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Oxivir Marketing Plan

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10 Steps Marketing Plan (Resty)

  1. 1. 10 STEP Marketing Plan for Oxivir Cleaner Disinfectant Restituto R. Mines Jr. June 21, 2010 1
  2. 2. Agenda: 5 Steps for Part 1 (PTM & Positioning) 5 Steps for Part 2 (Marketing Mix and Strategy) Positioning to the Primary Target Market Oxivir Primary Target Market PTMs Needs, Wants, Expectations Oxivir Competition Oxivir Positioning Market Size Marketing Mix Strategy
  3. 3. 5 Steps for Part 1 (PTM and Positioning) 1. Oxivir PTM are Infection Control Nurses 2. Who want to have a safe, broad-spectrum and fast-acting product 3. Can choose Lysol, Domex, Greenex, Presept as alternatives 4. Gap is all other brands focus on disinfection capability alone 5. The Infection Control market size is Php 350 Million. Oxivir Surface Disinfection market is Php 67 Million
  4. 4. 5 Steps for Part 2 (Marketing Mix & Strategy) 6. Oxivir is a one step cleaner disinfectant 7. Is 15% Premium 8. Uses face to face selling, experiences through trials, round table discussions, symposium, road shows and presentations 9. Distribution nationwide and Micronesia 10. Uses a differentiation approach
  5. 5. Positioning to the Primary Target Market Part 1: Steps 1 to 5 5
  6. 6. 1. Oxivir primary target market (PTM) are the Infection Control Nurses Demographics (23-60, Male/Female, Single/Married, Hospital workforce) Lifestyle (Infection Control experts, key decision-makers, influencers, hygiene- compliant, high expectation on hygiene ) Behavior (Cleaning & Disinfection process - 3 times a day, general disinfection, after discharge, intensive, critical cleaning)
  7. 7. Infection Control Nurses first user mentality Patient, Guest, Staff needs to be protected from bacteria and viruses
  8. 8. 2. My PTM’s NWE Infection Control Nurses need Patient, visitors and hospital staff needs to be protected, Safety and Protection Infection Control Nurses first user prestige, Esteem needs and recognition Nurses choose Oxivir over other disinfectants because of Disinfection capability, cleaning effectiveness, personal health and safety and environment responsibility; brand Nurses expect with the application of Oxivir One step Cleaner and Disinfectant with faster kill time, simple and easy to use, safer, effective, no need for rework, safe for all surfaces, does not affect air quality, leaves no residue and safe for uses
  9. 9. 3a. Oxivir has many formidable competitors Direct: Lysol, Domex, Greenex, Presept Indirect: Zonrox, Clorox, Isopropyl alcohol Variables: Price, packaging, safety, efficacy, kill time, convenience of use, availability, environment impact brand
  10. 10. 2 Examples of Position Map 1. Price vs. Efficacy 2. Position vs. Branding
  11. 11. Oxivir is an innovation product: New in the Phil. Market Price vs. Efficacy Price/ Age Cleaner Bactericidal Virucidal Tuberculocidal Matrix High price Lysol Lysol Oxivir Oxivir Oxivir Oxivir Low Price Zonrox Greenex Greenex Zonrox
  12. 12. Oxivir positioning Positioning vs. Brand Matrix Parameters Oxivir Quat (Lysol, Domex) Chlorine (Zonrox) Speed of Germicidal Efficacy Bactericidal & Virucidal - 1 min. Bactericidal & Virucidal - 3 min. Bactericidal & Virucidal - 1 min. Tuberculocidal - 5 mins. Tuberculocidal - 5 mins. Not tuberculocidal Fungicidal - 10 mins. Fungicidal - 3 mins. Fungicidal - 1 min. Broadest spectrum Shows weakness against Pseudomonas Limited spectrum Cannot destroy Hydrophilic virus: Polio Norovirus Cleaning Efficacy Exceptional cleaning properties even in Effectiveness limited by presence of Can be inactivated by organic matter the presence of dried organic and organic substances e.g. blood inorganic soil Short efficacy life Sensitive to heat and sunlight Safety for Users & Occupants Non-irritating to the eyes and skin With fragrance Irritating No odor Leaves residual chemistry on surface Strong chlorine odor Free of VOC (Volatile Organic Health rating - 2 Reactivity - 1 Compounds) Persistent/residual effect - easy to form a Concentration stronger than 1:100 are Does not leave any residual chemistry layer, difficult to wash-off corrosive to metals on the surface once dried When mixed with Ammonia, will emit HMIS rating - All 0's highly toxic gas Non-corrosive Environmental Profile The active breaks down to Oxygen Difficult to biodegrade Chloride ion and water
  13. 13. 4. Oxivir positions strongly in a differentiation market opportunity Oxivir is the only cleaner disinfectant in the market that gives faster kill on microbes in 1 minute for surface disinfection by Infection Control Nurses who want safe, effective and environment friendly `Others focus on disinfection capability alone
  14. 14. 5a. Market size using competitor data 1. SEC Data Total Sales annually 2. vs. known Industry size comparisons 3. vs. Dishwashing Machine suppliers 4. Logistics capability
  15. 15. IC COMPETITOR’S SIZE Others 30 M B. Chemie 20 M Ethicon Green Cross Pascual 30 M Anios Anios 30 M Green Cross Ethicon Pascual 200 M Bode Chemie 50 M Others RBSD-Marketing Department
  16. 16. 5b. Market size using company data 1. Claimed market share 2. Estimate on market share Fair share of market Distribution capability 3. Historical sales
  17. 17. 5b. Based on JohnsonDiversey data 1. JohnsonDiversey Philippines data: Infection Control sales is Php 350 Million 2. JohnsonDiversey claims market share of 10% for surface disinfection 3. Then total surface disinfection market size is Php 35 million
  18. 18. 5c. Market size using customer data 1. Annual Application Per Hospital Spend Cleaning Application Frequency Price per Spray
  19. 19. 5c. Consumer data indicates a size of Php 520 Million Disinfection Application: Number of Hospitals X Application Frequency X Price/Spray X No. of days 1828 x 3 x P0.26 X 365 = Php 520 Million
  20. 20. 5. Concluded that infection control market is: 1. Competitor data= Php 368 Million 2. Company data = Php 350 Million 3. Application data = Php 520 Million
  21. 21. The Marketing Mix Strategy Part 2: Steps 6 to 10 21
  22. 22. 6a. Photo of Product Oxivir Tb The Science of Compliance The 1st New Disinfectant Technology in 20 Years!
  23. 23. 6a. Infection Control Surface Disinfection is dominated by Lysol Brand Category Brand Industry Players Surface Disinfectant Clorox Clorox Company Domex Unilever Lysol Reckitt Zonrox Green Cross Green Cross Alcohol Green Cross Greenex Green Cross
  24. 24. 6a. Competitors Direct
  25. 25. 6a. Competitors Indirect
  26. 26. 6b. Product Description Oxivir is a hospital-grade, one-step cleaner disinfectant that is EPA and FDA approved. The 1st disinfectant technology after 20 years. The Active ingredient is Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide There are 2 pack sizes- 1 quart Ready to Use, 1 gallon Oxivir Concentrate
  27. 27. OxivirTb The Science of Compliance
  28. 28. OxivirTb Oxivir Tb has a unique blend of hydrogen peroxide and cleaning agents that deliver greater CLEANING POWER
  29. 29. Advantage of OxivirTb Provides excellent cleaning performance Non-corrosive Compatible with micro-fiber
  30. 30. Cleaning Staff Prefer OxivirTb It’s a safer alternative with all 0’s for HMIS Ratings Pleasant and mild odor Versatile and safe on surfaces
  31. 31. OxivirTb Has a Better Surface Compatibility Profile 0-1 = Minor Effect / 2-3 = Considerable Effect / 4 = Severe Effect Surface OxivirTb Competitive Competitive Chlorine Quat Formica® 1 1 3 Aluminum 2 4 1 Copper 4 2 2 Steel 2 3 1 Leather Uplsty 0 4 2 Vynl Uplsty 0 1 1 Total 9 15 10 Surface compatibility tests run by independent laboratory.
