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Energy Services: Home Energy and Duct Performance Audit
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Energy Services: Home Energy and Duct Performance Audit



Is your home drafty, dusty, smelly? Are your energy bills sky high? Your home may be in need of a Home and Duct Performance Audit! This service from F.H. Furr allows professional technicians to come ...

Is your home drafty, dusty, smelly? Are your energy bills sky high? Your home may be in need of a Home and Duct Performance Audit! This service from F.H. Furr allows professional technicians to come in for an initial consultation and later perform equipment and insulation inspections, air leakage evaluations, air flow diagnosis and provide the homeowner with a personalized improvement plan!



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Energy Services: Home Energy and Duct Performance Audit Energy Services: Home Energy and Duct Performance Audit Document Transcript

  • A Healthy House……Helps Make AHealthy HomeIntroducing TheHome Energy AndDuct Performance AuditE n e r g y S e r v i c e s
  • New Or Restored… Experience ANew Level Of Comfort……And A Better, MorePleasing HomeDO YOU HEAR FAMILY COMPLAINTS ABOUTCOMFORT OR AIR QUALITY?:‣ ‘Drafty old barn’‣ ‘My room’s too cold in the winter and toohot in the summer’‣ ‘Hands off that thermostat!’‣ ‘Are you getting sick again?’‣ ‘I just cleaned yesterday, and there’salready dust everywhere’‣ ‘Smells like a locker room!’‣ ‘Same kind of house, and their bills are half ours!’Take a LOOK-SNIFF around—do you SENSE:Visible dust…Dirt lines at carpet edges…Dry air, staticshocks…Musty odors…Smelly fireplace…Hot or coldrooms…High energy/repair bills…Roof moisture/iceproblems…Mold or rot on wood framing…Dirt or sweatingon AC vents, insulation or pipes…Damaged or degradedinsulation…Warped or buckled flooring?Actions taken to improve comfort, economy and airquality have to be addressed as an integrated, relatedsystem. How? Start with a Home And DuctPerformance Audit from F.H. Furr.Equally effective with recent or classic restorationconstruction, An Audit is aimed at bringing you:‣ Uniform temperature and humidityyear round‣ A fresh feeling, healthy indoor airquality and interior cleanness‣ Low utility billsMove toward a snug and pleasant indoorenvironment…a healthy home…with aHome And Duct PerformanceAudit.
  • Introducing TheHome & DuctPerformanceAuditTHE HOME AND DUCT PERFORMANCE AUDIT TAKESABOUT 3 HOURS, SCHEDULED DURING NORMALBUSINESS HOURS. THE MORE HOUSEHOLDRESIDENTS THAT CAN BE PRESENT, THE BETTER, TOENSURE ALL QUESTIONS ARE ADDRESSED. YOU AREUNDER ABSOLUTELY NO OBLIGATION TO PURCHASEANY ADDITIONAL RECOMMENDED PRODUCTS ORSERVICES FROM F.H. FURR.HERE’S HOW IT WORKS…Audit Components1. INITIAL CONSULTATIONYour test starts with an initial interview with a Certified EnergySpecialist. Your input about how the house looks and feels undervarious conditions provides valuable information.2. EQUIPMENT INSPECTIONOur experts assess whether or not your heating and coolingequipment is efficient, dependable and safe. They will inspect fordeterioration and installation or maintenance problems and tell youthe average life span of your type of equipment. They will alsoevaluate your system’s air filtration and purification effectiveness incleaning your indoor air.3. INSULATION INSPECTIONBoth comfort and economy will suffer if you don’t have enoughinsulation. Our experts will assess whether your insulation and itscondition top to bottom meets currently recommended levels. Theywill look for hidden defects, such as hollow wall cavities, that allowair and heat to bypass your insulation.4. AIR LEAKAGE EVALUATIONNot all air leaks are created equal. From an air quality standpoint,those around your windows and doors are good leaks, since theylet in fresh outdoor air. Bad leaks in the building shell or ducts let industy, moldy, or polluted air from your attic, garage, or crawl spaceand cause your heating and cooling equipment to perform wellbelow peak efficiency. The F.H. Furr Audit’s Infiltrometer blower doortest pinpoints your home’s worst air leaks.5. AIR FLOW DIAGNOSISDesign flaws or blockages in your air duct system restrict air flowand cause uneven distribution. This wastes money and makes yourhome uncomfortable. F.H. Furr Energy Specialists conduct staticpressure tests that reveal hidden blockages or design problems. Anair flow capture hood test measures precisely how muchconditioned air is getting into “problem” rooms.6. PERSONALIZED IMPROVEMENTS PLANOnce the inspection and testing are complete, your consultant willexplain the results and give you a prioritized action plan forrecommended improvements. Many of these (caulking orweatherstripping) you can do as weekend projects. Forimprovements better left to professionals your F.H. Furr consultantwill prepare a proposal for repairs and recommend trustworthycontractors for services we do not offer.E n e r g y S e r v i c e s
