Success factors for email marketing in interactive entertainment


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Success factors for email marketing in interactive entertainment

  1. 1. Success factors for email marketing in interactive entertainment Useful tips for more cash from better email performance Jan Niggemann Regional Director Central Europe Return Path Deutschland GmbH EUROWEBTAINMENT, Majorca, 22 May 2014
  2. 2. A selection from our client portfolio: The Worldwide Leader in Email Intelligence Over a Decade of Experience • Worldwide leader in email intelligence • 350+ specialist email professionals • Nine offices worldwide Proven Data Infrastructure • Email whitelist covering 2 billion inboxes • Scoring 26 million IPs daily • Nearly 300 global ISP partners Delivering Measurable ROI • Over 12 years of shaping and driving the email ecosystem • Serving over 2,500 leading brands
  3. 3. Isn’t Email dead and gone?
  4. 4. On the contrary: Email is bigger than ever! Source: Return Path, 2013
  5. 5. Global growth of email volume is accelerating! Source: Experian Marketing Services, September 2013
  6. 6. Email sells much better than Social and Display! Source: June 2013 If you want to make money online you can’t go without email
  7. 7. That‘s why EMail Marketers will do even more Email Marketing Source: ExactTarget, 2014 State of Marketing
  8. 8. What makes or breaks email performance?
  9. 9. Email performance requires optimization in three areas that are very intransparent to email senders CONNECT Inbox Placement No optimized Inbox Placement Rates (IPR) ENGAGE Inbox Competition Declining relevance or preference for competing emails PROTECT Inbox Abuse Loss of user trust and brand reputation from Phishing 3 2 1 100% of Email Marketing budget ROI Email Open Rate: 10-30% Emails not being opened: 70-90%
  10. 10. Inbox Placement is mission #1!
  11. 11. No Inbox No click No ROI
  12. 12. 22% of all legitimate email globally never reaches the inbox – cash is left on the table! Less and less emails are reaching the inbox Inbox placement is down by 4% compared to the first half of 2013 Low email placement is eating up revenue generation
  13. 13. 200.000 emails in a million are not making it to the inbox in Europe (220.000 in Germany)
  14. 14. Mailbox Providers use your sender reputation to make filtering decisions. A poor reputation means your email will get blocked.
  15. 15. Email senders need to focus on excellent sender reputation (reputation of sending IP addresses) Get your sender score for free at! Average Inbox Placement Rates
  16. 16. Complaint Rate: Percentage of email delivered to the inbox that susbcribers mark email as “spam” or “junk” GOAL: <.1% Unknown User Rate: Percentage of email addresses sent that do not exist and are undeliverable GOAL: <2% Spam Trap Rate: How many decoy accounts that are sent to, or are present on one’s active email database GOAL: 0 Sender Score: A 0-100 scale that measures your email sending reputation using complaint rate, unknown user rate, spam trap hits, volume, IP stability and frequency. GOAL: 100 Killer advice: Try to achieve (and stick to!) benchmarks for reputation factors
  17. 17. Inbox Placement can be improved a lot, especially at Gmail and in Germany
  18. 18. Download recommended!
  19. 19. Engagement is challenge #2!
  20. 20. 50 Shades of Grey in the Inbox Source: Microsoft Corp. 2013
  21. 21. Gmail Promotions Tab: Grid View off
  22. 22. Gmail Promotions Tab: Grid View GmailPromotionsTab:GridViewon
  23. 23. What Else is in Your Subscribers’ Inbox? Source: Return Path “Battle of the Brands” Infographic
  24. 24. 6% 17 % 77 % Restaurants
  25. 25. 6% 17 % 77 % Airlines
  26. 26. From Inbox Placement to Inbox Positioning
  27. 27. User Engagement metrics are available to marketers since last year
  28. 28. Intelligent Engagement Monitoring requires Performance Data from Real Subscribers  Return Path has built a consumer panel of over 3 million email users  These subscriber data show where you can tweak your programs for optimal performance  Perfect solution when combined with seed data
  29. 29. How about starting with a Subscriber Overlap Analysis to understand who else is sending to your subscribers?
  30. 30.  Expecting that in 2014 mobile will surpass the 50 % mark and account for MOST email opens. Fullstop!  Apple devices most popular still but others are gaining momentum. Which devices do YOUR subscribers use? If you want an engaged audience you need to be mobile savvy!
  31. 31. Our Competitive Benchmark Analysis delivers engagement insights without requiring resource from you Case Study!
  32. 32. Email Security is a challenge for Marketing, not for IT!
  33. 33. One reason for that: The Internet of Things
  34. 34. One reason for that: The Internet of Things
  35. 35. What email marketers can do today to ensure good domain reputation: 1. Ensure ALL IP addresses and email streams they deploy have a great IP reputation (not only SOME!) 2. Implement SPF AND DKIM for email authentication 3. Consider issuing a DMARC record: The new standard enables effective protection against spoofing and phishing and boosts your domain reputation 4. Continuous monitoring of Domain Blacklists 5. Performance Monitoring of Domains used at Service Providers 6. Apply highest level of precaution with Affiliate Marketing
  36. 36. Email Marketers need to start protecting their brand from Domain Abuse: Example monthly Vodafone online bill
  37. 37. After the Phishing attacks Vodafone’s brand reputation was severely damaged
  38. 38. Download recommended!
  39. 39. Homework: How well do you know your email performance?
  40. 40. Checklist of email metrics  Inbox Placement Rate (IPR)  Sender Score  Complaint Rate  Unknown User Rate  Spam Trap Hits  Open Rate (per device or email client)  Read Rate  ‘TINS’ Rate  Deleted Unread Rate
  41. 41. Protect.EQ Protect Your Users and Your Brand against Phishing The Return Path E-Mail Intelligence Solutions Certification.EQ Get whitelisted globally and boost Inbox Impact Inbox Monitor & Reputation Monitor Maximize Inbox Placement Rates Inbox Preview & Email Client Monitor Make Your Email Program Best in Class The Return Path E-Mail Intelligence Suite Inbox Insight Get Unique Inbox Metrics for Your Emails and the Competition
  42. 42. Jan Niggemann Regional Director Central Europe T: +49 (0)40 822 138-238 M: +49 (0)172 45 88 051 @ReturnPath_DE Return Path Deutschland GmbH Neuer Wall 80 20354 Hamburg Thank you – let’s keep in touch!