Email Look post purchase campaigns (Listrak) -Feb12


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Estudio realizado por listrak en el que se analiza la efectividad de las campañas de marketing post venta. (inglés)

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Email Look post purchase campaigns (Listrak) -Feb12

  1. 1. February 24, 2012Megan Ouellet, Director of MarketingTravis Buck, Creative DirectorLISTRAK EMAIL LOOK BOOK POST PURCHASE CAMPAIGNSPost purchase email campaigns have many We recently released a whitepaper “Building abenefits. They keep your brand top of mind with Repeat Customer Base through Post Purchaseyour customers. They give you an opportunity to Email Campaigns,” which may be found here.upsell and cross-sell merchandise in a targeted As a companion to that whitepaper, Travis Buck,fashion. And, most importantly, they significantly Creative Director, and Megan Ouellet, Directorprolong the customer lifecycle and increase of Marketing for Listrak, critiqued 15 postcustomer lifetime value. purchase email campaigns. The campaigns differ in scope, strategy, and design, but all ofOnline retailers spend a lot of time, money, and them deliver critical information that engages theresources acquiring new customers but many customers and drives additional purchases.aren’t focusing on customer retention efforts.We’ve found that one time customers can make As you implement your post purchase emailup 80% of all purchases, and recent studies have campaigns or tweak your strategies, this guideshown that only five percent of new customers will help you identify trends and best practices.will return to a site and only three percent will However, it is important to test these campaignsmake a second purchase. However, the same to find what works best for your found that new customers are twice aslikely to return to a website if they receive aremarketing campaign.
  2. 2. TALBOTSTHANK YOU MESSAGETHINGS WE LOVETiming – received the day after purchases weremade in the storeEngagement – used email to reach customerswho shopped in store, not just onlineMessaging – simple and straightforward, makescustomer feel appreciatedDesign – website navigation and hero shotmake it tempting and easy to shop onlinePersonalization – use of customer’s name andstore locationSubject line – “It was great to see you atTalbots!”THINGS WE’D TESTLinks – larger links to “Shop New Arrivals, WebExclusives, and More”Add an offer or incentive to purchase againInformation – adding product care informationor the exchange policy could make the emailmore useful to recipients
  3. 3. NFL SHOPTHANK YOU MESSAGETHINGS WE LOVEOffer – the 15% off discount is a great incentivefor customers to make a second purchaseLinks – the product shots make it easy tonavigate and the secondary navigation linksprovide easy access to popular pages, such asFacebook and Twitter, gift cards, outlet, etc.THINGS WE’D TESTDesign – there is a lot of team logos andinformation crammed into a small area andthe offer almost gets lost. Add more paddingbetween elements of the emailFine print - could link to information to keep theemail cleaner and shorterAdd recommended products possibly based onthe merchandise of the team(s) they chose
  4. 4. WEST ELMORDER CONFIRMATION MESSAGE THINGS WE LOVE Recommended products – great addition to any post purchase campaign, especially an order confirmation message because of the high open rates Website navigation – makes it easy to return to the site Prominent order number – customers need this if they have questions about the order so it should be easy to find THINGS WE’D TEST Merchandising – adding images of the merchandise ordered instead of just the text description could entice shoppers to buy the recommended and related products Customer service contact information – this information seems hidden in the message Exchange policy information – could be helpful to include a link to the exchange/return policy in this message
  5. 5. THINK GEEKORDER CONFIRMATION MESSAGE THINGS WE LOVE Link to the order management page Link to easily cancel the order Layout – even though the message lacks design elements, it is easy to read and provides the information customers need THINGS WE’D TEST Design – Think Geek’s promotional and shopping cart abandonment emails are creative and hilarious…this text email falls short of the expectations set by the other campaigns Add recommended products
  6. 6. ZAPPOSORDER CONFIRMATION MESSAGE THINGS WE LOVE Merchandise – including the image of the ordered item and price Prominent order number, customer service phone number, and social links Return policy and shipping – clearly stated and customer friendly links at the top of the message and statements at the bottom Messaging – personable and laid back, “We think Zappos should be the most awesome experience you can have online!” Positioning and playful treatment of social media links in the header Vans :) THINGS WE’D TEST Adding recommended or related products
