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A history of_multi_level_network_marketing_new

  1. 1. April 4th, 2013 Published by: retrofazhttp://creativenetworkmarket.com/942/internet-network-marketing/history-multi-level-network-marketing/ to become the largest recognised MLM business in the world. The duo was so successful they eventually bought their formerMulti-level network marketing, employer and ventured into the food supplements market.Multi-Level Network Marketing comes from the school of hard MLM in the modern ageknocks – quite literally as it was the brain-child of travelling There are multiple multi-level networking marketingsalesmen. Sceptics often criticise MLM as being a pyramid companies today selling everything from cosmetics andscheme, yet there are 50 million successful entrepreneurs that Tupperware to dental insurance and sex toys. The digital agemake a good standard of living from multi-level marketing. makes it possible for distributors to work from home and sellThe idea is generally regarded to have started in the 1940´s online, offering convenience and flexibility as well as anwhen California Vitamin Company, who shortly afterwards attractive income for a few hours work.changed their name to Nutralite, recruited multiple Referral marketing is not without its critics however.distributors to sell their food supplement products. In actual Questions have been raised about the legitimacy of thefact, MLM date further back than that to the late 1860´s business model. Claiming money is made from the sale ofwhen J.R Watkins, one of the first natural remedy companies goods to distributors in the chain rather than the direct salein the United States released he could make more money for of goods to customers. Whereas disreputable companies dothe company by getting other people to sell his products. exist, legitimate companies have been a godsend toWatkins´ idea was to reward distributors with a percentage thousands of workers that lost their jobs in the credit crunchof the profit they earned from selling products. However, he crisis and with progressive trends producing more and morealso offered rewards to his team if they recruited other success stories of rags to riches, business people are startingdistributors to the company and his team of distributors to sit up and take notice.including his sales figures rocketed. The idea attracted the For the MLM prospect there are dozens of books, online toolsattention of other travelling salesmen such as Henry Heinz and mentors to help guide you through the early stages, butand a certain Asa Candler who paid $2300 for a formula as MLM strategies improve and companies begin to grow theknow as Coca-Cola syrup. success rate becomes achievable quicker than it ever has in the past. It took Heinz and Candler decades before they went multinational. Using modern day tools and multi-level marketing techniques, you can go international in a week.The growth of MLM This entry was posted in Blog, Internet Network MarketingCoca-Cola and Heinz went on to become two of the most and tagged internet network marketing, Multi-levelrecognised brand names in the world today. What started out marketing. Bookmark the permalink.as one man door-to-door sales operations became multi-billion dollar companies with an expansive internationalpresence. However, the idea to expand business networksoverseas came from two Dutchman who had been working inthe US.Richard de Vos and Jay van Andel were distributors forNutralite, but struck upon the idea of sell cleaning productsto households. They called their business, Amway. It went on
  2. 2. April 4th, 2013 Published by: retrofazhttp://creativenetworkmarket.com/942/internet-network-marketing/history-multi-level-network-marketing/