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A project presentation

  1. 1. Presented by: Supervised by:Rethabile Mabaso Mr. T. Koetje
  2. 2.  Directly control video games with muscles Uses Arduino UNO microcontroller Acts as HID keyboard interface Muscle sensor design for signal processing Allows two muscles to act independently and in combination to control three buttons (left bicep , LEFT) (Right bicep , RIGHT) (combination , ROTATE) Illustrated using Tetrix game
  3. 3.  To facilitate game-playing in people with special needs Pilot project for a diagnostic tool for identifying neuromuscular diseases and disorders of motor control Could be extended for use in control of moving objects such as mobile robots and an electric wheelchair
  4. 4.  Handicapped persons People with neuromuscular diseases Obsolete gaming models Electronics Engineering theory into practice Biomedical Hobbyist
  5. 5.  Electrical potential produced by electrically or neurologically activated muscles Electrical source is the muscle membrane potential of about -90 mV Measured EMG potentials range from less than 50 µV and up to 20-30 mV Typical repetition rate of muscle motor unit firing is about 7-20 Hz Surface EMG and intramuscular EMG Muscle tissue at rest is normally electrically inactive
  6. 6.  Superimposed motor unit action potentials ( MUAPs ) Can be decomposed into their constituent MUAPs for analysis MUAPs from different motor units tend to have different characteristic shapes
  7. 7.  1 x Arduino Uno R2 ( needs the atmega8u2 USB chip which is only available on newer Arduino MCUs ) 1 x Arduino Project Enclosure 1 x USB cable for the Arduino 2 x Muscle Sensors 1 x 12V Power Supply 2 sets of EMG Cables and Electrodes
  8. 8.  3 x TL072 IC Chip 1 x INA106 IC Chip 2 x 9V Battery 2 x 9V battery clips 2 x 1.0 µF Tant capacitor 1 x 0.01 µF Ceramic Disc capacitor 1 x 1.0 µF Ceramic Disc capacitor 3 x 150 kOhm 1% resistor 2 x 1 Mohm 1% ( Refer to Complete list )
  9. 9.  Signal acquisition INA106 difference amplifier ( G = 110 ) Signal conditioning – Amplification TL072 inverting amplifier ( G = -15 ) AC coupling High pass filter Signal conditioning – Rectification Active full-wave rectifier Signal conditioning – Smoothing + Amplification
  10. 10.  The two sets of electrodes limit allowable button count Could use DSP Wireless technology
  11. 11.  New structure still under development
  12. 12.  Covered aspects completed successfully Project to be completed by mid-April
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  14. 14.  Noting…