The financial Horoscope "Finanscope"


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Finanscope, is yet another attempt to help people realize that their financial success is in their own hands and mind. However, job could be a decent way to start earning but one should always look at starting up their own stuff.

Help us to help you in building your business !

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The financial Horoscope "Finanscope"

  1. 1. © Book - Rich Dad Poor Dad Real-LifeSelf Made Millionaires
  2. 2. • Unlike our traditional horoscopes, here we just have ONE PLANET. Its called MONEY.• Unlike traditional horoscopes, here we have just 4 HOUSES. Namely – Income, Expenses, Assets & Liabilities. So all we need to know about is one planet and four houses !
  3. 3. MoneyMoney is just a piece of expensive paper on which the value of it is printed with expensive ink. This value also determines what it can buy. Neither you nor me decide the market value of this piece of paper or what it can buy. Its completely controlled by our respective governments (at least that’s what we have learnt in school). However, we have complete control on how many pieces/bundles of this paper we can own. Our other horoscope has no role/influence whatsoever on our Financial Horoscope.
  4. 4. Income Any money that is credited into you’re a/c or cash in hand. Money coming in your possession. ExpenseAny money that is debited from you’re a/c or cash given away. Losing possession of money. AssetAny possession that creates an Income for you or puts money in your pocket. Liability Any Possession that creates an Expense or takes out money from your pocket.
  5. 5. Quick NoteA home (bought on Loan or cash down) will be considered an asset only if it is put on rent. Only in this case does it put money in your pocket.If you buy a home and live in it, it is considered a liability.Fundamental Rule – MONEY SAVED IS NOT EQUAL TO MONEY EARNED.
  6. 6. Money has been one of the most fought over object in the history of mankind. However, it was women before . Today, there are many ways to earn money and create wealth. But the thumb rule of creating ETHICAL WEALTH remains the same.
  7. 7. According to some sources*, the entire world’s population is divided into 3 zones. Namely – Negative (-ve), Neutral (N) and Positive (+ve).The population is divided into these zones on the basis on which house or what path the money planet takes or goes thru.*The source or the authenticity of the Economic Zones is not Important. What is important is for us to understand how to read/create our Financial Horoscope and ultimately our SUCCESS.
  8. 8. consists of people who have more Expenses than their Income. These people are those who live and enjoy their lives by discounting their future salaries or income by making debts today.Typically, those in this zone believe strongly that their savings will save them during crisis or their old age. And they realize D the truth when its late. They ignore the E B fact that Inflation is killing their savings. T Income Expense
  9. 9. consists of people whose Income = Expenses. They spend what they earn. These people are usually from the below poverty line like beggars, daily wagers, street vendors. These are people who have no credibility to get a loan. Honestly…..Good for them !In fact, our grand parents also belonged to this zone. Only because they never believed in borrowing money to buy luxuries. They would save money and buy what they wanted. Income Expense
  10. 10. consists of people whoseIncome is so high that expenses don’tmatter. Those in this zone, control theglobal economies and are in most casesUltra Smart Dropouts. Majority of theNegative Zone works for these people.What I like about these people is thatthey know the secret to giving hugesums in salaries and using the samemoney to grow their business.Confused ? We’ll talk about it ! Income Expense
  11. 11. Single source ofJob/Small Income perBusiness/Profession. individual. Be it Salary or Profits. EMI, Insurance Premium, Bills, Rent, Petrol…etc No assets unless passed on from earlier Loans, Credit card generations. Debt.
  12. 12. As explained earlier, those in the –ve Zone create a lot of debt as they start to work. Also their knowledge about finances is that of what is taught in schools and colleges. Which unfortunately is of no good to lead a practical life. For them, all of their income is consumed by EMI’s & Credit Card Bills. Most also invest in insurance to save tax. In fact, millionaire investor Robert Kiyosaki explains in his videos on youtube how “savers end up as beggars”. A must watch video I’d say. It is really strange how people do not question their own actions or ignore the answers. What people here don’t understand is – You cannot grow cashew nuts if you invest peanuts. Most of their money (in one form or the other )is always kept in the BANK.
  13. 13. Income sufficientBeggars, Masons, for the day or 2Maids etc for the family. Food, shelter & Liquor. The biggest asset they have is the number of No one gives them a loan or a earning hands. credit card.
  14. 14. As explained earlier, those in the Neutral Zone, barely survive a hand to mouth life. They have no Assets and no Liabilities.In fact lately did I understand why there are fireworks for some of their funerals. Their families are happy that they haven’t left back a DEBT to be paid by them.If you ask me, these people are better than most of us FINANCIALLY. No wonder they can sleep just anywhere. After all it’s a DEBT FREE MIND at peace.
  16. 16. These people know that all of us put our money in the bank. They, then take that money and build businesses. Then they hire us to work for them. And then they make money and repay those debts. Isn’t that brilliant ?The idea here is that these people know that Debt alone is not good or bad. What you do with that money makes it good or bad. You take a loan and Build a Business and that business not only helps you repay the loans but once the debt is cleared you have just created an asset that will last a lifetime for you and your generations to come. Using that income you can start more businesses and then using those income you can buy real estate and rent it out for more income. And the cycle just goes on ………
  17. 17. The whole reason why we created this document is to make you aware that today a common man like you and me can also start a business. All we need is that mindset and a desire so strong that will not let you sleep till you made it big.Thanks to the World Wide Web, for becoming the new business platform. Today, you do not need lakhs/millions in loan for you to start something. All you need is a UNIQUE IDEA. And even if you didn’t have that, you could franchise one out. Yes ! You can franchise a website ! Its simple and costs real less as compared to a traditional physical franchise.
  18. 18. We are a group of professionals from various domains. Our objective to get together was to form a critical mass that could help/initiate sustainable Socio-Economic Reforms.All of us are hardcore salesmen & women. Our products being the same.For more info on sustainable socio-economic reforms please contact the person who shared this slideshare with you or