Retop vertical valve repairing grinder - valve repair machine tools


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Unique grinding and lapping machine for valve repair, grinding process after bead welding, maximize reuse of aging valve!

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Retop vertical valve repairing grinder - valve repair machine tools

  1. 1. retop valve repair co., ltd IN D EP EN D EN T CH IN ES E N ATION AL IN C REAS E IN COME, IN TE LLECTUAL PROPERTY IN N OVAT IVE PAT EN TS RED UCE EXP EN D ITURE Practical Applicability on Safety on Valve High Efficiency of Valve Increase Income Reduce Valve Repairing Repairing Repairing Expenditure The ex-service valves that get Best repair solutions would be Multifunctional vertical valve Valves are consumable products for removed from the production line worked out according to various repairing grinder, combined with enterprises’ production, it will cost are mainly due to failures caused production environments, valve grinding and fine grinding functions you substantial funding for by sealing surface corrosion or service mediums, then the most together, it could realize grinding and replacement every year, taking the large scale chemical company as an damage of internal parts. appropriate welding electrode to fine grinding of valve sealing surface example, annual purchase capital on However, as the metal physical be used, which all will and valve spool which finished bead valves is about US$1,500,000, stress had been eliminated, and the contribute to the perfect welding, the fitness degree could while our company could set up valve valve body strength are still in performance of the restored reach 100%, surface roughness 0.4, repairing and restoring system, solid condition, then the restored valve to deal with the harsh spherical out of roundness degree providing training on maintenance valves shall not be liable to be production environments, and could reach the processing standard personnel, which would allow you to deformed, hence, the valve prolong the service life. of special purpose machine tool for repair the old valves for recycling use, applicability could be improved. sphere processing. hence, it could reduce the cost on valves by 90%. COMPANY INTRODUCTION ReTop Valve Repair Co., Ltd. is the former Zigong Futaishan Machinery Company, which was founded in 1994 and the first professional valve repair and restoration company in China, dedicated to professional solutions on valve metal sealing surface repair and valve inspection aspects. Our technology and products have been in service for national electric, oil and gas, petrochemical, chemical, siderology, pharmacy, papermaking industries and energy sectors. With nearly two decades R&D on equipment and repairing services, now the Company had developed into a diversified company with professional industrial valve repair and restoration service, and production of valve repair equipment, valve repairing kit as well, having a group of experienced, well-trained valve inspection, repairing experts and research personnel. The independent R&D and intellectual property multifunctional vertical valve repair and grinding machine, valve repairing kit and special grinding head, which break through the ReTop Valve Repair System bottleneck that one kind of valve repair equipment could only repair for one single type of ReTop valve repair and valve, it could repair and restore the ball valves, gate restore system is suitable for valves, stop valves, safety valves, regulating valves, power all kinds of valves with station valves, desulfuration valves etc. of various types, nominal diameter 0.4“ – 40“ specifications, standards. The restored industrial valve and operating pressure of could reach various kinds of quality accreditation 0.1MPa – 100MPa, standards, improving the original valve by 2 grades, inspections and pressure test could be taken for the which not only could effectively resolve the tremendous repaired and restored valves waste on valve leakage and valve replacement strictly according to China GB, expenditures, but also prolong the service life and US ANSI/API/MSS, Germany improve the production safety of the valve greatly, hence, DIN, UK BS, France NF, Japan it could safeguard the production safety, reduce JIS etc. national standards. production cost for 86-10-8627-5592 • fax 58948640 • email • URL
