. No specifications. II Chr 4:2, Lev 10:1, Nadab and Abihu. 250 in the familhy of the Levities, this was utilized daily. Plenty to do this and was to be used in the Holy Place in the Day of Atonement. I Ki 7:50 tells of their homes. Heb 9:3 ark of the covenant., Inside the Ark of the covenant, the rod of iron and the tables of the pact. Author writes. This would be somewhere close to the furnishings. II Cor 2:14. The Veil Was a curtain dividing the 2 rms from the tabernacle – holiest and holy. Heb 9:4, II Cor 2:14-15. The death of Christ. Exod 26:1-35 explains all the elements. The veil Mk 15:38 was broken and represents free access. Mt 22:50. The Work of Christ - broke the 4 columns in the church. The man hanged on the cross. Sin of man was broken. Exod 36:1-23. Veil was broken and the holiest place was discovered & opened. That is the death of Christ. Heb 10:19.
  • 23. The Holiest Place – Christ in his throne. It was the interior room, the form, perfect cubicle and separated from the sanctuary and curtain of the veil. Most dedicated work of the structure that surrounds the holiest place. Chamber & Presence ofGod – Day of Atoenement annually to make reconmcilliation of man representing communion of the soul with man. Chamber was secret place of the most highest God where we can come ikn by the Blood of jesuys, byu His death and the light that surrounds the glory of our lives. Ark of the Pact and the Propitiator. Ex 25:10-11. The arkwas the only furn in the holiest place and measured. Inside you had the 2 tables of stone – Mosaic law. Kept there from dessert. Symbol of authority in Christ hood. Transport once per year and 2 rings to stick the ring in it. On top was massive gold. Al. In this top, there were 2 figures such as the Cherubimns (made in gold). This work & craftsmanship represents the shikinah (shining) glory of God. Extent in the form of the cloud that protected them and will guide you. Occupies the 1st place given by Moses – important position in the tabernacle. Closed with the veil. Structured at the base of God. Name symbols sould. Ark reveals destined to be kept. Animals transported and the species that came over the earth. An ark was instrumental to save Moses from death. Destined to keep the pack with men and was made of acacia wood. Depended on the covering. It is known as the propitiation –the covering – the blood of Christ. Names of the Ark 1. Ark of God 2. Ark of Pact of God 3. Ark of Testimony 4. Ark of the Lord This furnighsing was not the design. The plan of salvation was originated by God Himself and is the original plan. We have commenced to understand the pilgrimage of the people of Israel, the sin of man, and the holy place in which the High Priest will be the servant. This cases Deut 31:26 The rod of Aaron speaks of the salvation The flowers represent the ministry approved. Num 17:7-8 The manna was another recipient to put the manna and shewbird into. The provsion of God. Exod. 16:33-34. Heb 9:4.
  • 24. Ark – obedience and humbling of God. Jn 17:21; Jn 5:36, Jn 18:37, Exod 25:22, Mt 1:23 for the churches. The propitiation, the power of the cherubim and power of the angels. The most holy. Represented throne of God. Favor to us – God is the propitiation of our sins. I Jn 2:2. Dimensions of this ark – Heb represents covering. Love of God. In Him we find peace, Isa 53, Rom 3:25, I Jn 4:10. Before the priest, he had to go and burn incense and also place blood. Ps 32:10, Ps 33:5, Ps 36:5. Cherubims means protection. Beginning like in Gen in the Garden of Eden. Brightness – full of fire & glory. Heb 9:5 – cherubims shows the glory. Has a special relationship with God and His throne. I Sam 4:4, Exod 13:2 – from this place that God declared to this place and to these peopled. Exod 16:10, 40:34. Cloud that covered the tabernacle and covers with the appearance of fire in the nigh. Numbers 9:15-16. lev 8:10-11. Num 19:4. 7 represents crucifixion. When Jesus was anointed by John the Baptist. – Jordan. Brightness of the pact, seal of the holy spirit and finally the blood in the ark – covering and purifies our sins. The tables or tablets of the pact The perfect justice of jesus Christ. Particular to know that the tables were the 1st and the 2nd was the rod of iron and the 3rd was the manna picked up as a reminder of the desert. Heb 9:4. Bible registers that the table of the Law given to Moses teaches us Jesus Christ and is our art of Covenant and we are his perfect justice and his nature. The tables were kept in the chest as perfection. Exod 25:16, Ps 40:8, Exod 20:1-17. The manna (Exod 16:14, Exod 16:2-34, Jn 6:32, Jn 6:48) DEFINE The shekinah. Table – was the law of the prophets fulfilled – Mt 5:1, Mt 22:37-40, Gal 3:13, Gal 24:25, Heb 8:10. The rod of Aaron The incense of gold.
