Reuben Rail - Visual Resume


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Reuben Rail - enjoy a visual tour of my experience and work with clients in the areas of innovation, brand identity, marketing strategy, and business model design.

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Reuben Rail - Visual Resume

  1. 1. Welcome My name is Reuben Rail and I’ll be your tour guide. Innovator / Marketer / Idea Igniter
  2. 2. SnapshotName: Reuben RailSpeaks: English, rusty SpanishPersonal Statement:“I help people awaken possibilities, enhancecapacities, and act on what matters.”
  3. 3. From: Arcata, Humboldt Countyaka “The Lost Coast”We have really big trees(Redwoods), craft beer, and thepeople are “creative” or “weird”depending on who you ask.
  4. 4. I went to Humboldt State University for Psychology .First a BA, and then MA in Counseling Psychology (all but thesis).2006
  5. 5. During my MA program I got to provide therapy services to a variety of people. I learned a lot about uncovering people’s stories, empathy, and seeing the world from others’ perspectives.
  6. 6. I then came to San Diego afterspending the summer in Mexico.*South Oaxaca is the best.
  7. 7. In Carlsbad I worked at a coaching company helping small businesses and professionals experience annual profit gains from 50-200%. I also went back toschool, and got my MBA at National University. 2009
  8. 8. Since then I have worked with San Diego small businesses, professionals and non-profits in two areas:Innovation Marketing Check out the next few pages for some specific examples.
  9. 9. Ideation Sessions
  10. 10. Brand Identity + Story *Creation and Rebranding
  11. 11. Business Model Design
  12. 12. Strategic MarketingWord of Mouth Rules. Lead with Value. Design the Experience.
  13. 13. Plus, I’ve kept my skills up to date.•Blogging for Business •Email Marketing•SEO – Getting Found •PR for Inbound Marketing•Facebook + LinkedIn •Twitter for Business•Viral Marketing •Marketing Analytics•Landing Pages •Video + Content Creation•Lead Nurturing •Big Business + Social Media
  14. 14. And people have said some things along the way. “We were having a hard time defining the customer, and how we were going to go about approaching them. The models and insight Reuben brought to Student Empowered Education has clarified for me the directions I should move, and how I should go about doing it at both the strategic and tactical level. He sees connections and processes that we would never have picked up on. Our discussions together have proven extremely valuable in discovering directions, concepts, and models that we would have missed otherwise. If you want to know more I’d be happy to talk to you personally.” Dr. Scott Kunkel, PhD President, Student Empowered Education “If you’re in a place where you need to take your ideas and make them concrete there is nobody better. Reuben has an intuitive and genuine ability to come beside somebody, ask the right questions, and have them tell him their story, and more often than naught he tells it back to you in a way that expresses what you were trying to say all along in a more clear and concise manner. Working with him we created a concrete foundation to create consistency and confidence in my business, and a system and brand identity that feels authentically me. Matt Davis Founder, Third Strategy They were nice to hear.
  15. 15. If you’re interested in working together it’s easy to connect. Site:www.reubenrail.comTwitter:@reubenrailLinkedIn: Thank You!
  16. 16. That’s all for the show. Good night, and good luck.