  2. 2. retop valve repair co., ltd THE SERIES OF RETOP VALVE REPAIRING EQUIPMENTReTop Vertical Valve Repairing Grinder Valve Repair & Restoration Process By grasping the working condition, contact medium,ReTop valve repair grinding machine taking the professional valve repair bearing temperature and causeas the design concept while the design principle is dynamic balance, by of damage etc. of the valves on theadopting variable frequency motor as the power source, to process with grid enterprise production lines, perfectinggrinding and fine grinding through infinitely variable speeds, constant repair and restoration solutions shall bepower, constant torque, turbine axial feeding, planet grinding head, it is the worked out with respect to the old valves, and to proceed with the perfect repairinternational leading professional valve repair equipment. process for the valves by using of ReTopThe remarkable characteristic of this machine tool is that it is integrated vertical valve repairing grinder.professional valve repair equipment combined with grinding and finegrinding functions.The power source of this machine is 5KW variable frequency motor whichis with strong driving power, the metal parts are with strong rigidity andstable mechanical stabilities, the grinding plate and the grinding head Replaced old valves, dismantling → Cleaning →matching with precision, running stable, radial grinding force is strong, Select appropriate electrode → Bead welding ofwhich allow grinding and fine grinding process after bead welding and sealing surface → Grinding by valve repair andrepairing welding of valve seat, spool, wedge disc and sealing ring, grinding machine → Fine grinding by valveconnecting flanges, middle flange, ball valve seat etc. in respect to stop grinding machine → Inspection of sealingvalve, gate valve, ball valve, power station valve, water seal valve, regulating surface → Valve assembling → Pressure ratingvalve, safety valve, check valve etc., hence, the sealing performance of the testing with over 30% value of original valverepaired valve is excellent and exceeding the turning effect, it could be even pressure → Valve surface painting and beautification → Valve Repairing Name Plate →called as the “Good Doctor” of old and damaged valves. Valve repair and restoration completed successfully → Putting into use again Taper GrindingGrinding By using the special taper grinding head for this grinding machine, itFor sealing surface after bead welding with stainless steel electrode orcemented carbide electrode, it could process with high strength grinding, could repair and restore taper sealing type valves;and grinding roughness could reach 0.8; BoringFine Grinding Fix metacenter bushing on the operating table, it could process forOn the basis of grinding function, to use the integrated design of grindingand fine grinding functions, it is no need to replace the grinding head, but Φ50-150mm (2 - 6) inner bore by using boring tools;only to adjust the rotary speed, it could process with fine grinding to thesealing surface, and the fitness degree could reach 100%, radial fitness Milling100%, surface roughness 0.4; Fix AB carriage (latitudinal, longitudinal) and other working kit, it couldChamfering process for plane and inclined plane of work piece; further fixBy using the special grinding head for this grinder, it could complete electromagnetic plate and accessories, it could process metal sealing partchamfering process for the sealing surface after grinding and fine grinding; and other similar parts. The 1st year Do you know how much could valve repair save for you The 2nd year The 3rd year 10%4% As everyone knows valves are of wearing parts, if any leakage occurs, the life of the valve shall be ended. The 4th year But, is that really the case? Absolutely NO! Along with the service of the valve for a certain period, the metal stress would be eliminated, the valve bodyValve repair shall not be liable for further deformation, while the vast majority cases of the valve leakage are due tocould savelarge sum on 25% damage of valve body or valve spool, therefore, as long as repair scheme were scheduled to resolve the valve 62% sealing surface leaking problems pertinent to the specific valve leaking reasons, valves that are of betterbusiness cost quality than the new produced ones are available.for enterprises, The life of metal valve body are generally designed as 5~8 years, which means it could allow one singleyou can learn valve to be repaired for several times, in other words, valve purchase cost shall