  • 25. Thursday, May 22, 2008 1. The ark contained the perfect justice of Jesus. 3 things inside the ark: a) tables of the pact, b) the rod of aaron, and c) the manna. As a reminder that God was their God and they were His people. 2. Heb 9:4, around the ark, there was an incense toward the east side of the ark to keep the bread from rotting inside the ark. 3. The first registry of the bible in which the bible shows any law – was the law of Moses, the tables of the tablet of the law. The one that Jesus points out in His gospel that He did not come to abolish but to fulfill the Law. 4. The same ark had to have Jesus heart in its nature because the tablets was the perfect justice of God. The divine law was kept in His chest and He brought it in perfection with justice for all the people. Jesus was the only one who kept this law because no one would keep the law and noone could do the law. A metaphor. 5. Ex 25:16 explains why it was given the ark of the testimony. Ps. 40:8 speaks of the tablets. To do God’s will is to have God’s heart. Mt 9:13. Same theme tx by the Isa 1:11-17, Jer. 6:20 6. Ex 20:1-17 – tells of the words in the tables and after that Moses put it in order. 1st recital of the tables. The 1st table contains the 1st 4 laws. They were written vertical – from men to God. 2nd table contained another 6 laws – horizontal –the contract with men to men. 7. In Jesus – the law was fulfilled and the prophets. Mt 5:1. The bible says Jesus grew in grace and height. Vertical. For man it was horizontal. This gave him the auth to resume these 10 laws in only 2 laws. 8. Knowledge, grace and height. Vertical. With man – horizontal – auth to resume the 10 laws in 2. Mt 22:37-40. Gal. 3:13. Gal 3:24-25. Christ fulfilled the Law and when this was done, it came into us the redeemed one. He writes it in our hearts, mind, and has given us the Spirit of Help and guidance so that we don’t violate or break the law. Heb 8:10. II. The manna – bread container. [vase] 1. Moses, Exod 16:14-15. Made of gold and crafted beautifully. The constancy in the provision from God in which He provides to us the celestrial bread. Ex 16:34. Jesus is the manna. John 6:32-58. Defined: discovery of the typology of Christ. A) He was like a layer of dew. B) had brilliancy of diamonds. Like a diamond from his hand – Habakkuh. C) Rev says his feet like bronze. D) Heb – apostle says that he was the shining glory of God. 2. His color was like a balsamic trees that would drip sap and looked like gold. The resin resembles Jesus. Aromatic oils were used for medicine and cure wounds, sores and other infirmities. This is a type of Christ. God became man. 3. The flavor was like new oil. The new oil used at that time to anoint, refresh, cure wounds, shined as light. To eat like the holy supper – type of Christ for us so that
  • 26. we can have presense and that we can have fresh oil if necessary. The same as they smashed the olives, he is also for us. 4. the manna was a seed like parsley – in a mortar – then u can smoke and cook the bread. This is what Isai described in ch. 53. Nu 17. One of the last items mentioned in the ark of the covennt. An image of the priesthood – Aaron and his blossom represents the symbol of Jesus praying for us. Christ was the staff that blossomed and budded. His dad could not challenge him. He was lift from the dead. Ac 2:24. Flowers represent the great fragrance of a resurrected Christ. The almond repr the 1st fruit in spring. I Cor 15:20. The 1st who slept The tree that takes this name is derived from a root that means to hurry. The rod of aaron that blossomed – it was necessary that Jesus Christ was resurrected the 3rd day. Last chapter of Exod – ment6ioned twice – the order the people would respect the taking in and out of the tabernaqcle. Ex. 40:. The first part registered the order from God to Moses. In the verses 17-23 we see Moses took for the the order of God. The approval from God will fulfill that place with glory. The whole process was relaqted to praise A& worship. The tabernacle not only given to put tog as the initiaon of all things. At the beg we will start the journeys. That was init,k the initiation of the priests aqnd his clothersd. The ark of the covenant, ark of the law mentioned the concept of this worhip. The tabernacle not only given by God, but aso the comense – the place of reunion was the place wehre God Himsel placed the pact,m the veal, table of showbread, cande4llara, laws, the altar of God with incense burning. The altar of bronze with his burnt offers. Aaron would work and wash before coming intgo the tabernacle. Giving us the understand that was the plan of salvgation for man and was originated by the celestial father and Himself for which he initiated. Send His beloved son from heaven so that we can have the invitation to enter His place and the doors that are called Christ. The Incense of God This was a cup attached ti the tassle made of gold. Inside the cup of the incense was the combo of sweet smell and charcoal. The day of atonement (once a year), the Hight Priest would go to the high place and take the incense once per year.. The art of the pact and the presence of/god would be there. NOTE: To present the offerings to God, it was carefully. The childr55en of Israql, did not follow the sacrifice. The destruction with the lightning of fire. To take and do the sacreifices was an act of obedience.
