Glenn Youngblood Energy Master


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Glenn Youngblood Energy Master

  1. 1. Thank you for your time and interest in our profit boosting session!
  2. 2.  Speaker Glenn Youngblood Owner & Energy Consultant 25 Years In The HVAC, Solar and Building Design
  3. 3.  Lennox Sun-source Air-conditioning equipment*Lennox Emergence rooftop units operate at 17SEER and combined with Sun-source directconnect solar with 80% fewer parts than atraditional PV system can effectively reach 34SEER. This system also provides real time on-linemonitoring of energy production  30% federal Tax Credit, State tax credit, utility rebates & low interest financing options.
  4. 4.  Bring in “Free” outside cooling Cooler make up air Combination evap./air-conditioning units operate at a 24 SEER rating
  5. 5.  Remote condensing units can save as much as 50% operating costs Reduces heat load in the building Lower maintenance costs due to grease affect Variable speed drives can serve multiple coolers
  6. 6.  Keep you systems operating at their highest level of performance Properly maintained systems can save 15% or more. Reduce repairs Extend equipment life Comply to warranty requirements
  7. 7.  Save 50% of your water heating cost Last longer & less maintenance because of reduced scale buildup 30% Federal Tax Credit Utility incentives Free from the sun 25 year plus life expectancy Reduced emissions & decreased dependency on foreign oil
  8. 8.  Save 50% on pool heating costs Extend swimming season to 9 months State tax credits Upfront or production based incentives from your utility Low interest financing
  9. 9.  Reduce the heat gain to your building 95% of the heat gained is from radiant heat waves 97% of the radiant heat can be blocked Energy savings 15-25% your roof Keeps your attic and ceilings cooler Protect and waterproof
  10. 10.  Reduce motor load Increase start capabilities Reduce energy charges 15% or more Provide power surge protection
  11. 11.  Reduces energy consumption Long life Produces less heat Utility incentive programs Better quality lighting
  12. 12.  Most of what makes sense in your business makes sense for your home too Schedule a free consultation Time for your questions Thank you for your time.
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