be reduced greatly throughit easily from repeated valve repairing!the pie graphabove. Design Concept of ReTop Vertical Valve Repairing Grinder Original 5 year purchasing expenditures: US$ 1,000,000 Valve repair and grinding machine are designed as double stand column to fit the machine height requirement for valve repairing, and the working table is wide and thick; transmission device setting as variable frequency Cost on valve repairing: US$ 300,000 motor infinitely variable speeds, and the drive sleeve and the drive shaft are with bigger diameter, which could bearing heavy load, and with strong torque, rigidity, and good strength; feeding device is worm wheel driving You having saved: the rotation axis sleeve thread, axial grinding; grinding mechanism designed with flat grinding, taper grinding and chamfer grinding, the grinding head could realize revolution and rotation planet type grid grinding, US$ 700,000 therefore, it is provided with various grinding functions needed for valve 86-10-8627-5592 • fax 58948640 • email • URL
  3. 3. retop valve repair co., ltd RETOP VALVE REPAIR AND RESTORATION SYSTEM Overview of ReTop Repair and Restoration System By use of our independent R&D vertical valve repair and grinding machine, vertical spherical grinding machine, slant rotary table, universal working knit, professional grinding head, special clamp, matching up with general machine and pressure test and inspection device, it could realize bead welding of old valve metal seal surface, fine machining of new seal surface, fitting of soft sealing surface, valve parts manufacturing, caliber and adjusting of original irregular geometric dimensions of the valves, repairing valve defects caused by various factors, and valve assembling and fitting, pressure test and inspection, painting and delivery, quality feedback, tracking service etc. as well. The combination application of the above devices and interacting technological process, and repairing procedures together constructed the valve repair and restoration system (VRS for short). The VRS could repair GB, DIN, API, ANSI valves produced by various manufacturers. With the combination applications of the independent patented valve repair and grinding machine and universal working kit which are the key component of VRS, it could complete the repair and restoration of DN50-1000mm valves of various kinds with high quality, and even could expand to repair of DN1200mm valves by increasing the VRM machine power rate and fixing special working kit. RETOP VERTICAL VALVE REPAIRING GRINDER Advantages of Setting up VRS Parameters RETOP-PM-300 RETOP-PM-500 RETOP-PM-800 by Enterprises 1300 × 1100 × 1300 1300 × 1300 × 1500 1500 × 1400 × 2300 Dimension (mm) (approx) (approx) (approx) Large and medium sized chemical, electric, oil and gas, smelting, paper Weight 900 Kg (approx) 1100 Kg (approx) 1300 Kg (approx) making, pharmacy industry enterprises Operational Plate 1300 × 1100 1300 × 1300 1500 × 1300 will consume large quantity of Width (mm) (approx) (approx) (approx) industrial valves, according to statistics Operational Plate from Industrial Planning on Coal Height (mm) 800 1000 1200 Industry established by National Development and Reform Commission, Power of Variable 2.2 Kw 3 Kw 4 Kw the valve purchase quantity for coal Frequency Motor industry shall be 7% of the overall Driving Speed Infinitely Veritable Speed Infinitely Veritable Speed Infinitely Veritable Speed investment amount, while the annual Feeding Apparatus Worm Wheel Worm Wheel Worm Wheel replacement shall account for over 25%, therefore, as the consumable Grinding after Bead Yes Yes Yes Welding products for production, it costs very high! Fine Grinding Yes Yes Yes Axial Fitness 100% 100% 100% ReTop Valve Repair Co., Ltd. Could Grinding Roughness 0.8 0.8 0.8 customize a full and complete set of valve repair and restoration system on Fine Grinding Roughness 0.4 0.4 0.4 the basis of industrial features, Saddle-shaped working kit, Saddle-shaped working Saddle-shaped working kit, production environment, service gate valve taper block, flat kit, gate valve taper block, gate valve taper block, flat medium, operating temperature, Accessories grinding head, taper flat grinding head, taper grinding head, taper bearing pressure etc. factors of the grinding head, chamfer grinding head, chamfer grinding head, chamfer enterprise client, even by consideration grinding head grinding head grinding head the actual conditions of each Repair Nominal DN50 - 300 mm DN50 - 500 mm DN50 - 800 mm production processes, and shall be Diameter 2 - 12 2 - 20 2 - 32 responsible for the employee training, Pressure Rating 0.1 - 100 MPa 0.1 - 100 MPa 0.1 - 100 MPa special device R&D etc., to service you The flat, angle, taper type The flat, angle, taper type The flat, angle, taper type on increasing income and decreasing Service Valve Type valve sealing surface of Stop valve sealing surface of valve sealing surface of expenditures and energy saving and Valve, Gate Valve etc. Stop Valve, Gate Valve etc. Stop Valve, Gate Valve etc. emission reduction! 