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Return path inbox insight seminar 24 april
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Return path inbox insight seminar 24 april


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Slide deck from Return Path seminar 'The Power of Competitive Intelligence' that took place on 24th April 2013 in London.

Slide deck from Return Path seminar 'The Power of Competitive Intelligence' that took place on 24th April 2013 in London.

Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. Welcome to the Return Path SeminarThe Power of Competitive Insight
  • 2. Today’s Agenda9.00 – 9.30 Coffee and arrival9.30 – 9.35 Welcome and IntroductionMatt Markham, Regional Director Northern Europe, Return Path9.35 – 10.10 Email marketing landscape – 10 technologies you should be aware ofGuy Hanson, Director Consulting EMEA & Dale Langley, Senior Professional ServicesConsultant, Return Path10.10 – 10.30 Return Path 2013 - the bigger pictureRichard Gibson, Director of Client Services Northern Europe, Return Path10.30 – 10.50 Coffee Break10.50 – 11.20 The power of competitive insightGreg Gould, Group Product Manager, Return Path11.20 – 11.45 Insight in action – how to harness the potential of competitive intelligenceGuy Hanson, Director Consulting EMEA, Return Path11.45 – 12.00 Panel Q&A session12.00 – 13.00 Buffet Lunch
  • 3. 10 Technologies you should be aware ofDale Langley & Guy Hanson24th April 2013
  • 4. Be Creative
  • 5. • 67% of major desktop clients block images by default• 100% of major webmail clients block images by default• 80% of mobile operating systems block images by defaultMozify
  • 6. MozifyOption 1: Design creatively
  • 7. MozifyOption 2: Use Technology
  • 8. EchographBringing real-life to email
  • 9. Moveable InkKeeping content alive
  • 10. Be Correct
  • 11. • Criminals are getting smarter and more targeted.• Phishing and spoofing is no longer the preserve of thefinancial services sectorProtect Your Brand* Source: APWG
  • 12. • Increasing list quality, reducing unknown users and spamtrap hits.• Implemented via API or batch processReal-Time Address ValidationResult Description Result DescriptionVerifiedAddresses appear to be deliverable, and nottraps or disposable accounts. Unreachable The addresses contain an invalid domain.UndeliverableAddresses are not deliverable - they dontexist, are suspended, or mailbox is full. IllegitimateThe addresses are known traps, monitoringdomains, or black holesUnknownIt is not possible to determine if theaddresses are deliverable or not. DisposableAddresses belong to a disposable emailaddress provider like
  • 13. Be Informed
  • 14. • Which campaign generates most App installs?• Discover how channels (blog, ads, twitter, email) performYozioDevice specific landing pages that can be changed at any time.
  • 15. • A/B testing for websites• Produce maximum conversion rate or salesVisual Website Optimizer• 208% increase in CTR• 62% increase in conversions• 3 sections• New (SEO friendly) text versuscontrol text• Extra Call to action buttonsversus no extra buttons• Large photo of the car versusthumbnails
  • 16. • Recipients are randomly served with the test images.• Success measured in real time• The winning image (or combination of images) is then shownto the remaining recipients.Testing images in emailVs.Vs.
  • 17. Testing images in emailA B CA BCCC CCCCCC
  • 18. Be prepared
  • 19. • HTML5 offers huge potential for email marketers• The combination of video and animated Gif’s brings newdepth to email• Peer initiated communication will evolveVideo in email (again!)
  • 20. • Future subscribers will interact with their emails differently• Wearable technology is nearly here• Digital immersion will be a realityMobile is more than mobile
  • 21. Thank You!
  • 22. Return Path 2013 – The bigger pictureRichard Gibson, Director Client ServicesNorthern Europe, Return Path
  • 23. What is EmailIntelligence?
  • 24. The answer = Email Intelligence
  • 25. 0000000100Certification/WhitelistSummaryScoreDomain Registry/BlacklistReceivers
  • 26. ReceiversCertification/WhitelistSummaryScoreDomain Registry/Blacklist
  • 27. Typical email marketing challenges1. Reaching the inbox and knowing when you’re notgetting there.2. Understanding your own email engagementmetrics.3. Mobile.4. Protecting your brand and customers againstphishing and spoofing.
  • 28. #1: Reaching theinbox
  • 29. No InboxNo ClickNo ROI
  • 30. Customer filter by ISP & IP
  • 31. Customer filter by ISP & IP
  • 32. Improved trend reporting
