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Revanth Technologies is known leader in PHP Online Training. The entire teaching faculties are highly experienced. For more details please contact 9290971883 or 9247461324.
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For course content and more details please visit

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Php online training

  1. 1. Provides PHP Online Training Revanth Technologies is known leader in PHP Online Training. The entire teaching faculties are highly experienced. We use innovative training techniques after which candidates can crack any complex project in PHP. PHP is a widely-used server side scripting language that is especially suited for Web development and creating complex web applications and can be embedded into HTML. PHP is open source and platform independent. MYSQL is the database used as backend to develop web applications in PHP. Become a professional web developer in PHP after completion of our course. We are offering PHP course with basics to advance concepts. Installation of PHP, Mysql and Apache PHP Basics, PHP Programming, Creating Dynamic Website Working with PhpmyAdmin, Error Handling in PHP, PHP with Mysql Advanced Topics. Php Course Duration: 45 Days / we also conduct fast track batches. Contact number : 9290971883 or 9247461324 Mail id : For course content please visit
  2. 2. PHP Course Contents Duration : 45 Hrs HTML Introduction to layers  Discuss about protocols  Introduction to html  What is an html?  Introduction to editors and browsers  What is tag?  Discuss about basic tags of html  Discuss about head section tags  What is an attribute?  Discuss about an attribute  Discuss about textformating tags  Discuss about body tags(marquee,img,embed,anchor,named anchor)  Image mapping  Introduction to tables  Difference b/w th and td  Discuss about table attributes in notepad  Template creation with tables  Lists  Introduction to forms  Discuss about forms We will give html training completely in notepad CSS  Introduction to css  What is css  Types of css  What is inline css  Discuss inline css  What is internal css  Discuss internal css  Discuss about properties  Types of selector  Difference b/w class selector and id selector
  3. 3.  What is div  Template creation with divs  Difference b/w div and span  External css JavaScript  Introduction JavaScript  What is JavaScript  What is statement  Types of statements  What is variable  Variable declaration  What is an operator  Types of operators  Discuss operators theoretically and practically  Conditional statements  Introduction to loops  For loop examples  While loop examples  Difference b/w while and dowhile loops  functions o Parameterized functions o Non-parameterized functions o Recursive functions o Difference b/w parameterized and non-parameterized functions o Math calculations using functions o Math calculations using functions and forms  Introduction to objects  What is property and method  String object  Math object  Navigator object  screen object  Date object  Array object  Introduction to HTMLDOM  Document object  Window object
  4. 4.  Discuss dropdown menu practically  Discuss navigation menu practically For each object we will discuss properties and methods with examples in Dreamweaver Editor PHP  Introduction to php  What is php  Installation process of XAMPP  How to write php page  Php output statement and method  Where to save php page  How to run php page  Php variables  Php operators  Php variable methods  Conditional statements  Loops  Functions  Arrays o What is an array o Discuss about single dimensional array o Discuss about two-dimensional array o Discuss about multi-dimensional array o Array methods o Array sorting methods o For each as loop o While list each loop o Difference b/w explode and implode methods o For in loop o Built-in Arrays  Introduction to mysql  Discuss about queries  Creating tables  Inserting values to tables  Retrieving data from tables  Update and delete data  Exploring where keyword
  5. 5.                     Exploring order by keyword Exploring rand keyword Exploring like keyword Exploring limit keyword Exploring as keyword Group by Inner join Let join Right join String handling Regular expressions(patterns) Send data from client to server with form validation File handling File uploading QueryString Introduction to Sessions Introduction to Cookies Login page creation with remember me (sessions and cookies) Ajax o Introduction to Ajax o What is XMLHTTPRequest object? o Ajax properties o Ajax methods o Ajax event handler o Ajax with php and mysql o Double drop down list boxe Introduction to php oops o What is class o What is an object o What is constructor o What is property o What is method o What is access specifiers o Inheritance o Method overloading o Method overriding o Parameterized and non-parameterized constructors
  6. 6. o       Polymorphism o Interface o oops examples o Static o Final o Abstract Admin login creation Admin panel creation Date and time functions Mail Introduction to jquery o What is jquery o Introduction to Jquery selectors o Introduction to jquery filters o Types of jquery filters o Jqery animations and effects o Jquery events and functions o jqueryUI o jquery with ajax php with jquery examples