380V 50 Hz ( other options can be customized ) RETOP SLANT ROTARY TABLE The independent R&D slant rotary table is the accessory equipment to match up with the vertical repair and grinding machine for the processing of slant angle seal surface of wedge gate valve, knife-type valves etc., and its design is more advanced than the slant block accessories, its model falls into SRT-DN300, SRT-DN500 and SRT-DN800, customized service also available. The body of the wedge gate valve shall be fixed on the rotary table, grinding operations for the top and bottom seal surfaces; it is no need to turn over the valve body to complete one-time repair, while the geometric accuracy of the seal surface could be guaranteed, repair efficiency 86-10-8627-5592 • fax 58948640 • email • URL
  4. 4. retop valve repair co., ltd VALVE MAINTENANCE & RESTORATION EXAMPLE CASE Wedge Gate Valve Repair Case 1. Fitness of valve plate and valve body is the key factor to judge the success of valve repair Comparison of Major Valve Repair Equipment due to the unique slant angle sealing design of wedge gate valve. Learning from the picture, Item One Germany Brand One Sweden Brand China RETOP the seal surface of Variable Frequency the valve body and Power Source General Motor General Motor Motor valve plate of the wedge gate valve Yes, Infinitely Speed Regulation No No (DN250 PN64) variable speed damaged greatly. Dimensions Small Small Relatively bigger 2. Both the seal Gate Valve Weight Light Light Heavy surfaces of the Without repair wedge plate and Mobility Easy Easy Difficult valve body need bead welding, and bead Feeding Device Gear Gear Rack Worm Wheel welding shall be conducted by suitable model Grinding after Bead Yes, InfinitelyGate valve after bead stainless steel electrode No No Welding variable speedwelding by consideration of Fine Grinding Yes Yes Yes the operating environment, pressure Mounting on the Mounting on the Valve fixing on the Repair Mode rating, temperature, valve body valve body operating table medium etc. of the Other Grinding No No Yes valve. Yes. One set of No. Several models, No. Several models, 3. By using of ReTop valve repair and grinding but each model can but each model can equipment can repair Versatility several different types Gate valve after repair machine, and the repair single type/ repair single type/ model valve only model valve only of valves accessory universal working kit, slant block Price Very High Very High Moderate tools, grinding and fine Cost Performance Low General Very High grinding repair operations were conducted to the wedge ReTop vertical valve repair and grinding machine is quipped with taper plate of the wedge gate block for flat seal repairing, which is special used to repair the sealing surface valve. And the surface of wedge gate valve and valve plate seal surface after bead welding, and the roughness of the wedge plate could reach 0.4. repairing results for stop valve, regulating valve etc. could be much quicker andSeal surface of the valve body after repair more efficient if using saddle-shaped working kit. 4. By using of the grinding machine All parameters will subject to change without prior notice. and slant block, flat grinding head, chamfer grinding head, grinding and R E TO P VA LV E R E PA I R C O . LT D .fine grinding repair operations were made to the GLOBAL MARKETING DEPT.wedge gate valve body, and the wedge gate valvebody, the roughness of its seal surface reaching 0.4 TEL: ( 86 10 ) 8627 - 5592after grinding and fine grinding repair operations. FAX: ( 86 10 ) 5894 - 8460 5.The seal surfaces fitness EMAIL: of the valve body and URL: wedge plate after repair reaching 100%, and there is no leakage after pressure test inspection with 30% higher than the original pressure level. It could put into production line for service again after 86-10-8627-5592 • fax 58948640 • email • URL