Maundy Thursday


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Maundy Thursday

  1. 1. MAUNDY THURSDAY INTRODUCTION We are now entering three very special days of the liturgical year. Today we commemorate the eucharist, Priesthood and the commandment of love by Jesus. This evening as we commemorate the last Supper of Our Lord let us listen attentive to what He will tell us and understand His love for each of us. he is in our midst and we are around Him, as the apostles were on the last night before he suffered. BEFORE THE FIRST READING Ex. 12: 1-8, 11-14 The description of the Jewish Paschal Meal in the First Reading will help us understand better the meaning of the Last Supper and of the Eucharist. Jesus instituted the Eucharist during the paschal Meal of the Jews, which recalled how God saved His People from the slavery of Egypt. Let us remember that Jesus is the true Lamb of God whose Blood is poured out for our sins and saves us. BEFORE THE SECOND READING 1 Cor: 11: 23-26 What is new in the Paschal Meal which Jesus celebrates on this day? Paul reminds us of this central truth of our faith and worship. Saint Paul explains how, in the new Paschal Meal instituted by Christ, we receive our Lord's own Body and recall His Death, through which He saved us. BEFORE THE GOSPEL - Jn : 13: 1-15 Before the most important events of His Passion, Death and Resurrection, Jesus shows how simple and humble is his Love for His friends, by washing their feet. He invites us to follow His example and serve our brothers and sisters with the same love and humility. BEFORE WASHING OF THE FEET: Jesus taught His apostles through a significant action, how they were to love one another. He being their Master rose from the table and washed their feet. Jesus explained the action to them: I have done what servants do. He exhorted them to do the same. Today he tells each one of us to love and serve our brothers, sisters and those around us, just as He did. AFTER OFFERTORY: Jesus changed bread and wine into His body and blood at the last supper; He asked His apostles to do the same. Bishops and priest throughout the world a continue to the fulfil the command of Jesus. The Eucharist is the great sign of Jesus' love for us. Let us celebrate this mystery with deep love and keen attention.
  2. 2. BEFORE THE PROCESSION TO THE ALTAR OF REPOSE After the instituting the Eucharist and sharing His last words with His Apostles, Jesus went to the Garden of Olives, there to pray and to offer Himself to undergo the terrible suffering of the Passion. We shall now bring Christ, under the sign of bread, to the Altar of Repose. There we shall visit Jesus, remaining some time with Him to watch and pray for our deeper conversion away from sin and for the salvation of the world. MATERIAL REQUIRED FOR THE SERVICE * Commentary Sheet * Washing of the feet: Basin, 3 towels, soap, Jug, water r ,two benches. * Readings: 2 readers * Altar of Repose: Table, white cloth, letterings, humorous veil. * Holy Hour Adoration : 1 adoration service. * Altar boys (1 Cross bearer, 1 incense, 1 Turifer. 2 Ceborium, Extra Host