  • 33. Quicker troubleshooting
  • 34. #2: Understandingengagement
  • 35. Graymail: the new spam
  • 36. Subscriber data in Inbox Monitor
  • 37. Subscriber data in Inbox Monitor
  • 38. Subscriber data in Inbox Monitor
  • 39. #3: Mobile
  • 40. Mobile Enables EmailSource: Inbox Marketer client reporting, September-December 2012
  • 41. Source: Inbox Marketer client reporting, September-December 2012
  • 42. Subscriber level extracts
  • 43. #4: Protecting yourbrand
  • 44. Unknown unknowns
  • 45. Anti-Phishing Solutions
  • 46. Data +Analysis +Insight= Intelligence
  • 47. The answer = Email Intelligence
  • 48. Make Your Email Program Best In Class- The Power of Competitive InsightGreg GouldGeneral Manager, Insight.EQReturn Path
  • 49. In a 10 Day Period the Average SubscriberMailbox…Receives between400 and 500commercialmessages…From over 150different senders<30% of that mailgets read
  • 50. Subscribers are Overwhelmed
  • 51. The Inbox Is Changing
  • 52. What are your subscribers reading?60% of Argos’Subscribers47% of ASDA’sSubscribers42% ofGroupon’sSubscribers
  • 53. Challenge Solution ResultEmail Marketers Have Too Much to Do
  • 54. You Need to Know Exactly What Levers to PullSegmentationGrow My ListSubject Line TestingOffer StrategyWin Back CampaignIntroduce A NewsletterFrequency
  • 55. Email Still Generates Great ROIBut how do you know if you are you Best in Class?
  • 56. So What Do You Need?
  • 57. • Intelligent engagement metrics• Read Rate, Delete without Read, ForwardRealPerformanceData• Yours versus competitors,and best-in-class• Standardised Benchmarking any timeSide By SideBenchmarks• Competitive email campaigns• All campaign types (Transactional, Marketing, Win-Back, etc.)• Real subscriber activityCompleteVisibility
  • 58. • See all competitive campaign typesthrough real subscriber activity• Leverage best in class practices to drivethe maximum ROI from your program• Benchmark your email performanceagainst the industry and competitorsthat matter most to youInbox Insight• Full Visibility• Real Performance Metrics• Side by Side Benchmarking
  • 59. • Inbox Insight aggregates and benchmarks data from real subscribers…YOUR subscribers• Benchmarking based on intelligent engagement metrics todrive optimisation.Inbox Insight: How it Works
  • 60. What are the Results?
  • 61. Top International Cruiseline“We want to be innovative and best in class within our industry andInbox Insight is the only tool that lets us do that by showing us howcompetitive email programs are performing”—Janet BavaManager, Direct MarketingRoyal Caribbean“More Engagement Insight Beyond Opens And Clicks”• Unable to see full picture ofengagement with just opensand clicks• Wanted to see realbenchmarking imperative todrive ROI• Intense business pressure tosend more mailChallenge• Used INBOX INSIGHT tobenchmark their performanceversus the competitors thatmatter most to themSolution• Identified marketingopportunity• No competitors sending outemail on Saturdays• Implemented Saturdaycampaigns and droveincremental results.• Increased ROI andEngagement RatesResult
  • 62. • Increased sending frequency by 65%• DOUBLED their conversions• Decreased time spent on Competitive Intelligence by30%• Decreased opt-out rates• No negative impact to engagement or deliverabilityFor Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines that Means…
  • 63. Insight in Action – How to Harness the Power ofCompetitive IntelligenceInbox InsightPractical ApplicationsGuy HansonDirector of Consulting, EMEA
  • 64. #1 Hotel Chocolat
  • 65. #1 Hotel Chocolat
  • 66. #2 Yorkshire Building Society
  • 67. #3 Firebox
  • 68. #4 Moshi Monsters
  • 69. #4 Moshi Monsters
  • 70. #5 Voyage Privé100 100 100635124020406080100120Deleted Unread Deleted AfterReadingISP SpamBenchmark=100Engagement MetricVoyage Privé Subject Line Symbols TestCampaigns Not Using SymbolsCampaigns Using Symbols
  • 71. #6 Big Discounts, Small Returns
  • 72. #7 Valentine’s Day – Love Trumps Lust!
  • 73. #6 Valentine’s Day – Love Trumps Lust!
  • 74. #7 Easter Email Eggcellence1. [Common Name], book your Bank Holiday getaway2. [Less Common Name], book your Bank Holiday getaway3. Hi, book your Bank Holiday getaway1. Easter is coming! Make someone a very happy bunny2. Easters coming! And you know how to make someonea very happy bunny3. Make someone a very happy bunny this Easter
  • 75. #9 London Olympics
  • 76. #10 Daily Deals in France
  • 77. Inbox InsightPractical ApplicationsGuy HansonDirector of Consulting, EMEA• • •• @GuyHanson, @ReturnPath