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Busting the myths_of_multi-level_network_marketing_new

  1. 1. April 12th, 2013 Published by: retrofazhttp://creativenetworkmarket.com/1010/internet-marketer/busting-myths-multi-level-network-marketing/ Earnings are based on performance, not how long you haveBusting the Myths of multi- been with the company.level marketing You don´t have to be good at salesMulti-level marketing, or MLM as it is often called, is often In order to be successful as an MLM distributor you needfrowned upon. I´m not going to lie to you and tell you that enthusiasm, belief in the product and a jovial personality. Inevery MLM out there is a trustworthy source of income and other words you do need to be good at sales. Note here, thatyou will get rich quick because that is not the case. Online if you read an advert claiming to be a reputable MLM andnetwork marketing is hard work and there are disreputable they say you don´t have to be good at sales, don´t waste yourfirms that will take you for a ride. However, I would like to time reading any further and move on to the next.bust a few myths about the concept of multi-level network The market is saturatedmarketing just to set the record straight. Saturation does not exist in employment. There may be a lotMLM companies rip you off of competition, but never saturation. After all there are sevenMulti-level marketing companies have been running billion people in the world. Or think of it another way. Howsuccessfully for decades and include some of the most many people have you ever met that work for an onlinerecognizable brand names in the world. Heinz and Coca Cola network marketing company. One or two at most? Whenowe their meteoric rise to MLM networking. Avon and Amway graduate doctors, lawyers, accountants and other younghave been globally operational for more than four decades. hopefuls leave University to search for work in their chosen profession, nobody talks about the market being saturated.MLM companies are not set up to rip people off. They are That´s because a lot of young people do find work in careersdesigned to give you a career that will earn you a significant they studied for.income. The reason why people think these companies arefraudulent is because of pyramid schemes which are hit and run It´s easy to get richbusinesses. The trick is knowing how to tell the difference It is possible to get rich. It´s not easy! Network marketingbetween the two. Fair Trade agencies are regulating MLM companies take a good five years to mature and in that periodcompanies to ensure fair practice so make sure you do your you have to invest a lot of time and be prepared to work hard toresearch and investigate the company for its legitimacy. make it work. The reason why a lot of people fail as a network marketer is because they expect to earn thousands of pounds a month in their first year. Put the effort into your online networking business and target making thousands of pounds a month in the long-term and eventually you will!Only the people at the top earn the big moneyOkay, this is not such a myth. It is true – but the same can be This entry was posted in Blog, Internet Marketer, Internetsaid about any company. You don´t think the new boy Network Marketing. Bookmark the permalink.developing 3D maps for iOS is earning more than Tim Cookat Apple do you? Of course not! To put this comment intoperspective think about the pyramid of power at every placeyou have worked and the salary package that came with rank.Why should it any different in a MLM company?That doesn´t mean to say that you have to be one of the firstmembers to join in order to make good money. That is a myth.
  2. 2. April 12th, 2013 Published by: retrofazhttp://creativenetworkmarket.com/1010/internet-marketer/busting-myths-multi-level-network-marketing/