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  • 1. The BT OneIT MBA Leadership Development Programme
  • 2. Why the BT One IT MBA Leadership Development Programme?
    • BT’s current challenges:
      • drive a major and radical transformation effort
      • create a prominent new player in the IT market
      • bring business and customer focus to a technology-focused former monopoly
  • 3. Organisational Structure Operational programmes and functions Technology & Business Consulting: Currently 25 MBA ’ s (from schools like INSEAD, LBS, HBS, IMD, Carnegie Mellon etc) R. Estopina Strategy & Development Al-Noor Ramji BT One IT CEO Finance CRM Dina Matta Director of Strategy Ian Burnett Post Implementation Review Jerry Trigger E2E Customer Experience Mark Martinet Strategic Vendor Relationships OI
  • 4. How does it work? Candidates Intake (Internal & External) Induction followed mix of short (2 to 4 week) engagements and 90-day assignments Q4 Q5 One IT Technology & Business Consulting Engagement Model Ensure identification, acquisition, development and deployment of world class talent Q2 Q1 Q3 Q6 After 12-18 months, placement outside of group Acquisition Development Advancement Purposeful Utilization Retention
  • 5. A Team with Strong Academics & Technical Expertise… 1. Education: … As well as strong Technical Experience* * Well-rounded business experiences*… * Based on analysis of CVs. (31 consultants) Feb 2006 – 6 of these have since exited the pool of consultants ** % of people on the team based on an internal survey (31 consultants) Feb 2006 1 Numbers add to more than 100% because more than 1 experience per person 42% of the team have an ICT-related undergrad 2. Experience: - Undergraduate* - Post Graduate* 100% the team hold an MBA degree 100% 50% 3% Field Example # of people % 1 Business Development Senior strategy Analyst, Partnership Manager, Business Strategy Manager Sun, Product Development IBM, Oracle 17 54% Management Consulting Consultant for Deloitte, AT Kearney, Atos Origin; Senior Consultant for Oracle, Internal Consultant BNP Paribas 13 41% Marketing & Sales Product and Service Catalogue; Key Account Manager Deutsche Telekom, Business Marketer 19 61% Entrepreneurship and Start Up experience Venture Capital, Turn-Around, Start-Up Portfolio Management 4 14% Field Example # of people % 1 Consulting experience in IT IT Consulting (infrastructure) SchlumbergerSema, Process Mapping Lucent Technologies 17 54% Software experience Software Designer / Developer / Tester / Integrator Sema Group, Arthur Andersen, Vodafone 16 52% Technical experience in ICT Systems and Networks Engineer Andersen Consulting; DSP Development Motorola; Windows Programmer 12 39% Technical experience in Telco Network Architect, Billing Systems for Orange, Mobile Interface Development Philips Telecom 19 61% ICT Hardware Architect for UNIX servers, workstations; Nokia Security Platform 8 27% Telco hardware Transmission and access networks; Product Expert for Intelligent optical networks 6 19% Other experience Telco/ICT related Product Management in Telco; Business development 19 61%
  • 6. … diverse Backgrounds and Origins… MBA Schools
    • Other UK include Oxford, Cambridge, CASS
    • Other Europe include IMD, HEC & ESADE
    • US include HBS, Berkeley, Carnegie Mellon
    Professional Experience
    • Average Prof. Experience: 7.3 years
    Regional Origin
    • Europe includes France (5.5), Italy (3), Bulgaria (2), Spain and Poland
    • India includes 3 IIT graduates
    • Other Asia includes China (3)
    • US: 2.5 people
    Number of People Years of Prof. Experience
  • 7. Management/ IT Consulting Telecom/Mobile Hardware Internet Others ICT Start-ups
    • Packet Vision
    • ProfitLogic
    • Unipier
    • Brot Engineering
    • Sriven Multimedia
    • SoftNet LS
    … and Experience in Multiple Fields
  • 8. Type of Work We Do
    • Internal Consulting
      • Identify and drive key strategic projects, providing analyses, briefings and recommendations at the most senior levels
      • Manage the business strategy, maintaining and communicating the strategy at the appropriate level to internal audiences
    Engagements by ITC Member Engagements with all ITC Members Split of Projects (as of March ’06)
  • 9. Projects We Have Done
    • Analyzed IT procurement processes and asset management, proposed cost savings actions
    • Analyzed costs of 4 programmes to evaluate performances against agreed deliverables
    • Identified BT's performance on LLU, propose new KPI to be negotiated with Ofcom (conclusions presented to One IT CEO)
    • Established BT's strategic roadmap for CRM applications
    • Created a financial model to forecast budget for OI (3,000 employees)
    • Analyzed root causes for E2E under-performance on LLU and recommended plan to meet forecasted surge in order volumes
    • Developed a plan and business model to roll out £250m Web 2.0 (now called 'Serviceplex') platform leveraging 21CN capabilities to deliver innovative ICT products and services
    • Developed a war room for the Openreach CIO office to support discussions and confidence building with industry regarding the TSR technical E2E implementation
    • Mapped out the IT Security landscape across BT, benchmarked against companies of similar size and complexity, and created a plan to align current strategy with improved practices
    • Evaluated the current engagement model with a vendor to determine total cost of ownership and cost-benefit analysis of solution to BT
    • Offshoring initiative in China: Facilitated the interaction between BT and Application Development Vendors in China
    • Developed a business case (cost-benefit analysis) for a operational risk management dashboard for Executive Management
    • Built a benefits case to determine the commercial value of new products and capabilities
    • Proposed a reengineering plan for OI (processes and organization) to support delivery of cost-effective and quality services to customers aligned with Industry best practices – ITIL, ISO, BS15k