  • Make ATremendousImpact OnLivabilityWith a completed F.H. Furr Home And Duct Performance Audit,you are on track for a significant improvement in your home’slivability. Whether recent construction or a classic restoration, yourhouse will be safer, more healthy and efficient, with:‣ Constant, uniform indoor temperature and humidityyear round‣ Reduced indoor air impurities‣ Reduced operating costsMany improvements you can do yourself. And if neededimprovements will strain your budget, a completed F.H. Furr Auditcan help fulfill requirements for low-interest energy loans that youcan pay off quickly with accumulating savings.Many factors go into making a healthy house. To give you an ideaof the improvement potential arising from an Audit, here are a fewof the considerations.Sealing inconditioned airOne of your highest potential improvements is securing the shell ofthe home from air infiltration and exfiltration. The objective is tocontain your interior airflow from the basement/crawl space andthe attic, eliminating a “chimney/teepee” effect involvingconditioned and unconditioned air within your house. We want tomake sure that your valuable conditioned air goes to and stayswhere it is intended—your living space. You will enjoy:‣ More even humidity in your living space year-round‣ Warmer floors and protection of pipes from freezing‣ No sweating of equipment, ducts and pipes,preventing damage, improving efficiency andeliminating musty odors.Sealing also prevents pest entry, reduces noise, reduces internaldrafts and reduces entry of airborne pollution, including radon gas.The U.S. Department of Energy says that sealing reduces yourtotal annual energy bill 10% ($220/year on average). Otherauthorities estimate up to 60% savings.Typical sealing strategies suggested by Audits‣ Encapsulation or spray foam in crawl spaces‣ Adding barriers around openings‣ Adding or repairing weatherstripping‣ Adding soffit baffles‣ Installing door sweeps, thresholds, outletgaskets and faucet cover
  • Insulation…What R youtalking about?Climate, home construction, life style and utility prices all impact thecosts to heat and cool your home. Adequate insulation can be agreat equalizer. Houses constructed more than a decade agoprobably don’t meet the U.S. Department of Energy’s ThermalResistance (R-value) guidelines for insulation. These houses canlose heat in the winter and gain heat in the summer, wastingprecious energy dollars and natural resources.Adding additional insulation isa cost effective way to makeyour home more comfortableyear round.Your F.H. Furr Energy Specialist will check yourattic to see if the tops of your joists are visible. Ifso, adding blown attic insulation from the typical5” up to 18”, (upgrading from R-15 to R-38 orR-49) can save up to 20% on your heating andcooling energy bills.Blown-in, loose-fill insulation is usually made offiberglass, rock wool, or cellulose, taking theform of shreds, granules, or nodules. This blown-in material conforms readily to building cavitiesand attics. It is especially well suited for limited-access places, and it can be blown over existinginsulation for cost-effective improvements.What is insulation?Insulation is used to slow the transfer of heat through walls andceilings. The reduction in heat loss and heat gain reducesenergy usage and helps maintain a uniform temperature.There are several types of insulation products the mostcommon are fiberglass, rock wool, and cellulose. Flexibleproducts made from mineral fibers, such as fiberglass and rookwool are available in widths suited to standard wall studs andattic floor joists. Loose-fill insulation is usually made offiberglass, rock wool, orcellulose (comes in shreds,granules, or modules.) Thesesmall particles should beblown into spaces usingspecial pneumatic equipment.T h i s b l o w n i n m a t e r i a lconforms readily to buildingcavities and attics. Therefore,loose-fill insulation is wellsuited for places where it isdifficult to install other types ofinsulation or loose-fill can beblown over existing insulationto improve thermal resistance.E n e r g y S e r v i c e s
