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Email na caixa de entrada, ProXXIma 2012, Louis Bucciarelli

Email na caixa de entrada, ProXXIma 2012, Louis Bucciarelli






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  • You know the value of your email program. Therefore, emails that are never delivered are best left unsent. And dollars spent on undelivered email is a waste of your valuable marketing budget.
  • You know the value of your email program. Therefore, emails that are never delivered are best left unsent. And dollars spent on undelivered email is a waste of your valuable marketing budget.
  • There were more mobile phones than people in Brazil and that people access the internet primarily from their phones (mainly because it’s cheaper than getting broadband in your house).  Mobile email marketing is then extremely important.  Mobile Was the Game Changer It Was Predicted to Be Delivering on analyst predictions, 2011 was indeed The Year of Mobile. Not only did mobile sales increase dramatically, with US$6.7 billion in 2011 m-commerce sales, but mobile also proved itself as an incredibly valuable tool for accelerating online and in-store purchases on the customer’s terms. Mobile has also served as a catalyst for cross-channel integration. With consumers using mobile Websites and apps in tandem with other touchpoints, 41 percent of the respondents from online organizations plan to invest more resources on the front end of mobile user experiences and integrate mobile with their back-end technology. The success of mobile has not only encouraged organizations to continue investing in it in 2012 but has also led them to ratchet it up by hiring more employees with mobile skills and building on existing programs to find new ways to engage connected consumers.
  • 2011 saw 10 individual days with over $1 billion in sales
  • The numbers in Brazil are fantasticI go to Europe – I think each country is big – then I realize that Norway has 4mm people TOTAL and probably only 2mm doing ecommerceBrazil should be the #2 market in the worldLouis thinks…
  • eCommerce is big business in Brazil, too. Billions of dollars are being spent online.
  • Also:Intel Capital recently announced investment in 2 fashion eCommerce companies: Coquelux and fashion.meThe move shows that the investment craze around online shopping has moved to the emerging markets of the world, where big audiences await. Brazil is the third-largest PC market in the world and Intel wants to expand it for its own self-interest.Coquelux is an online shopping club that gives members exclusive access to flash events where they can buy premium and luxury goods at a discount. Fashion.me is a social e-commerce platform where users create custom looks from more than two million labels and share them in the Fashion.me network.Intel Capital has invested in five Brazilian startups in the past year and doubled its team of professionals in the region. Since 1999, Intel Capital has invested $75 million in 25 Brazilian companies.
  • There is a big money to be made online in Brazil and with global customers.
  • Marketers have many levers to pull on. A key lever is email. It is a major driver of site traffic, can directly induce purchase and is also a key branding vehicle. All that at a relatively low cost and with a great deal of creative flexibility (compared to say search or Twitter). What’s not to love about email?
  • You know the value of your email program. Therefore, emails that are never delivered are best left unsent. And dollars spent on undelivered email is a waste of your valuable marketing budget.
  • A recent study by the DMA indicate that commercial email has the highest return on investment – better than almost all the other alternatives in the marketing mix. However, the DMA and other sources say that very small part of overall marketing spend is comes from email. So what’s causing the problem?One of the issues that prevent email from reaching it’s rightful place in the marketing mix is the uncertainty of inbox placement rates. You send the mail out, it’s just not certain that the mail is going to get there.
  • Email that doesn’t get to the inbox doesn’t get responded to.You know the value of your email program. Therefore, emails that are never delivered are best left unsent. And dollars spent on undelivered email is a waste of your valuable marketing budget. Also, make the point that this is true for mobile too. If the email isn’t accepted by the ISP it won’t show up on the iPhone. Mobile marketing doesn’t circumvent this reality.
  • ANSWER: Reputation
  • And since your reputation is based on your sending behavior, ISPs use it as a differentiating factor between spam. And with 95% of ALL email sent, ISPs need help separating the good from the bad. You see spammers never follow email best practices.The better your reputation, the better your inbox placement. The lower your reputation, the worse your inbox placement will be. http://www.istockphoto.com/stock-photo-11357855-risky-investment.php
  • Users hit “this is spam” or complain directly to ISPs (eg: abuse@yahoo.com)Most likely cause of deliverability failuresRemember, beauty is in the eye of the beholderComplaints can be difficult to resolve, but will pay off quickly5 Ways to Minimize Complaints1. Manage the registration process to meet future expectationsGive subscribers a positive choice and make choices granularGive them a good idea of what they will receiveSend a welcome messageGive instructions on address book inclusion2. Always respect unsubscribe requests Make it easy to unsubscribeMake sure it worksSign up for feedback loops3. Recognition Make sure your emails are clear and well brandedUse consistent from, reply, subject elementsIf your email doesn’t look “right” subscribers may accidentally complain4. Content/program relevancy impacts behavior Appropriate mail frequency (not too much, too little)Stay consistentUse customization and personalizationTarget messaging5. Conduct complaint analysis New subscribers? Points to relevancy issueParticular data source? Kill or re-permission bad dataNon-responders? Stop mailing!Creative? Re-think creative and copyFrequency? Lessen or increase frequency as needed
  • These are the easiest problems to fix, if you know where to look and who to askTop-tier ESPs generally have this buttoned upHome grown systems are most susceptible to these issuesThere is a very long laundry list of sending infrastructure problems that our clients run into. If you’re working with an ESP, you shouldn’t see these. If you are sending your own mail – it’s worth taking a look at this list (and others). No reverse DNS (rDNS)rDNS record that looks like consumer dynamic spaceAuthentication failures (forgotten IP address, other)No mail server (MX record) associated with sending domain “From:” address that doesn’t take mailPostmaster@ and Abuse@ addresses don’t take mail“Fast talker” – doesn’t wait for receiving mail server to respond before sending messageHigh number of messages per connection or simultaneous connectionsNo relay (“hop”) in email header or too many hops in email headerHELO host name not fully qualifiedBounce messages not accepted (“bounce absorption”)Sending mail repeatedly after a “policy block” (e.g., 55 5.7.1)Too frequent a retry when getting a temporary errorReverse DNS (RDNS) translates the sending server IP address into its hostname (host.example.com) by searching domain name service tables. RDNS is important because many email servers are configured to reject messages from senders with no RDNS. Specifically, AOL will reject any incoming mail with no valid RDNS.What is HELO and why is it important?HELO/EHLO is the command used to initiate an SMTP connection where the sending server identifies itself. A correctly configured mail server will have the HELO/EHLO hostname match the PTR of the sending domain. Some mail servers are configured to reject mail from senders that do not adhere to this.The good news is most infrastructure problems once fixed will quickly improve your deliverability and infrastructure issues are usually very straight forward on the resolution process.
