Important things you should know about retaining walls


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Important things you should know about retaining walls

  1. 1. Important Things You Should Know About Retaining Walls
  2. 2. Decorating a home’s exteriorvia landscaping and otherhome improvements couldbe a very rewardingexperience. Important Things You Should Know About Retaining Walls
  3. 3. Retaining walls are one of thecommon things encounteredin landscaping.Generally, these are built tohold back soil and prevent itfrom cascading, and stabilizeearth especially in uneventerrain.Plus, it can also help in Important Things Youcreating more usable space. Should Know About Retaining Walls
  4. 4. Four Common Types:Gravity Retaining WallsCantilevered Retaining WallsSheet Piling Retaining WallsAnchored Retaining Walls Important Things You Should Know About Retaining Walls
  5. 5. Gravity Retaining WallsGravity retaining walls utilizes itsown weight to hold back earthwhich is normally made fromconcrete, stone, and other heavymaterials. Important Things YouThey are typically three to fourfeet high and going much higher Should Know Aboutcan get very difficult to constructproperly. Retaining Walls
  6. 6. Cantilevered Retaining WallsIt has two main parts. First is avery thin steel-reinforced stem.Second is the base consisting of 2parts namely the “heel” locatedunder the backfill, and the “toe”that is basically the remainingportion of the base. It utilizes less Important Things Youamount of concrete as comparedto gravity retaining walls and at Should Know Abouttimes can be more difficult todesign and construct properly. Retaining Walls
  7. 7. Sheet Piling Retaining WallsSheet piling types are typicallyconstructed from vinyl, steel, oreven wood planks.These are beneficial for tight Important Things Youspaces and soft soils. Should Know About Retaining Walls
  8. 8. Anchored Retaining WallsThese can be in the form of sheetpiling, cantilevered, or gravityretaining walls.It is reinforced by cables and Important Things Youother materials that keep itanchored into the rock or soil Should Know Aboutbehind it. Retaining Walls
  9. 9. -Deciding on the height ofretaining walls can betedious as well.-Professionals recommend itto be at a height of 3 feet orlower.-If it is too high, there’s a bigrisk of it to not functionproperly as increasing itsheight also increases theforce acting against it.-Check also for any laws orprovisions that may affect Important Things Youyour construction activities Should Know Aboutin your local area. Retaining Walls
  10. 10. But just in case you’rehaving trouble deciding onwhich one to use or wouldneed help in constructingone, it is always a good callto get the help of experthome builders orcontractors to get the jobdone for you.Feel free to visit our websiteto learn more aboutretaining walls at: Important Things You Should Know About Retaining Walls
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