Managing Your Trust Network


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Present at CRS Sell-A-Bration in Las Vegas, NV

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  • I love the soundbite from James Nellis, who I respect greatly - Change. Adapt. Shine. I just don’t think you have to change, if you’re already successful... you just need to adapt. You need to become the best version of who you already are and display that using everything today’s tech has to offer.
  • Learning to use new tools is part of the adaptation process. We are given new ways to do the things we’ve always done.
  • Tiger Woods’ putting problems at St. Andrews had nothing to do with his putter.

  • So, how do you need to behave?
  • Take what you learn here and go be the bridge for those who are having trouble spanning the digital gap. Get them online, help them connect with you and others in new ways.
  • Remove the gates that keep people away. Remove a few filters.
  • There’s a reason why so many people are moving to new technologies in mass, but don’t assume that early adopter behavior has anything to do with how you might take advantage of the sites.

  • 500 BILLION. The number of peer influence impressions Americans generate per year via social media. 62% of those impressions come from Facebook. 1/3 of women 18-34 check facebook the very first thing in the morning, even before they go to the bathroom.
  • Your clients are no longer only visiting static Web pages but participating in conversations which increasingly occur off domain in “streams” flowing from Facebook, Twitter and even apps. If you want their attention, you must be highly relevant in their streams.
  • The tools to do this are not right yet, but they will be.
  • You must find a way to provide the “why” in your use of location-based apps and updates. Provide a context for your checkins so they add value and aren’t seen as trash.

  • Which is to say, don’t change, adapt. Adapt your very human skills and qualities, those same skills and qualities that have made you a success today to the web.

  • Find people you can help. People you enjoy. People who share your values and value your skills. Reach hard for them. And embrace the tools that help you reach further. Then don’t let go. This is the key to succeeding with today’s social technologies.
  • Managing Your Trust Network

    1. 1. Managing Your Trust Network Jeff Turner - Zeek Interactive In The Digital Age
    2. 2. This Is The Road. We do business with people we trust.
    3. 3. The Road Has Not Changed. Reputation & trust will rule the web, just as it does “real life.”
    4. 4. The Tools We Use Have Changed. We have new ways to generate and propagate trust.
    5. 5. Today’s Tools Often Die Quickly. Focus on the tools and you’ve missed the point. It’s not about the tools.
    6. 6. The Roadmap. Awareness > Interaction > Engagement > Participation > Conversation > Community
    7. 7. Managing Your Trust Network. Is about your behavior.
    8. 8. Become The Bridge Be THE one who helps others span the digital divide.
    9. 9. Be Open. Remove the barriers to information.
    10. 10. Don’t Be Afraid To Follow The Shepherds. Just don’t act like a sheep.
    11. 11. Privacy Still Matters If your goal is trust, some conversations should be kept behind the walls.
    12. 12. Some Conversations Beg For A Crowd Your goal is to make certain your crowd is listening.
    13. 13. Managing Your Trust Network. The way we navigate the web has forever been altered.
    14. 14. Understand The River. People are deluged with status updates, links, pokes and invites.
    15. 15. Search The Stream. Operate in real-time, but find the tools that help you turn over the rocks.
    16. 16. Don’t Pollute The Stream. Location. Location. Context.
    17. 17. Be A Trust Agent “Someone who uses the web in a very human way to build influence, reputation, awareness, and who can translate that into some kind of business value.” - Chris Brogan
    18. 18. The Epiphany Use the web in a very human way.
    19. 19. My One Simple Key To managing your trust network in this new digital world?
    20. 20. Reach For Each Other. This is the key to succeeding with todays social technologies.