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This is a preview to our new voice and what we embody. A story about hard-working, intelligent, social, and cooperative people joining forces to do more than they ever thought they could.

This is a preview to our new voice and what we embody. A story about hard-working, intelligent, social, and cooperative people joining forces to do more than they ever thought they could.

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  • 2. Most people spend at least a quarter of their time at work – so it makes sense to ensure those precious hours count for all they’re worth. We want to redefine work to make it as fun, natural, and rewarding as play. ! ! We want to take people beyond the concept of ‘work / life’ balance to where work is an integral part of their lives, ! a part they love. ! ! We want to replace outworn business practices with radical transparency that drives performance. ! ! We want to create the optimum conditions for cultures of excellence to flourish. ! how WORK works REDEFINE
  • 3. We believe the same things that drive athletes can drive better business results. We believe business can be made more like sport - more fun, more fascinating, and more fulfilling. We see the future in which everyone engages in their work with fierce energy because the power to make a real difference is placed in their own hands. ! ! We see a future where everyone eagerly contributes to a shared team culture that fuels greater productivity. ! ! We see a future where everything that everyone has achieved everyday is visible to everyone else. ! ! We see a future where everyone takes responsibility for creating a company they work for, everyday. ! of work differently FUTURE we see the
  • 4. ?NOW what’s happening right Everyday huge amounts of money, time, and energy ! are wasted on unproductive activities. ! ! Everyday managers make subjective calls using old ! data and hearsay. ! ! Everyday people change jobs because they don’t ! feel they are acknowledged. Everyday companies ! fail because they can’t adapt to changing conditions. ! There is a global business problem: most people are not engaged, inspired, or highly productive at work. Most employees don’t know the goals of the company they work for, nor do they know how to meaningfully contribute toward achieving those goals.
  • 5. §  We use game mechanics to align employees with ! a company’s core values, recognize top achievers, ! and reward success.! §  We help companies identify and track strategic ! objectives and Key Performance Indicators.! §  We enable companies to monitor progress, assign ! tasks, and maintain employee focus in real time. " "! §  We provide proven tools that drive effective ! participation and high performance. ! We create software that empowers everyone at every level of a business to meaningfully contribute towards the company’s success and ultimately their own – from the owner to the ‘shop floor’. WHAT WE DO
  • 6. COMPANY GOALS RADICAL TRANSPARENCY We will practice what we preach, lead by example, ! and eat our own dog food – we will be a radically transparent company where everyone’s data is ! visible to everyone else.! 1 EXTRAORDINARY RESULTS Ultimately our success will be measured by the results our clients achieve – their business performance and their people’s fulfillment.! 2 AWESOME METRICS Our financial goal is to have the best metrics of any NZX listed SaaS company – the best MRR growth, the least churn, the quickest CAC repayment, and the fastest ARPU growth.! 3 DRIVEN BY DATA We will relentlessly focus on delivering ! our numbers. Data will drive our decisions ! and our behavior. !4 RESULTS NOT THEORY We will research and deliver proven ! best practices, not pie in the sky.! 5 GLOBAL TEAM We will embrace the global work force and ! build our teams socially and virtually into a ! truly competitive advantage.! 6
  • 7. BELIEVE what we EVERYONE NEEDS TO CONTRIBUTE Everyone should know how they contribute to their company’s objectives ! and what values their company holds dear. We believe everyone wants to contribute to something greater than themselves and they should be able ! to achieve this in their work place.! ! RADICAL TRANSPARENCY IS EMPOWERING Transparency enables people in every part of a company to take ownership of their results and showcase their talents. Transparency promotes high performance, personal responsibility, creativity, flexibility, and collaboration.! CHANGE SHOULD BE EMBRACED As technology changes the world and makes companies more efficient, it ! can free people to work on things of higher value to humanity. We are change agents working hard to deliver the best results with the least resources and drive higher value business worldwide.! ! SIMPLICITY IS GENIUS The simpler and more elegant our solutions, the greater the impact we will have in the world. We apply our genius to make the lives of others simpler and more focused.! ! PEOPLE ARE THE ONLY REAL ADVANTAGE Business results are derived from the efforts, thoughts, and passions of people at all levels. If we can engage and acknowledge people, allowing them to thrive and grow, contribute and collaborate, we can achieve sustained success. ! !