  • Traditional definition: an address that never signed up for anythingAlso: addresses that have gone dormantWhere do you find them?Old parts of your listData from sketchy sourcesHow do you get rid of them?There is not a list of spam traps at all which tends to be frustrating for mailers, but it would defeat the purpose of the program for ISPs. You can find out if you have a problem by these methods:CBL – Composite Blocking List – Brightmail: Brightmail is used by MSN/Hotmail, AT&T Worldnet, Earthlink, BellSouth, and USA.net/Net address as one input in filtering mail. If there are spam trap addresses on your list, the best approach to follow is to (1) isolate parts of your list where spam traps are likely (spam trap email addresses never interact with you – no clicks, no opens) and (2) refresh permission in those areas and (3) review permission and data acquisition practices.
  • When ISPs see high percentage of hard bounces they assume it’s spamSpammers never clean their listsClean your list and keep it that way!Acceptable rate is ~10%Our best clients keep rates at less than 2% with no revenue impactFixing unknown user rate problemsThe first step is to know your unknown user rate, hopefully your ESP or mail server statistics can break out unknown users from other sorts of bouncesGet good data up front: double entry, data validation (valid email address, domain has MX record, not a role account), welcome messages are the most common techniques 3. Change out your bounce algorithm to pull bouncers off and (potentially) improve your bounce categorization routine4. Use alternative means to get a good email address (ECOA, website messaging)
  • File Number: 7422698Moving to a new IP doesn’t solve the problemNo reputation ≠ good reputationIf you don’t fix core problems you will end up with a bad reputation againThink about your personal reputation. What if you found out that your co-workers found you unreliable, dishonest, inconsiderate and irresponsible? You’d have two choices: you could either find a new place to work or you could clean up your act.Many emailers choose, either deliberately or not, to find a new place to work by switching IPs. Since most reputation data is based on your IP address, ditching that old, dirty IP can seem like a great idea.There are a few drawbacks to this strategy. First, while no reputation can be better than a bad reputation it’s not the same as a good one. And that’s true personally too, right? New employees are often considered on probation until they prove their worth. Similarly, many ISPs look askance at IPs without data – too many spammers use this technique to try and get through. In fact, we’ve had clients with good reputations who needed to switch IPs see their deliverability drop for a time until they could establish themselves again.The second huge drawback is that switching IPs doesn’t help you if you don’t plan to change your practices to achieve a good reputation. Finding a new job is of no help to you if you keep blowing deadlines. Your new colleagues will soon come to view you in a bad light and you’ll be right back where you started.We see this happen to email marketers all the time. The new IP is soon tarnished by all the same reputation issues that got them into hot water in the first place and their deliverability continues to suffer.The better option is to repair your reputation. In our experience, very few commercial mailers have a reputation that is completely beyond repair. How easy or hard this is completely depends on where you went wrong in the first place. Some problems are relatively easy to fix. These include unknown users, infrastructure issues and authentication. And, fixing these may solve your blacklisting problem.The harder issue is complaints. This is the biggest contributor to reputation issues and deliverability problems and it is also the hardest to fix.
  • Content filters are a small part of the mix, but still part of the mix. Good news is high reputation senders generally get to bypass content filters, all the more reason to have a high reputation! Even still, testing for filter fitness is important.
  • Send good stuff! Send email people want to get and will therefore engage with.
  • So the good news is, sender reputation is based on factors under your control. Good marketing and high inbox placement are based on the same things: Great subscriber experiences, relevancy, permission, list hygiene and smart segmentation.You can look up your Sender Score – a measure of your sender reputation that correlates to inbox deliverability – at www.senderscore.org (free). The higher the score, the more likely your messages are to reach the inbox. Scores are out of 100. Anything below a 95 score could be a cause for concern.Senders, receivers and consumers all want permission-based email to reach the inbox.  ISPs and filtering companies must protect consumer inboxes from spam so they sometimes inadvertently block good email.   Many ISPs rely on whitelists to help separate responsible senders from spammers. If you appear on an email whitelist that is used by your most important ISPs, your chances of making it to the inbox dramatically increase.   And with good email deliverability comes higher response rates. • Largest and broadest coverage that provide improved delivery to Yahoo! Hotmail and hundreds of ISPs, spam filters and businesses worldwide • Images and links automatically enabled by default at Hotmail* and Yahoo! • An exclusive trusted “unsubscribe” button in the Windows Live Mail interface, so subscribers may opt-out instead of reporting a complaint.* • No hourly throttling limits at Hotmail so you can send when and how much you want.* • No complicated software to install or IT resources required • Real time notification of your membership status to alert you immediately of potential issues • Professional assistance from a dedicated team of experts • Low CPMs that allow for ultra-high delivery and exponential ROI