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04 science and religion(3)
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04 science and religion(3)


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Published in: Education, Spiritual, Technology

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  • 1. Science andReligion as moralguidesBased primarily on “The Complete Idiot’s Guide to UnderstandingEthics”
  • 2. “Something is right orgood just because Godcommands it and …something is wrong orbad just becauseGod condemns it.” (p. 38)THE DIVINE COMMAND THEORY
  • 3. “[It] is the pursuit of truth based on solid, well-established scientific principles. It differs from traditionalreligion in that it is based on knowledge that can belogically and rationally explained and proven.”“[Science] is the only justified true belief available tomen, a precious tool with which we can fullyexplain our past, improve our present and make thepositive choices that will determine our chances for thefuture.”SCIENTIFICISM(
  • 4. Science and religionWhile RELIGION “addresses the big, spiritualmysteries of life,” SCIENCE “addresses themundane workings of cause and effect in thematerial world.”(p. 59)
  • 5. For an active believer (a religiousperson), his/her religion and his/hercode of ethics go hand in hand …theypractically become one.(“El aporte de la ética en la sociedad del siglo XXI”, Dr. Emilio Martínez, Dic. 2011)Ethics and religion
  • 6. IMPORTANT NOTE:Due to the manydifferences in religions,the foundation for ourmorality should be ourhuman reason andintelligence.(“El aporte de la ética en la sociedad del siglo XXI”, Dr. Emilio Martínez, Dic. 2011)
  • 7. Ethics and scienceAlthough science isbased on provenfacts, “[it] doesn’tmean […] thatscience should beour guide in allthings. After all,science isn’teverything, and can’tprovide all of life’sanswers.” (p. 52)
  • 8. “…science can tell uswhat the most efficientmeans are for achievingour ends, but it can’t tellus which ends are theright ones.” (p. 61)…In other words, scientists cannot offeranswers to moral dilemmas.
  • 9. …Philosophy is not likescience, and moralknowledge isn’t likescientific knowledge.Asking whether somethingis scientifically possibleis different from askingwhether we should do it!(p. 55)
  • 10. Ethics, science, andreligion“…ethics [and religion]need science as much asscience needs ethics[and even religion].”(p. 52)“…science and ethics (and maybereligion) are different, but equallynecessary, perspectives for viewingthe world.” (p. 59)
  • 11. “Science without religion islame, religion withoutscience is blind.”-Albert Einstein
  • 12. “Contrary to the extreme viewthat science is all there is, wereally do need religion(faith and hope) and ethics(values and moral rules) to giveour lives meaning and purpose.”(p. 61)
  • 13. Avoid both religious fanaticismand scientific extremism!
  • 14. Cited work:“The Complete Idiot’s Guide to UnderstandingEthics”Chapter 4: God Made Me Do ItChapter 5: Let Science Be Your Guide