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Hungarian american coalition
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Hungarian american coalition


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  • 1. Hungarian American Coalition CONGRESSIONAL INTERNSHIP PROGRAM RETURN - US ALUMNI CONFERENCE November 6, 2010 Wendl, Péter
  • 2. Hungarian American Coalition Founded in 1991 by Hungarian Americans • To identify and promote the interests of the Hungarian-American community • To promote the cooperation and communication among members. • To encourage cultural and educational interaction between the peoples of the United States and Hungary. • To protect and preserve the human and minority rights and cultural heritage of Hungarians throughout the world. • To support democratic institutions and economic development in Hungary. CONGRESSIONAL INTERNSHIP PROGRAM
  • 3. Hungarian American Coalition Recent Projects: • Statements and demonstrations against the Slovak language law • Annual conference for Hungarian Americans (HATOG) • active participation in the visa waiver program • Torn from the Flag (sponsorship) • “Red Sludge Disaster Relief Fund” • Congressional Internship Program CONGRESSIONAL INTERNSHIP PROGRAM
  • 4. Hungarian American Coalition The Congressional Internship Program: The Congressional Internship Program was established to allow young Hungarian Americans and English-speaking, well-qualified Hungarians from Hungary and the neighboring countries to get acquainted with the workings of the U.S. Congress and to motivate them for public service in their respective places of origin, as well as to provide opportunity to build contacts in the US in their professional areas of expertise. CONGRESSIONAL INTERNSHIP PROGRAM
  • 5. Hungarian American Coalition  Hudson Institute  Hungarian Human Rights Foundtation, NY  International Centre for Democratic Transition  Mercury Public Affairs (Omnicom Group), Washington DC  Office of Congressman Tom Lantos  Office of the Deputy Chief of Staff to the President / Mr. Erskin Bowles / Executive Office of the President  Presidential Inaugural Committee CONGRESSIONAL INTERNSHIP PROGRAM  Center for Stategic and International Studies  Community Wealth Ventures  Congressional Office of Rep. Dennis J. Kucinich  District Office of Congressman Tom Lantos, San Mateo, CA  Dutko Worldwide  Heritage Foundation  House Committee on Foreign Affairs  House Committee on International Relations Host institutions
  • 6. Hungarian American Coalition CONGRESSIONAL INTERNSHIP PROGRAM  26 members  active alumni community  help in indentifying potential new students  help new interns  networking The Alumni
  • 7. Hungarian American Coalition CONGRESSIONAL INTERNSHIP PROGRAM RETURN - US ALUMNI CONFERENCE November 6, 2010 Thank you for your attention!