0502 Marine Offshore Wind Energy Seminar May 8 2008[1]


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0502 Marine Offshore Wind Energy Seminar May 8 2008[1]

  1. 1. SAVE THE DATE MARINE & OFFSHORE WIND ENERGY SEMINAR – OTC 2008 THURSDAY, MAY 8, 2008 • HOUSTON, TEXAS HILTON POST OAK • 7:30AM UK MARINE & OFFSHORE WIND ENERGY ARRIVES IN THE INTERNATIONAL ENERGY CAPITOL UK Trade & Investment, the international business development agency of the British Government, is hosting a Marine & Offshore Wind Energy breakfast seminar at the Offshore Technology Conference 2008 on Thursday May 8th. This seminar will provide UK marine & offshore wind energy companies and their counterparts in the US oil & gas industry the opportunity to share best practices and forge lasting business relationships. A panel of industry experts and technology leaders will discuss trends in the Marine & Wind Energy industry, growing links with the oil & gas sector, and how companies can best position themselves to lead this innovative field. Much of the technology being deployed in the US and UK for marine & offshore wind energy was developed decades ago for offshore oil & gas exploration. During the seminar, attending companies will engage with potential buyers, suppliers, and partners to address the rising demand for alternative, sustainable energy sources. Additionally, the delegation of UK Marine & Wind companies and universities will attend OTC 2008, providing further opportunities for introductions, meetings, and subsequent discussions. Register online FREE for this event by visiting www.ukatotc.com OFFSHORE WIND ENERGY • The UK is home to the world’s largest offshore wind farm project. The London Array project will provide 1,000 MW from 341 turbines requiring a total investment of an estimated $2.5 billion with the project scheduled for completion by 2012. The consortium is led by E.ON UK, Shell Wind Energy Ltd., and Core (a joint venture between Farm Energy and DONG). • In 1836, Sam Houston had the foresight to declare sovereignty over all lands in the Gulf of Mexico out to 10.4 miles, which paved the way for today’s offshore wind farms. For this reason, offshore wind developers in Texas work directly with the Texas General Land Office, and Texas is positioned to lead the US in offshore wind energy generation. In October 2007 the General Land Office awarded the first competitive wind leases in the United States off the Gulf of Mexico.
  2. 2. MARINE ENERGY • On December 18, 2007, Pacific Gas and Electric Company announced its support for plans to build America's first commercial wave power plant. The Northern California plant will consist of eight buoys, 2 1/2 miles offshore. The plant is scheduled to begin operating in 2012. • The UK's wave and tidal industry is one of the most innovative in the world with the largest concentration of companies. For example, the Pelamis project developed by Ocean Power Delivery is currently being tested at the European Marine Energy Centre in Orkney, this is the first deep water, grid connected trial of a full-size wave power generator. OFFSHORE TECHNOLOGY MEETS NEW SUSTAINABLE DEMAND Texas, the energy capital of world, boasts a vibrant offshore industry off the Gulf of Mexico. As exploration costs rise and oil production decreases, this region is also looking to diversify its interests and utilise the technology it has spent decades developing. Local industry has begun to partner with Texas Universities to conduct wave energy demonstrations that harvest renewable power from ocean waves. The need for marine & offshore wind energy expertise in this region and throughout the US is growing quickly. The UK is home to the largest concentration of wave and tidal energy generation companies in the world and is truly pioneering the field of ocean energy. The government has seen this potential and has introduced the Wave and Tidal Energy Demonstration Scheme to help companies bridge the gap between prototype development and commercial development. The UK is also significantly investing in offshore wind developments. The offshore wind sector has grown from two experimental turbines in 2000 to 13 consented projects totalling over 1,155 megawatts (MW). The UK is presently identified as the best market for offshore wind energy in the world, due to its favourable combination of wind resource, strong offshore regime and the extension of the relevant legislation, the Renewables Obligation, to 15% by 2015. As oil & gas companies in the North Sea are beginning to diversify their portfolios, they are looking to marine & offshore wind energy. The UK is well suited to leverage its skills and experience in offshore oil & gas and power generation to accelerate progress in the marine & offshore wind sectors and to capture substantial economic value for all companies—and countries—involved. FOR FUTHER INFORMATION PLEASE CONTACT Joanne Howard Vice Consul (Energy) UK Trade & Investment British Consulate-General Houston Email: Joanne.Howard@fco.gov.uk Tel: 713-659-6270 *2130