  32. 32. OxivirTb Has A Stellar Environmental Profile Active ingredients breakdown to O2 and H2O (that’s oxygen and water!) No VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds)
  33. 33. 7. Price Oxivir RTU quart = Php 250.00 Oxivir Concentrate = Php 2,702.50 Oxivir is priced at 15% premium versus Lysol because of the distinct advantage of Oxivir Lysol RTU – Php 220.00 Lysol Concentrate – Php 2,350.00
  34. 34. 8a. Promo Launch to Sales
  35. 35. 8a. Promo
  36. 36. 8a. Promo Demonstration Trial Makati Medical Center
  37. 37. 8a. Promo Road Shows
  38. 38. 8a. Promo
  39. 39. Schedules ACTIVITIES TIMELINES Account trial (Makati Medical Center) - laboratory September 2008 test and application usage Launch to JD Sales Team October 2008 Presentation to Distributors (Camewell Marketing, October 2008 Micel Marketing, Subic Bay Workers, Octagene, CUT) Janitorial Services (CBM), Key accounts (Baguio Country Club, Far East Hotel) Start of Roadshow to Top Luzon Hospitals October 2008
  40. 40. Schedules HOSPITALS TIMELINES San Juan Medical Center, Angeles University Hospital, October 2008 Pampanga Medical Specialist, JBL Hospital, Quezon City Gen. Hospital, East Avenue Medical Center, Tala Leprosarium, San Lazaro Hospital, Valenzuela Med. Center Rizal Medical Center, Quirino Hospital, Sto. Nino November 2008 Hospital, Nazareth Hospital, Saint Lucy Hospital, Benguet General Hospital, Ilocos Training Medical Center-La Union, Lorma Hospital, Pines Hospital, Benguet Gen. Hospital, Baguio General Hospital Cebu Doctors Hospital, Chong Hua Medical Center, Cebu December 2008 North and South General Hospital, Silliman Medical Center, Mactan Doctor’s Hospital, Perpetual Succor Hospital, Davao Doctors Hospital, Davao Med. Center, San Pedro Hospital, Davao Regional Hospital, Tagum Regional Hospital, Brokenshire, Bishop Reagan
  41. 41. Strategies For OxivirTb 1) Key decision makers and influencers 2) Buyer hot buttons 3) Key questions to ask (CNA) 4) Elevator Speech (card)
  42. 42. Strategies For OxivirTb Key decision makers and influencers Infection Control Convincing Environmental Services Infection Control Is the key Healthcare CEO’s Hospital Staff / Nursing Cleaning Staff
  43. 43. Strategies For OxivirTb Infection Control Hot Buttons 1. Claims Efficacy data Contact time Ease of compliance Safety 2. Cleaning Ability 3. 3rd Party Testimonials / Referrals 4. Peer Reviewed Data / Studies 5. Convenient Format
  44. 44. Proof Sources to Support Infection Control Presentations Oxivir Tb Efficacy Data Technical Bulletins 3rd Party Referrals Peer Reviewed Studies Previous Studies on AHP by academics such as Dr. Syed Sattar (Canada’s preeminent authority on surface disinfection) List of Canadian healthcare institutions using AHP Suburban Hospital- FDA Study (Bethesda, MD.)
  45. 45. Effects of an Environmental Services Professional Training Course and Cleaning Products on the Rates of Infection Seen at Large Suburban Hospital (Cannot disclose name of Hospital until study is published) BACKGROUND TRAINING Table 1. Antibiotic use rates before and after training course. In 2000, National Institutes of Health (NIH) and U.S. All ES staff at Suburban Hospital, Bethesda, MD, participated in the formal training program at the initiation of the study. Experience in performing % change Food & Drug Administration (FDA) personnel Month pre-course post-course conducted a survey at 10 percent of the District of healthcare environmental services work among the staff ranged from a few weeks to 26 years. Eight months after the initial training, ES staff received in-service -0.0572 Columbia (DC) hospitals. The investigators found that August 1.905 1.796 training on the use of the product, Oxivir Tb/Oxivir Tb AHP. hospital housekeeping practices varied widely between 0.0533 institutions and there was no standardized training September 1.820 1.917 COURSE CONTENT program for environmental services (ES) personnel. 0.0232 October 1.811 1.853 For example, cleaning practices did not allow for the Occupational Hazards appropriate contact time when disinfectants were Types of Infectious Agents and Infection Waste -0.0605 24 month study based on Infection Control and Prevention November 1.867 1.754 applied to surfaces. This study evolved from the Cleaning for Health 0.0072 results of that survey. Hazardous Material Safety December 1.523 1.534 Needle-stick and Injury Prevention -0.1109 Spill Response January 1.758 1.563 EVS training and new Regulated Medical Waste Transportation Requirements -0.1832 February 1.856 1.516 -0.1522 OBJECTIVES March 1.807 1.532 The purpose of this study was to determine whether a formal -0.0600 NEW DISINFECTANT Average The rates show an average decrease of 6.0%, which was a borderline statistically significant disinfectant intervention, eight-hour training course for Environmental Services (ES) personnel, and the addition of a new disinfection product would Oxivir Tb/Oxivir Tb - Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide (AHP) product difference (p = 0.0839). effect a change in the overall healthcare associated infection rate. approved by USEPA for use as a one-step cleaner disinfectant. Contact Time – the product carries a 30 sec. broad-spectrum sanitizing claim, a 1-min. bactericidal claim against vegetative bacteria, a 1-min. virucidal claim Table 2. Antibiotic use rates before and after training course plus Oxivir Tb/Oxivir AHP. METHODS AHP technology, shows ES personnel received eight hours of occupational safety and health, infection control and prevention and environmental against both enveloped and non-enveloped viruses, a 5-min. Tuberculocidal claim, and a 10-min. fungicidal claim. Safety Profile – most favorable category allow by USEPA Month pre-course post-course + Oxivir Tb % change significant reduction in management training prior to the introduction of a new -0.1798 April 1.869 1.533 disinfection product. OTHER INTERVENTIONS -0.3100 Monthly antimicrobial use rates twelve months before the training May 1.985 1.370 were compared to the monthly antimicrobial use rates eight 1. Infection control personnel introduced new measures to encourage staff -0.1571 months after the training and four months after introducing the and visitor hand washing. June 1.872 1.578 new disinfection product. Hospital Acquired 2. 3. 4. Durable hand washing signs were posted in restrooms and at staff and public hand washing areas. “It’s OK to ASK” hand washing brochure was distributed to patients in admissions packets. Alcohol foam dispensers were installed throughout the hospital. July Average 1.925 1.752 -0.0899 -0.1842 There was an average decrease of 10.1%, and a statistically significant reduction in antibiotic use rate for the post-training and Oxivir Tb/Oxivir AHP period (p = 0.0065). RESULTS The average rate of decrease in antimicrobial use was 10.1% after implementation of the training program and the introduction of the new disinfection product (p=0.0065). Infections (HAI’s) and CONCLUSION Training of ES personnel increased confidence levels and, associated costs… along with the new product, enhanced over-all performance in cleaning and the proper use of disinfection products. The evidence suggests that the use of a structured, comprehensive occupational safety and health and environmental management training program for ES personnel with the addition of a cleaning product that requires less contact time can have a statistically significant impact on the healthcare acquired infection rate in hospitals. ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS We are very thankful to the Environmental Services Cleaning Professionals at Suburban Hospital for their participation in this study and commitment to reducing HAI. Thanks also to CAPT Edward Pfister at the National institutes of Health for his assistance during the ESP training phase of this study. We would also like to thank Virox Technologies Inc. and JohnsonDiversey Inc. for providing the Oxivir Tb disinfectant to Suburban Hospital for use in our study.
  46. 46. OxivirTb Marketing Support Brochures and Sell Sheets Training Materials Consolidate to order Sample of product Ads for Trade Journal Advertising Launch binder Direct Mail Campaign to pre-selected contacts
  47. 47. Trade Advertising Managing Infection Control Ad (APIC Show Issue), and Infection Control Today
  48. 48. OxivirTb Elevator Speech
  49. 49. 8b. Competitor promo
  50. 50. 9. Oxivir is distributed nationwide using JohnsonDiversey distribution network 26 Distributors – from Aparri to Jolo Direct delivery to accounts and small accounts through Distributor Cash and credit transaction
  51. 51. 10. Oxivir is an innovation Oxivir’s main strategy is differentiation. It benefits from the supply and distribution leverage of JohnsonDiversey. Has an excellent quality and technology, premium priced, product distributed nationwide.
  52. 52. Summary • Oxivir Primary Target Market are Infection Control Nurses • PTM Needs – Protection & Safety, Recognition Wants – Disinfection Capability, Cleaning Efficacy, Personal Health and Safety, Environment Responsibility • Competition – Direct (Lysol) and Indirect (Zonrox) • Oxivir Positioning – the only one step cleaner disinfectant in the market
  53. 53. Summary • Market Size – Consumer (Php 520 M), Competition (Php 368 M), Company (Php 350 M) • Marketing Mix Strategy • Price is 15% premium over direct competitor Lysol • Promo – Demo trials, Road Shows, Trade Advertising, Presentation, Face to Face Selling, Direct Mail, Symposium • Distribution is nationwide • Main Strategy is differentiation
  54. 54. 10 STEP Marketing Plan for Oxivir Cleaner Disinfectant Restituto R. Mines Jr. June 21, 2010 55