  • Optimizing duct systemsA duct system that is properly sized, sealed, insulated and free from obstructionswill make your home more comfortable, energy efficient, and safer. Ductimprovements have many benefits:‣ Correcting air flow balance problems of supply and return air that causeseasonal problems with individual rooms‣ Preventing entry of contaminants that generate dust, cause odors andaggravate asthma and allergies‣ Preventing backdraft of harmful combustion products such as carbonmonoxideMost homes have leaky ductwork and insufficient air flow, resulting in an uncomfortableliving environment—regardless of the thermostat setting. Your home performancecontractor may recommend sealing your home’s ducts with mastic, metal tape or aerosol-based sealant, and balancing the duct system to optimize air flow to all rooms. Insulatingductwork in attics, crawlspaces, and some basements can also help to ensure that yourhome will be more comfortable.Surveys by the Department of Energy findthat typically 20% of conditioned air is lostthrough leaking ducts, a leading cause ofenergy waste.What’s more, leaking, incorrectly sized orobstructed ducts shorten the service life of fanmotors and bearings.If you are considering an HVAC equipment replacement or upgrade, an Audit including ducts is essentialto prevent mis-sizing and compounded problems. Buying new high efficiency heating andcooling equipment, and then hooking it up to the typical inefficient ductsystem, is like buying a super-fuel efficient hybrid car andthen driving it with a leak in the gastank. Do an Audit first.SIMPLE STEPS TOIMPROVINGDUCT PERFORMANCEBecause ducts are often concealed inwalls, ceiling, attics, and basements,repairing them can be difficult. But thereare things that you can do to improveduct performance in your house.Start by sealing air leaks using masticsealant or metal tape and insulatingall the ducts that you can access.Never use duct tape, as it is notlong-lasting.Also, make sure that theconnections at vents andregisters are well-sealed wherethey meet the floors, walls, andceiling. These are commonlocations to find leaks anddisconnected ductwork.
  • Some signs that yourhome may have leaky,poorly insulated, orinefficient ducts:‣You have high summerand winter utility bills.‣You have rooms thatare difficult to heat andcool.‣You have stuffy roomsthat never seem to feelcomfortable.‣Your ducts are locatedin an attic, unfinishedbasement, crawlspace,or the garage.‣You find tangled orkinked flexible ducts inyour system.E n e r g y S e r v i c e s
  • In HVAC, biggerisn’t alwaysbetterWhen it comes to HVAC systems, too big can be much worsethan too small. In fact, most homeowners who purchase anoversized heating and cooling system suffer with:‣ Higher utility bills‣ More breakdowns and repair bills‣ Uneven temperatures‣ Uncomfortable summertime humidity‣ Increased noise‣ Greater duct leakage‣ Increased mold, dust mites and allergiesA homeowner who insists on a bigger system will usually (too late)find out that the real problem is a weak duct system, air leaks,missing insulation, or inadequate maintenance.An Audit will prevent this scenario from happening. Symptomsand actual causes will be determined…‘This room stays too hot (cold)’If temperatures are fine where your thermostat is, your problemisn’t a lack of HVAC capacity; it simply isn’t getting where it’sneeded, so an Audit will probably conclude you should:‣ Improve your duct system‣ Seal air leaks‣ Improve insulation‘Our system has to run ALL the time!’As long as it keeps you comfortable, that’s great! An HVACsystem is supposed to run for hours at a time for maximumefficiency, comfort and durability. However, if it doesn’t keep youcomfortable, an Audit will probably show you need to:‣ Improve your duct system‣ Seal air leaks‣ Improve insulation
  • ‘This system takes for EVER to cool (heat) thehouse when we get home!’First, try a programmable or internet-enabled thermostat thatstarts conditioning your house a few hours before you get home.However, if it is still uncomfortable, an Audit will probably showyou need to:‣ Improve your duct system‣ Seal air leaks‣ Improve insulationSo, you see a pattern here. The lesson is that a Home And DuctPerformance Audit can pinpoint the true causes of comfortproblems, preventing expensive mistakes. Did you already buy anoversized unit? Then your Auditor will probably hear:‘Our system breaks down a lot’That’s because an oversized unit cycles on and off excessively.Most wear to electrical and mechanical equipment happens atstart-up.‘Too many of our rooms just don’t get any heat(cooling)!’When an oversized system short-cycles, the farthest-away roomssimply don’t get enough cool or warm air. A right-sized systemmixes air better and provides more uniform temperatures.‘Noisy as a wind tunnel!’Oversized equipment moves a lot more air than is necessarythrough existing (small) ducts. Duct pressures are too high,causing:‣ The blower motor to use more electricity‣ Intense blasts of excessively cold or hot air‣ Leakier ducts that waste energy and distribute dustthroughout the house‘This AC makes the house cold and clammy!’An oversized AC cools the house quickly and then shuts off beforeit has time to remove humidity. The result: living with a coldclammy feeling or over-cooling the house with much higherelectric bills.‘Everybody gets sneezy and sick.’An oversized AC can’t keep inside relative humidity below 50% inhumid climates, encouraging growth of mold and dust mites, withattendant allergy suffering.E n e r g y S e r v i c e s