  7. 7. BOSTON PROPERORDER CONFIRMATION MESSAGE THINGS WE LOVE Prominent order number and date Design – email is well organized and presents the important information clearly and succinctly Links to new arrivals, website navigation, and the bottom navigation to the guarantee, shipping and returns, contact, and account information THINGS WE’D TEST Making the Order Status and My Account links larger and more prominent Making the customer service contact information larger and more prominent Add recommended products Offer/incentive for next purchase
  8. 8. KEURIGORDER CONFIRMATION MESSAGE THINGS WE LOVE Layout – very clear and concise Content – short and to the point Branding – front and center THINGS WE’D TEST Adding navigation to make it easy to shop from this message Including links to the customer’s account, number of loyalty points, and online rewards catalog
  9. 9. NFL SHOPORDER CONFIRMATION MESSAGE THINGS WE LOVE Product images – keeps customer engaged Prominent order number – easy to identify and find if needed Website navigation and wish list/gift finder images – easy to shop Order status button – easy to review Email sign up – great addition to post purchase emails as the recipients might not have opted-in to the email marketing list THINGS WE’D TEST Including related/recommended products Moving email sign up to the header
  10. 10. AMAZONSHIPMENT CONFIRMATION MESSAGE THINGS WE LOVE Inclusion of the delivery date, tracking number, and tracking link Product images – keeps customer engaged Link to the online return center and customer service makes it easy to manage and return the product Brief statement at the top of the message THINGS WE’D TEST Adding related products or website navigation so customers return to the site to shop
  11. 11. LANDS’ ENDSHIPMENT CONFIRMATION MESSAGE THINGS WE LOVE Prominent shipping date and order tracking number Recommended merchandise Free shipping offer on next purchase THINGS WE’D TEST Moving the free shipping offer up and making it more noticeable in the message Add some spacing between elements in the navigation or possibly a color treatment to increase its visual presence
  12. 12. OMAHA STEAKSHIPMENT CONFIRMATION MESSAGE THINGS WE LOVE Layout – the email is well organized and the important information is easy to scan and find quickly Recommended products, complete with sale price, entices additional purchase $20 offer to refer friends – a very nice incentive Clearly stated product guarantee THINGS WE’D TEST Shortening the text at the top of the message Making the tracking link a button instead of a full URL
  13. 13. CRATE & BARREL PRODUCT CARE MESSAGE THINGS WE LOVE The purpose of this message – great follow up that provides important product information customers need and adds a nice personal touch. Links to additional products Website navigation THINGS WE’D TEST Including specific items that are related to the purchased ones Adding social links that allow recipients to share the information on Facebook and Twitter Add offer/incentive to promote additional purchase
  14. 14. HOME DEPOTREQUEST REVIEW MESSAGE THINGS WE LOVE Incentive for customers to write a review – chance to win $1000 gift card Product image and link to review form Link to sign up for email marketing list THINGS WE’D TEST Making the Review Product button larger, orange in color, or more prominent as the gray button blends in to the message
  15. 15. SEPHORAREQUEST REVIEW MESSAGE THINGS WE LOVE Hero shot that includes sample product review Personal touch via the font treatments Inclusion of products purchased and links to review form Link to review the in-store experience, not just the products Website navigation links and large link to sale items – makes it easy to shop again THINGS WE’D TEST Layout – the image takes up a lot of prime space, pushing the products and review links below the fold Add recommended products
  16. 16. BEST BUYRELATED PRODUCTS MESSAGE THINGS WE LOVE Image of purchased product and all of the recommended products and services that go with the camera Header link “Explore our camera resources” Inclusion of loyalty points and link to the reward section of the website The address of the nearest local store THINGS WE’D TEST Content contains unwanted text and characters Product review request ABOUT LISTRAK Listrak is a full-service email provider that helps online retailers capture and analyze click-stream data and order history to inform email marketing. This understanding of customers’ interest, intent and order history is combined with a suite of solutions designed to automate email marketing including acquisition campaigns, welcome series, shopping cart abandonment remarketing, re-engagement and post purchase campaigns. The result is more efficient, cost effective and better performing email marketing. Listrak works with leading online retailers including Waterford, Ten Thousand Villages, Swell, Vintage Tub, and La- Z-Boy. For more information please visit