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Resume Executive

  1. 1. Resume Executive Your Virtual Career Coach
  2. 2. What do we do?• Develop strategies for successful matriculation within careers.• Provide a comprehensive professional coaching experience for each participant to include resume development and interview skills preparation.• Actively engage participants in managing their career transition through coaching, benchmarking, resume preparation, and strategic planning.
  3. 3. WHAT DO WE OFFER?• Entry Level Resume• If you are just starting your career or are a college student this is the package for you. Professional Resume• If you are a professional seeking a management position with 5 or more years experience this is the package for you.• Executive Resume• If you are a seasoned executive seeking an executive position such as a president, vice president, or director choose this package. Or, if you are a professional athlete looking to transition into Corporate America, this is the package for you!• Federal Resume• If you are seeking a federal employment position with the government, chose this package.
  4. 4. INTENSIVE COACHING SESSIONS • Resume Building • Creating the Total Package • How to Seal the Deal in an Interview • The Art of Creating an Award Winning Portfolio • Poised for Possession • Goal Setting – Is Your Box Big Enough • The Art of Negotiating • How to Land the Interview from Beginning to End
  5. 5. ADDITIONAL SERVICES• Vitae• Thank You Letter (submitted within 5 hours of the interview)• Cover Letter• Reference Page with Testimonial• Project Plan• Portfolio• Biographical Sketch• Business Research and Development• Creation of Email, Skype,Twitter, LinkedIn Accounts
  6. 6. INTERVIEW SKILLS TRAINING AT A GLANCE:• How to eliminate nervousness and stress, before and during the interview. Going on an interview can be extremely nerve- racking! We’ll discuss tips to go from being a jittery job applicant to a cool, confident candidate, faster than you can say, "Im hired!"• How to mentally prepare for the interview, before it even starts. Utilizing my brain teasers the night before an interview is strategy before your interview and youll be ahead of the game!• The proper way to dress for your interview. Learn exactly what you should wear to your interview, and how you should be groomed.• How to research a company before going on a job interview. Learn why research is really SO important, and how to do it the right way!• How to answer questions without sounding scripted. Rehearsing your answers before your interview is an absolute MUST, but come off sounding scripted, and you will blow your chances of getting the job!• What you should NEVER bring with you to your interview. Bring this to your interview, and you might as well say to the interviewer, "Please dont hire me!" because you wont be!• How long you should take to answer the interviewers questions. Dont take enough time and youll come off as being boring and stiff. Take too long and youll put your interviewer to sleep! Learn exactly how long your answers should be in order to be most effective!• How to let your interviewer know that you REALLY want the job, without coming across as desperate or needy. Communicate in the right way that your REALLY want the job, and youll probably get it. But do it the wrong way, and youre headed for disaster!• The differences between behavioral and situational questions, and how to answer both types. These two types of questions are completely different, and if you dont understand the purpose of each type, and know exactly how you should answer each one, your chances of getting the job will plummet!
  7. 7. EXECUTIVE OFFERINGSExecutive Plan 1 Executive Plan 2 Executive Plan 3 1 • Resume 2 • Resume 3 • Resume • Cover Letter • Cover Letter • Reference Page • Reference Page • Reference Page • 30 Minute Coaching • 2 Hour Coaching • 1 Hour Coaching • Executive • Accolades • Executive Headhunters List Page/Professional Headhunters List Profile • Executive Headhunters List • Direct Job Referrals Total: $695 Total: $595 Total: $495 Valued at $1250 Valued at $650 Valued at $550
  8. 8. HAPPY CAMPERS • Our clients are what make us the world’s best – why? Because they’re great! • Who’s bragging about US? Clients from the FBI, NFL, NBA, Military and Corporate America! The list goes on………..
  9. 9. The Resume Executive Team Our team of talented professionals from all genre’s in the field of HR posses over 50 years of experience in the Staffing and Talent Management arena. There’s no wonder why our clients are excited about our offerings enough to make us one of the most successful virtual Career Development firms on the World Wide Web. Call us today! (901) 281-8559
  10. 10. THANK YOU! Your Logo