  • Promise only what you can deliver.Then deliver more than youpromise.Our goal at F.H. Furr is to be YOUR preferred servicecompany. From the moment you contact us to the momentwe are done resolving the problem, we will treat you and yourhome with the respect you deserve. F.H. Furr guarantees toprovide you with an experience customized to meet yourneeds.Because we believe in our services and technicians so much, wehave created a special program for our most enthusiasticcustomers. The program is called the Preferred Service Cluband is designed to cut the cost of your plumbing, heating, and airconditioning services. There’s a reason why our customers say weare “Absolutely the Best!” Ask your F.H. Furr technician for details onthis money saving program, or call us today at 703-690-1133.Flat-Rate PricingWe use only up front flat-rate pricing. We do not agree with ourcompetitors by adding costs and passing on additional fees for additionaltime. Once our technician diagnoses the problem, he or she will show youthe cost in writing and explain it to you.100% Satisfaction GuaranteeWe agree to accept responsibility for your complete satisfaction with thematerial we use and workmanship provided by us, and paid for by you. Duringthe first year, if you are dissatisfied with the performance of the heating or airconditioning equipment, our services, our people or for any reason, we will dowhatever it takes to make it right and correct the problem to your satisfaction.About F.H. FurrF.H. Furr Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc. is a familyowned and operated company. We have been a part of thecommunity, and had the privilege to service our neighbors for over30 years.Our headquarters and main warehouse, located in Manassas,has over 24,000 square feet, and is stocked and equipped tohandle the greatest of customer requests.Our experienced staff can quickly understand the jobrequirements and develop effective working solutions thatmeet our customers’ needs. Built on an IT infrastructure ofthe highest standards, and supported by industry-specificsoftware with top of the line dispatching capabilities, wecan meet your needs on time.Our fleet of professional Service Technicians, InstallationCrews and Comfort Consultants is continually trained toprovide quality service. Our employees are also ourneighbors, which translates to the best customerservice in the plumbing and HVAC industry.BPI certified andNADCA certified
  • The best way to find yourself is to lose yourselfin the service of others. – GhandiTrained & Certified TechniciansAt F.H. Furr Plumbing, Heating, and Air Conditioning Inc. we have committed ourselves to thehighest degree of professional development and training in the industry. Recognizing the challengesassociated with staffing our company with the best and most professionally trained individuals inthe industry.24-Hour Emergency ServiceHave an Emergency? Just give us a call! We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week foremergency service…call us now at 703-690-1133.Fully-Stocked TrucksWe have organized our fleet inventory to increase our field efficiency, our goal is to labeland organize each truck with every stock item you might need. Decreasing the time spentchasing every day parts inconveniences our customers and our technicians.Fleet MaintenanceAt F.H. Furr, we believe that our fleet is a personal extension and representation of ourstandard of excellence. Our trucks are visible to our neighbors and keeping arigorous schedule of cleaning and maintenance, is one of the many ways we showour deep care and appreciation to our communities.What Some Of OurCustomers SayAbout F.H. Furr:Trust is a big issue with me& am very satisfied knowingthat I have nothing butrespect for your technicians.Because they are honest andtrustworthy; accountable fortheir mistake if made! I lookforward to you coming nextseason! — Mrs. MathisIt was a pleasure working with youand Id certainly makerecommendations to my colleaguesbased on this visit. Thanks again for theservice, it really makes a difference! –Mrs. Tige N.On the basis of your company’s work forus, I would not hesitate to recommend F.H.Furr Plumbing, Heating, Air Conditioning Inc.to others. – Mr. Will S.You have acquired a ‘Customer For Life,’ and anenthusiastic endorser of your products, and,more important, your service. — Mr. David R.See More At www.fhfurr.com!E n e r g y S e r v i c e s
  • A Healthy House...1-877-225-5387comfortsolutions@fhfurr.comActions taken to improve comfort,economy and air quality have tobe addressed as an integrated,related system.How?Start with a Home And DuctPerformance Audit from F.H. Furr.www.fhfurr.comE n e r g y S e r v i c e s100_207 02/12 ©2012 F.H. Furr Plumbing, Heating And Air Conditioning