Forte – Creating the World’s Tallest CLT Apartment Building


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This presentation from the first ever US CLT Symposium shares the process and key insights gained when designing the world’s tallest cross laminated timber apartment building. The building was 10 floors, 32.17 meters tall and consisted of 23 apartments. The Forte saved 1,451 tons of carbon, by choosing to design with wood over steel or concrete.

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Forte – Creating the World’s Tallest CLT Apartment Building

  1. 1. FORTéCreating the world’stallest CLT apartmentbuilding© Lend Lease 2013
  2. 2. Lend Lease– Established in 1958– reating innovative and sustainable C EUROPE, MIDDLE East and property and infrastructure solutions AFRICA (EMEA) AMERICAS– Operate in 4 key regions – Australia, Asia, America and EMEA ASIA– Completed over 10,000 projects worldwide– ertically integrated real estate solutions V Australia business operating in any market sector
  3. 3. Dick Dusseldorp,Lend Lease Founder 1973“The time is not far off when companies will have to justify their worth to society, with greater emphasis being placed on environmental and societal impact than straight economics.”
  4. 4. The World’sTallest TimberApartmentBuilding– First CLT building in Australia– Targeting first 5 star green star residential (as built)– First Lend Lease Australia project to incorporate pods– High profile location
  5. 5. ModularBATHROOMS
  6. 6. FortéVICTORIA HARBOURMELBOURNE– cale: 10 floors, 23 apartments S– uild Period: B Start on site: February 2012 Begin CLT installation: June 2012 C LT structure complete: Aug 2012 Practical completion: December 2012– rchitect: Lend Lease A– LT supplier: KLH C
  7. 7. FORTé by the numbers32.17m the world’sHIGH tallest timber apartment building5 expected to be the first residentialgreen building tostar achieve this485 759tonnes of CLT PANELStimber
  8. 8. FORTé by the numbers34,550screws 5,500 angle brackets ON 25 Shipped in CONTAINERS 2SHIPS Lend lease Saving 1,451 apprentices uPskilled in new construction technique tonnes of carbon
  9. 9. FortéSustainabilitystory
  10. 10. Forté – Approach toSustainabilityObjectives:– Step change in multi-story residential – LT proof of concept C – Star Green Star As Built 5Approach:– Passive design– Sustainable materials and embodied carbon– Metering for long term data
  11. 11. Why is embodiedcarbon importantEmbodiedCarbon The focus Cradle to Gate on embodied carbon is As reductions in operational carbon are achieved, increasing embodied carbon is forming End of Life Gate to Site a higher percentage of a buildings overall co2 impact Maintenance OnsiteOperationalCarbon Operations
  12. 12. FORTé started Where itVictoria Harbour North Wharf
  13. 13. Why CrossLaminated Timber?– Alternative solution for North Wharf.– ommercialise sustainability. C– Shorter construction times.– Reduced tolerances facilitating off-site manufacture.
  14. 14. CLT FROm A DEVELOPERSperspectiveed prod 16m– Stable engineered product– Highly mechanised production process 3m– Simplicity - basic assembly concepts– Scale - large panel dimensions that suit major commercial construction– Robust
  15. 15. Forte’sachievements – 0 Injuries – Very clean, quiet site SAFE – Positive feedback from sub-contractors – 2% less greenhouse gas emissions over 50 year life cycle 2 – On track for 5 star Green Star “As Built” Sustainable – Significant reduction in site waste – Significantly reduced truck movements to site – 30% reduction in pilingsLight Weight – Ability to precisely position panels – 4 month saving (30%) compared to concrete structureTime Savings – Bathroom PODs worked well with system Efficiencies – Significant room for further improvements – No spare panels requiredHigh Quality – Precise tolerances demonstrated – Ability to use as a high quality visual finish
  16. 16. Forté,ConceptDesign
  17. 17. st The Context – Docklands
  18. 18. 2 East The Victoria Harbour Master Plan – Urban Design Objectives
  19. 19. ARCHITECTURALSolution
  20. 20. ILS -TYPICAL
  22. 22. AL – MAIN FACADEubond: Alubond: Architectural Aesthetics 3 rchitectural A Buildability Aesthetics 3 Buildability Sustainability 3 Sustainability Durability 3 Durability Maintenance 3 Maintenance 3 Warranty Warranty 3 Cost Costpports the business case??
  23. 23. DETAILS – ALUMINIUM Windows
  24. 24. ARCHITECTURALSolution
  25. 25. ARCHITECTURALSolution
  26. 26. ARCHITECTURALSolution
  27. 27. ARCHITECTURALSolution
  28. 28. Design PrOcess Technical DetailingIt is a different design /construction process– All design completed up front– File to factory process– 3D modelling in auto-CAD– Installation sequencing, crane calculations– Minimises waste, reduces onsite decision making and errors
  29. 29. Forté Panelsequencingand erectionorder
  30. 30. Summary– Design Experience Lessons– Procurement – hat does W– Construction Experience our RD tell us thus far?– Industry Relations– Consumer Market Reactions
  31. 31. Forté– Proven speed sucCess– Clean and safe factors– Robust, high quality result– Potential to be cost competitive– Contractors love it– Bankers and insurers get it– ustomers are C not afraid of it
  32. 32. Thefuture
  33. 33. Dock Square Library,Melbourne
  34. 34. Dock Square Library,Melbourne
  35. 35. FREE OPEN AIR CINEMA: URBANIZED FRiday EVening 22-23 February 2013 Victoria Harbour 807 Bourke Street, THE OFFICIAL LAUNCH OF FORTÉ APARTMENTS, First public open for inspection. Urban market • Open-air cinema Green transport displays VI Activities for kids • on sustainability Expert speakers Join us at the Forté Living Festival for a celebration of a healthy, happy city lifestyle.FESTI VAL DOWNLOAD THE FULL EVENT PROGRAM AT LOGO LOGO
  36. 36. Questions?