  • 27. The fire of the altar of the sacrifice could never be turned off – typified holiness. It was possible that Nadab and Abihu had taken the incense (strange fire) had mixed with God (didn’t follow instructions). Nadab and Abihu abused the office of the priesthood. Lev. 10:1-2 speaks of the death of the sons of Aaron – Nadab and Abihu. Incense was taken perhaps of practicalness and quick. Not the one they were suppose to bring. They brought the wrong thing to the Lord. Lev. 16:12-13 explains the way we take the incense for us to avoid death. Exod. 40:34-48. Read the shekinah glory – the cloud. The glory of God. Cloud in the day and night gave direction thru the desert. This cloud may have been the illumination that gave light. Visible in day and could be seen at night. But this could not have been possible because how can this cloud be taken from a certain place and be lifted in another place. Cloud of fire was not a natural stage – it was phenomenal from the presence and evidence of God. TGiven direction to the people of Israel – they could be walking in this cloud by what God would say. Ex 40:33-48. The cloud – symbolic and fire of God. Exod. 13:20-21. Num 12:5 - The Passover. Transformed the camp. Manifestation frequently given by the glory of God. The cloud that covered the tabernacle at every reunion. The propitiation – the holiest place. God was over the holy place. Lev 16:2. Perhaps the same fire that destroyed Nadab & Abihu. Deut 4:24. God is fire that consumes. The next time the cloud was nentioned – King Solomon I Sam 8:10 was about to build the temple. Ezek. 37 – sin had become much and God’s glory was taken away. The NT mentions the cloud that contain His glory in the mount transfig. Ac 1:9 – Jesus was taken to heaven in a cloud and lastly, the last registry will be that all eyes shall see Him. Luke 21:27. It is nec4ssary that the people of Israel have the cloud to direct them through the desert. This cloud would indicate when to stop, when to go. Today we hqve the Holy Spirit that gives truth, how to speak, to do the perfect will of God and not to do the things that are not of God. Jn 16:13. When we ask for direction from God we can go to where He wants us to go establishing a place to pray, to seek His direction and His purpose. This is the purpose in which you find yourself today as a Christian. Typology - the type of typos – greek. Meaning a mark, impression, design. Jn 20:25 – the nail imprint. The story of salvation. The elements – offerings, sacrifice, the fulfillment. Rom 5:14 – to affirm yourserlf before the coming of Christ. Ac 7:43, Heb 9:23. Will give form. Rom 6:17. Exam. I Tim 4:12. For all students – this is the representation of the work of Jesus Christ.
  • 28. Symbolism. Don’t be dogmatic but understanding and careful. Don’t force interpretation with no bibilical base. We will see God’s hand – see ourself approved in every confirmation and application based on His ordinance and covenant. To use model of Moses in the tabernacle and the celestial symbolic – wonderful things. This is to have experience and biblical backup with purpose so that you can respect the one who is listening to you. There are other studies that people use to convenience and expose this, but it is not biblical to use for argument by avoiding the truth siugnificance of the tabernacle. No deviation. There is something we should consider in this study that the presence of Christ is in the tabernafle and every offering, rituals, dress, furniture, number, colors, etc is a connection that represents the extension of the throne of God and His redemption. Thje words are more and the only way to have a position of God is when we study this model and understand how to utilize the details of the service, animals and the form of the altars and the bronze, every ritual was just a shadow of the redemption work of Jesus. It is simple to view it as a human being and utilize the language we can all understand, but we are people who complicate things and if we just show the expressoion of God, go to the truth of God let our revelation to give understanding simpley. This principles are found in the prophecy alreadty est in the bibgle. It is diff that someone could explain that what God wants to reveal is just mqnifesteation. We make the diff. We have the manifestion within us so that w4 can understand the plan of rede4mption. We need to wait for Christ to come back.